Respuesta Nathalie Cely a Latin American Advisor sobre Asilo Assange


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Respuesta de Embajadora Nathalie Cely a Latin America Advisor sobre asilo de Julian Assange

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Respuesta Nathalie Cely a Latin American Advisor sobre Asilo Assange

  1. 1. Tuesday, August 28, 2012 FEATURED Q&A BOARD OF ADVISORS Why Is Ecuador Protecting WikiLeaks Julian Assange? Diego Arria Jon Huenemann Ecuadors foreign minister Q Director, Vice President, applicant. In making its decision, Ecuador Columbus Group U.S. & Intl Affairs, announced Aug. 16 that the South could not depart from its tradition of sol- Philip Morris American country was granting idarity and commitment to the human Genaro Arriagada International Nonresident Senior political asylum to WikiLeaks rights known as asylum and refuge. We are Fellow, James R. Jones founder Julian Assange, who faces extra- aware that some have argued that this Inter-American Co-chair, dition to Sweden on sexual assault decision will disrupt our relations with Dialogue Manatt Jones charges. However, authorities in Britain, other countries. Indeed, the initial threat Global Strategies LLC where Assange has been holed up in from the United Kingdom to violate the Joyce Chang Global Head of Craig Kelly Ecuadors embassy since June, have sanctity of Ecuadors Embassy in London Emerging Markets Vice President, refused to grant Assange safe passage out had no standing in the fundamental val- Research, JPMorgan The Cohen Group of the country and threatened to revoke ues and norms of international law. As a Chase & Co. the embassys diplomatic status. result, Ecuador has received support from John Maisto W. Bowman Cutter Director, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said Former Partner, Continued on page 2 U.S. Education Finance Sunday that Britain had withdrawn that E.M. Warburg Group Pincus threat. What are Ecuadors motivations for Nicolás Mariscal granting asylum to Assange? How does Dirk Donath Chairman, the decision affect Ecuadors relations Managing Director, Grupo Marhnos with Britain, the United States and other Eton Park Capital Management Thomas F. countries? Are there larger implications of McLarty III Britains threats to revoke the embassys Jane Eddy President, diplomatic status? Managing Director, McLarty Associates Corporate & Govt. Nathalie Cely, Ecuadors A Ratings Group, Carlos Paz-Soldan Standard & Poors Partner, ambassador to the United DTB Associates, LLP States: "Many are discussing the Marlene Fernández Corporate Vice Beatrice Rangel complicated Assange issue in a Colombia Opens Exploratory President for Director, very simple manner. Although personal Peace Talks With FARC Rebels Government Relations, AMLA Consulting LLC and political opinions about Mr. Assange Arcos Dorados are as strong and diverse in Ecuador as Colombias government has opened José Antonio Ríos Jason Hafemeister Chief Executive Officer, they are around the world, this decision "exploratory" peace talks with the Vice President, Vadium Technology Inc. was made only after careful consideration Revolutionary Armed Forces of Allen F. Johnson & and intensive consultations with all par- Colombia, President Juan Manuel Andrés Rozental Associates ties involved. We followed the standard Santos announced Monday. Santos said President, Peter Hakim Rozental & Asociados procedure for asylum seekers under our the ELN rebels may participate as well. President Emeritus, and Senior Fellow, rule of law, international human rights See story on page 2. Inter-American Brookings Institution conventions and U.N. requirements. Mr. Dialogue Photo: Colombian Government. Everett Santos Assange was treated as we would any other Donna Hrinak President, President, Boeing Brazil DALEC LLC Inside This Issue Shelly Shetty Head, Latin America FEATURED Q&A: Why Is Ecuador ECLAC Urges Latin American Sovereign Ratings, Protecting WikiLeaks Julian Assange?.............1 Countries to Boost Industry..................................3 Fitch Inc.-Start Content- Colombia Opens Exploratory Chiles Codelco Eyes IPO Peace Talks With FARC Rebels............................2 of International Unit ..............................................3 Daughter of Cuban Vice President The Dialogue Continues: Would Another Defects to United States .......................................2 Peace Accord Help Central America?. ..............3Copyright © 2012, Inter-American Dialogue Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Tuesday, August 28, 2012 NEWS BRIEFS Political News attacks, kidnappings and drug trafficking. "We will learn from the errors of the past Daughter of Cuban Vice President in order not to repeat them," said Santos. Defects to United States Colombia Opens Exploratory Earlier on Monday, Venezuelan television The daughter of Cuban Vice Peace Talks With FARC Rebels network Telesur reported that Colombian President Mariano Murillo defected officials had