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Harbour island real estate


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Nathan Bangs is a Tampa REALTOR ® who is sensitive to the needs of his clients – particularly when a homeowner wants to buy or sell a house quickly – and that’s why we take a team approach to every transaction we handle. We employ specialists to supervise every phase of buying and selling a house, from creating effective listing and marketing strategies, to successfully showing and closing on a property. Our commitment to world-class customer service means that our real estate agents also make it a priority to provide our clients with up-to-the-minute information regarding the sale or purchase of a home. You’ll never be in the dark when you work with the dedicated REALTORS ® at Nathan Bangs & Associates.

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Harbour island real estate

  1. 1. Baby Vince Hewlett-Packard
  2. 2. About Nathan Bangs MISSION STATEMENT Our purpose and goal is to set the highest standards of professional excellence in the neighborhoods we serve, and to provide the highest quality of services available. We dedicate ourselve’s to excellence by striving to exceed our clients’ expectations so they may remain loyal for life. Through our commitments, we strive to make important contributions to our neighborhoods and to maintain the leadership position in our marketplace. Nathan Bangs Short Sale SOLD! We had one of the most difficult short sales imaginable, basically because we were dealing with a horrible HOA. Our home was on the marked for 529 day and Nathan stuck with us the entire time. 8 buyers later our house is FINALLY sold! I can guarantee that this would not have happened without their help. They are VERY knowledgeable and helpful. They definitely go above and beyond to get the job done! Shari M. Helping to save you money! Thank you so much for the Lowe's gift card and all of your assistance throughout my home purchase process. I absolutely love my new condo! I'm totally moved in and almost done hanging the last few pictures. I really appreciate how much time you dedicated to me. I know how demanding I can be and you certainly lived up to my high expectations. I also wanted to thank you for letting me know about the Bank of America no closing cost mortgage. That saved me money and I would not have found it without you. Thanks again to both you and Nathan for a great job. Although I don't plan to leave for a long time, I will recommend you both to any home bfuyers I know of. Katie South Tampa Townhome SOLD! Gregg and I owe Nathan Bangs a long overdue testimonial. We were so glad to have Nathan represent us in selling our townhome in South Tampa. After we attempted to sell our home for almost 1 year we asked Nathan to help us. He was to the point, easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable about the South Tampa area, and offered us valuable tips to getting our home sold. We really enjoyed doing business with Nathan and appreciate him very much. If we ever move back to Tampa and need a relator, we know who to call. Thank you so much. Rachel & Gregg H.
  3. 3. Different Choices For Homes For Sale The real estate market is filled with everything that you will want. They have different kinds of homes, from luxurious kinds to simple ones. They also have new properties and even pre-owned houses that are still in good condition. Prior to shopping for your new abode, decide first on your budget and the kind of house that you will want. Since there are many properties to see and consider, make sure that you will make a list of the ones that appeal to you most. Don’t forget that you have a budget to think about. It is better if you will make it as a guide when you make the list, so that it will be easier for you to narrow down your choices. Also, by sticking to it, you will not have a hard time with your finances because there will be other expenses that you will have to pay for later on. There are homes that are newly built that are on the market. These are preferred by some people who have the money to spend. This kind of property can be expensive since it is brand new. From the structure to the fixtures, they are all in mint condition and have never been used. If this is what you want to avail, you can be assured that even if the price is a bit too much, it will still be worth it in the long run. There will be no repairs to do, renovation to think about, and appliances and fixtures to change. This is the best option that you can have, but of course, your budget will still be prioritized. Pre-owned houses are also up for grabs. The only catch with this is that it is not new. They are previously owned by people who want to sell them for different reasons. It can be because they want to move to a better place or another location, or it can be because they want to live in a newly constructed one. There are also some private companies and banks who have confiscated homes that are used as collateral. These kinds of properties are priced accurately by the firms. This is beneficial for you because the amount that you will spend on it is correct. To get an affordable house, look for the ones that are being sold by its original owner. Banks and private companies add charges to it so that they could gain profit from it as well. If you will transact with the owner, there is a bigger chance that you can haggle with them and eventually, in the end they will give in to your price. This is ideal for buyers who have limited budget.
