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Week 5 google


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Week 5 google

  1. 1. GoogleIs Google God?Nathan Moore
  2. 2. History• Google has been around for a while, but the founders had met way before founding Google.• The Founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, met at Stanford in 1995.• They both were Stanford computer science grad students. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  3. 3. History (continued)• They both collaborated on a search called backrub. (Google?)• The two came up with the named Google, a play on the world ,googol, which means 1 followed by 100 zeros.• The company was first funded by Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim• He wrote a check for 100,000, which was to fund a company that didn’t exist yet. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  4. 4. History- Releases• They located their corporate offices in Mountain View, California.• In February 2005;Google Maps was released.• In September 2008, Google Chrome is released, alternate to default web browsers (IE, Safari).• Later in September, Google releasing the G1, the first phone running Android. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  5. 5. Impact• Google has had an impact on almost anything on the internet.• From the most popular search engine, email client and YouTube, the most used video site in the world.• In the last 5 years, Google has had an impact in the mobile technology and computer industry.• Google has also an impact in social media and going green. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  6. 6. Impact (continued)• Google was incorporated in 1998, which then they released Google the search engine.• In 2000, Google announced the first billion-URL index, becoming the largest search engine.• Google Search supported Languages is up to 15 languages.• In 2004, search index hits a new milestone: 6 billion items, including 4.28 billion web pages and 880 million images. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  7. 7. Impact (continued)• Google acquires YouTube in 2006, which is the most popular video website today.• Android is released in 2008, a new way to use a mobile phone. ("Our history in depth – Company – Google", n.d.)
  8. 8. Company Structure• Sergey Brin and Larry Page are the actual owners of Google and in order to keep that standing they have had to structure things very differently.• They set up a dual-class voting structure for public ownership of the company. This will ultimately give Brin and Page the power over all of the other stockholders and they will be able to stay in control of the company in the future no matter how many people invest in its stock.• Brin and Page will get ten votes after the IPO versus everyone else only getting one. This will keep them in control and will eliminate the potential that someday the stockholders could take over the company and they would be kicked out of the picture. (2)
  9. 9. Business Model• Google business model is providing major services for free and make its revenue through advertising and products.• Google earns 96% of revenue through advertising.• The other 4% goes to it’s products, Android and Chrome OS. ("Comparing Facebook and Google Business Models « Understanding Business Models", n.d.)
  10. 10. Business Model• Google has contract with content companies, known as Google Network members.• This distributes the amount of advertising a company can do with Google.• This helps with having multiple partners, so Google is not dependent on one single partner. (Divvaakar, 2011,)
  11. 11. Business Model("Comparing Facebook and Google Business Models «Understanding Business Models", n.d.)
  12. 12. Economic Foundations• The foundation of Google worth comes down it’s search engine capabilities.• Google places ads on it’s websites and other partner websites.• When an ad is clicked on from it’s website, they get keep all of the profits.• When an ad is clicked on a Network Members website, Google pays the member X-N amount (N amount is the amount retained by Google). (Divvaakar, 2011,)
  13. 13. Subscriptions• Google offers many subscriptions through their web store, Google Play.• Google Offers, bring you deals from stores straight to you through the web. The deals are usually heavily discounted.• Google also offers subscription to magazines and TV shows. You can buy a current season of a TV show, and get all future episodes of season included.
  14. 14. Monetization• Google has created a great tool for users to monetize.• Google AdMob, lets users monetize their apps or videos on YouTube.• Ads are put on the users app or YouTube video, when someone click on the video or click on the ad in the app, the developer of the app or videos gets paid. (Google, n.d.)
  15. 15. Marketing• Google has done great at marketing, but they market at a place you wouldn’t expect, the homepage of Google.• Every time Google acquires or releases a new product, they always market it on their homepage.• Google has had a lot of success marketing it’s products or services despite only have made a few commercials to promote a new product or service.
  16. 16. Marketing (Continued)• Google has also marketed itself through use of beta and pilot programs. Google has let users try a product, such as the CR-48 prototype of the Chromebook, to see if the product is worth mass producing.• Google has also marketed itself threw Android ,its mobile operating system. This allows to make more money from ads on the apps from Google Play.• This also makes people want to buy Google made smartphones and tablets (Nexus 4, 7, 10).
  17. 17. Advertising• Google makes most of its revenue through advertising.• Google uses Adsense, its tool to advertise on users websites.• Google contacts advertisers and the highest bidder for a certain website, is the ad you see on a webpage.• Google get a piece of the money paid to website owner. ("Google AdSense – Maximize revenue from your online content", n.d.)
  18. 18. Globalization• Available in 117 languages• • 158 international domains• • Most used languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese• • Google search now supports localized results in over 55 countries and 35 languages (Yunker, 2007)
  19. 19. Global Advertising• • AdWords: 49 currencies, serving 233 countries• • AdSense: available in 31 locales• International sources comprised 48% of Googles revenue in Q22007 (Yunker, 2007)
  20. 20. Security• Google has made several improvements to protect a users identity and security.• Google users can use 2 step verification for Gmail, to make sure only the user is accessing it’s mail.• Google also uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), it’s protect searches to only the users computer to Google Servers.• This is used to protect a users search history and financial information. ("Know your Google security and privacy tools – How you can stay safe and secure online – Good to Know – Google", n.d., p. xx-xx)
  21. 21. Cost variables• Google’s cost of operation is hard to find• But the Acquisitions of Google are highly noted to be some of the best in the last 10 years.• Google acquired Android in 2005 for 50 million• In 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion• In 2004, Where2 was acquired by Google, which is now Google Maps. (Morris, 2012)
  22. 22. Acquisitions• Google purchased Applied Semantics for 102 million. This was turned into AdSense.• AdSense makes up for most of Google’s revenue.• The most recent big acquisition was Motorola Mobility, the mobile phone developer.• This is to strengthen the profits from its mobile operating system android. (Morris, 2012)
  23. 23. Cultural Issues• Google has had some issues in certain countries, most notable in China.• China has a Nationwide Firewall in its internet and very strict web censorship• Google tried to get china to unlock the web, but China was unwilling.• China has very strict laws on web content
  24. 24. Management in 24/7/365• Google’s management of its services is a great way to show the kind of company that Google is as a company.• Google services can be used anytime, with 24/7 support.• The costs of operating are less than the revenue, so this means Google can offer 24/7 support to all of its services.
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