signed an agreement in Colombias government has started Havana to hold peace talks with the FARC earlier this month to the United "exploratory" peace talks with the coun- in Oslo, Norway beginning in October. States and is currently living in trys main rebel group, the Revolutionary Tampa, Fla., The Miami Herald Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, reported Monday. Glenda Murillo President Juan Manuel Santos announced Diaz, 24, entered the United States Colombias military will Monday. "In the coming days the results of earlier this month at Laredo, Tex., the conversations with the FARC will continue operating "on every and was admitted under the "wet- become known," Santos said in a brief tel- single centimeter of national foot, dry-foot" policy, which allows evised speech, the Associated Press report- Cubans who set foot on dry land in ed. Santos provided no other details, such territory," said Santos. the United States to stay, unnamed as when the talks started, what was dis- sources told the newspapers sister cussed or who participated. Santos state- publication, El Nuevo Herald. ment confirmed rumors that the govern- Colombian officials declined to confirm Cuban President Raúl Castro last ment had entered into talks with the or deny the report. The days develop- FARC that were purportedly held in Cuba. ments drew criticism from Santos hard- year put Mariano Murrillo in Santos did not confirm the location of the line predecessor, Álvaro Uribe, who has charge of economic reforms on the talks. Santos did say that Colombias mili- strongly objected to talks between the island. tary would continue operating "on every government and the FARC. "What it is single centimeter of national territory" that we are going to negotiate?" Uribe said Mexico Holds 12 Police Officers After Embassy Car Shooting during any peace process. The statement to reporters Monday after Santos was a reference to past peace talks with the announcement. Peace talks would lead to As officials continue to investigate a rebels in which the government ceded a rebels taking seats in Congress and mili- shooting where Mexican federal piece of land the size of Switzerland to the tary officers being sent to prison, said police shot at a U.S. embassy car, a guerrillas from 1999 to 2002. However, Uribe. In his speech Monday, Santos also judge ordered 12 officers involved in the talks collapsed as the FARC continued said the National Liberation Army rebels the incident to be held for 40 days, Featured Q&A Agence France-Presse reported. "No Continued from page 1 crime and no investigative leads are Andrés Rozental, member of A being ruled out at the moment … a united Latin America, as well as many others. Last week at the OAS, Ecuador the Advisor board, president of This is why we asked for provisional also received the support of its members Rozental & Asociados in detention, so we have the time we on this issue. We are pleased that the Mexico City and senior fellow need to carry out an exhaustive United Kingdom has since stated in a at the Brookings Institution: "In the first investigation," said Attorney General letter that it will adhere to the Vienna place, Mr. Assange cannot really be con- Marisela Morales Ibañez. Convention on Diplomatic Relations sidered a political refugee. He is accused and respect the Ecuadorean Embassys of crimes in Sweden and the British Court Issues Preliminary Ruling diplomatic immunity. As a result, authorities have committed to extradite Resuming Belo Monte Work President Correa deems this matter him so he can face his accusers in a Brazils Supreme Court issued a pre- overcome. Moving forward, we hope all Swedish court. Assange appealed the liminary ruling on Monday that countries will view our decision in the extradition as far as British law allows overturns a previous decision that appropriate context and make any deci- and lost on each occasion. His decision had suspended construction on the sions wisely and objectively. We remain to seek refuge in a foreign embassy in Belo Monte dam, Agence France- confident that our international rela- London represents a last ditch effort to tionships will continue to develop and avoid being sent to Sweden, from where Presse reported. A regional federal flourish. Principle and transparency, he fears that he might be extradited to court had ruled that indigenous not political expediency, make a far bet- the United States to face charges related communities were not granted their ter foundation for stable and lasting to the WikiLeaks case. Since American right to speak before Congress after diplomatic relations." jurisprudence contemplates the death an environmental impact study was published. Continued on page 4Copyright © 2012, Inter-American Dialogue Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Tuesday, August 28, 2012group, or ELN, has also said it wants toparticipate in peace talks. "They, too, The Dialogue Continuescould be part of this effort to end the con-flict," said