  4. 4. Seven Steps to Buying a Second Home Maybe you fell in love with Treasure Island while visiting family in Tampa, or you're a native Floridian who's always wanted a waterfront condo on St. Petersburg Beach. Our area has always been a popular destination for second- home buyers. If you're in the market for a weekend or vacation home, follow these steps to make the process easier. 1. Get to know the area. Small details, like the location of the closest supermarket and gas station, can make a huge difference. Talk to the locals about their take on the area. Your goal here is to get to know the place as more than a tourist. 2. Think about the long term. If you'll eventually live in your second home full- time, you'll need to think about factors like the availability of health care and traveling distance to visit your loved ones. 3. Hire a local real estate agent. Housing markets vary widely from region to region, so find a real estate agent who's familiar with the area where you're looking to buy. Choose someone who has experience working with absentee home buyers and sellers. 4. Choose the type of home that's right for you. The most important decision is often “single-family home or condo?” Condos are the low-maintenance option, while single-family homes offer more privacy. 5. Research rental requirements and opportunities. If you'll only be in your second home for part of the year, you may want to rent it out. It may be preferable to find a property with on- site property management. As you check out prospective properties, also find out about any HOA restrictions on renting. 6. Get the best deal on your mortgage. Many homeowners simply go to the lender they used for their first home. But shopping around can yield much better mortgage terms. Why not save yourself a little money (or a lot)? 7. Factor in other expenses. Just as your first home carries maintenance costs and other expenses, so will your second home. If you're not from Florida, you may not know about things like flood insurance, so make sure to do your research. Your real estate agent can offer insight here, as well. Oh No! The Appraisal's too Low!
  5. 5. If you're buying or selling a home, the appraisal is an important step in the closing process. Once an offer is made, the next step is to call in an independent real estate appraiser to assess the property's value. The appraiser is specially trained to assess a home's value and puts together a report to explain the appraisal value. Mortgage lenders require that the home's appraised value be close to the price of the accepted offer. If the home is appraised much higher than the offer price, that could be a red flag that something is amiss with the transaction. If the appraisal is much lower than the offer price, the lender may adjust the amount of the loan and force the buyer to make up the difference with cash. It's more common for the appraisal to come in lower than expected.This can certainly be frustrating, but it doesn't have to derail the entire deal. Both buyer and seller should know what to do when the appraisal comes in low. 1. Review the appraisal carefully. An appraisal is a long, complicated document, and even the most seasoned appraiser can make mistakes. As you review, be sure that the appraiser has included all relevant upgrades. Meanwhile, you may learn that you hadn't taken some factors into consideration. For instance, unpermited additions might have added square footage--but not contributed to the home's value. 2. Check out the comps. Appraisers use comparable properties, aka comps, to help estimate the value of your property. These are similar homes that have already sold, so comps represent actual market value, rather than asking price. Ask your real estate agent to double check that all comps are accounted for, and that the properties chosen as comps are actually relevant. The buyer's and seller's agent may have to work together to relay any additional information to the appraiser and/or lender. 3. Prepare to renegotiate. Even if you don't agree with the report and offer additional information, the appraiser's report may not change. In that case, you may need to go back to the negotiation table. If both buyer and seller are motivated, you'll likely be able to reach a deal: the seller may reduce the price, or the buyer may find some cash to make up the difference. But in a lopsided market, either buyer or seller may walk away and look for a more advantageous deal. Your real estate agent can advise you on the best course of action. 4. Put your money where your mouth is. If you're the buyer, you may have to put some cash on the table and purchase private mortgage insurance if you're in love with the property. This is especially true if there's not much inventory on the market or the property is particularly desirable. Meanwhile, sellers who are running out of time may have to help buyers with additional incentives like money toward closing.
  6. 6. The low appraisal is one of the many situations where it's useful to have the help of a knowledgeable real estate agent. Factors like the home's condition and location aren't the only elements that impact the appraisal value; current market conditions also carry heavy weight. Your agent can help you make the best choices and maximize market opportunities.