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B2b social media marketing updated


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B2b social media marketing updated

  1. 1. Quote from Social BoomHere are the NEW standards by which you’ll be evaluated, generate leads, decided upon, measured, branded, and talked about:• Your Google presence and ranking• Your online reputation• Your business social media presence• Your personal website (present or absent)• Your blog (present or absent)• Your Facebook presence• Your LinkedIn connections and recommendations• Your Twitter followers and tweets• Your YouTube presence
  2. 2. Strategy - Broad• Context – Promoting relevant content to receptive audience – Conversational tone and useful information• Iterative – Regular schedule of updates – Online marketing campaign unfolds and grows organically over time (networking) – Try different things, fail fast, move on• Annuity – Social media efforts will snowball with increasing returns over time
  3. 3. Content• Posting regularly on multiple social media networks – Focus on LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare – Newer networks: Pinterest (images), Google+ – Need for compelling content• Blog is required, not optional (replaces newsletter) – 5min interviews, case studies, technical explanations, self- congratulatory/landmark events posts, regular schedule of posts• Webinars must stand out… somehow
  4. 4. Marketing Materials• All marketing material must look and feel more compelling… eg. For email and ezines use• Slideshare – Voice-over webinars are of higher production value, so promote them! – Social Media buttons, premium branding, webinars to Slideshare• Website Facelift (?) – Needs to be more…Personable? Actionable? Naked? Aim for Web 2.5
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization• ROI – (should we even measure it?) – Social media web analytics and marketing automation data – Hubspot, Radian 6 (Salesforce), Sysomos, Cision ($$$)• Metrics – 1) the ability to demonstrate progress/change over time (e.g. more website traffic driven by social media) – 2) actionable analytics (measures that enable you to determine whether you should do more a specific activity, do less, or do it differently)• Unified and Distributed Networking – Post across multiple social media networks to amplify message
  6. 6. Budget: $1k/month (?)• AceofSales- $200/year (or $20/month)• Miscellaneous - $150/month – For buying reach, testing new tools• Social Media Metric Software - $??? – Will allow for measuring excellent ROI, SEO• SlideShare Platinum - $250/month – Generate leads by reducing friction to calls to action• Camtasia - $300/one time + mike/hd webcam? – create compelling webinars, animated desktop capture
  7. 7. Sales