Santos. Would Another Peace Accord Help Central America?Economic News Q Aug. 7 marked the 25th required level of political cooperation, anniversary of the Esquipulas it is difficult to see why another bigECLAC Urges Latin American II Peace Accords, which bang presidential event would fare anyCountries to Boost Industry helped provide the frame- differently. If anything, Central work to end years of conflict in Central American history tends to suggest thatCountries in Latin America should America. Speaking at the OAS, former many of the most important achieve-increase their investments in technology Guatemalan President Vinicio Cerezo ments of the regions integration—onand other industries rather than relying called for a new Esquipulas Accord to issues ranging from customs to theon commodities, the Economic confront the issues that currently interconnection of the electric grid—Commission for Latin America and the threaten the regions stability, arguing tend to happen under the radar, farCaribbean said in a report Monday. that violence, corruption and inequality from the spotlight, through the patientGovernment investment in manufactur- can only be mitigated by a cohesive accumulation of small steps rather thaning would help the region grow, said the response from Central Americas lead- big declarations. This is probably theU.N. agency known as ECLAC, Reuters ers. Would signing an "Esquipulas III" right approach for the future. Sadly,reported. Many of the regions economies be a good idea? In what ways has there are no shortcuts to solve thehave benefitted from surging demand Central America seen successes in regions main problems—violence,from China for raw materials and other recent years, and which are its most institutional weakness, low productivi-exports, such as soy, grains and copper. intractable problems? How should ty, dismally low educational attainment,However, ECLAC said the regions weak institutions be strengthened? extremely high socio-economiceconomies must diversify in order to What steps could leaders take to more inequality, to name but a few. All thesewithstand external shocks and reduce effectively confront the regions crises? issues demand the presence of statepoverty and inequality. Latin America institutions able to exert effective con- Kevin Casas-Zamora, senior Aexperienced 3.8 percent annual growth on trol over the territory and adequatelyaverage between 2001 and 2010, lagging fellow in the Latin America provide public goods and services to thebehind emerging economies in Asia and Initiative at the Brookings population. This is a tall order in mostSub-Saharan Africa, ECLAC said in the Institution and former vice of Central America, where fiscal weak-report, which was presented at the bodys president of Costa Rica: "Esquipulas III ness and unfairness are endemic. Onbiennial meeting in El Salvador. is an interesting concept, in principle. average, tax collection in the isthmus is While it is true that many of the vexing lower than in Latin America as a wholeCompany News challenges faced by Central America— notably the threat of organized crime— and lower, even, than in Sub-Saharan Africa. Progressive tax reform probably demand a concerted effort at the high- holds the key to the future of CentralChiles Codelco Eyes IPO est political level, let us not forget that America, with or without a presidentialof International Unit one of distinct legacies of the peace summit to declare it." accords of 25 years ago was precisely theChilean state-owned copper producer discipline of holding regular presiden-Codelco is considering an initial public tial summits in the region. If those Editors note: The above is a continua-offering of its international unit as it summits—fully institutionalized by tion of a Q&A published in Mondays seeks to raise money now—are not able to achieve the issue of the Advisor. for mining projects outside of its home country, the compa- Codelcos balance sheet, nor capacity, to maybe of capital market in its proprietary nys chief executive take on debt to finance projects abroad," structure," he added. Other than a few officer told Chilean Keller told the newspaper, Reuters report- exploration projects in other Latin newspaper Diario ed. Codelco is planning to present a busi- American countries, Codelco has little Financiero in an ness plan to its board by the end of the presence outside Chile. The development interview published year, said Keller. "What were thinking to of Codelcos international unit wasKeller Monday. "This is start off with is to have this vehicle, which delayed by the companys contract con-File Photo: Codelco because there clearly will be controlled by the corporation, and flict with Anglo American, which the two isnt space in allow the entry of other partners and sides settled last week, said Keller.Copyright © 2012, Inter-American Dialogue Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Inter-American Dialogue’s Latin America Advisor Tuesday, August 28, 2012 -End Content-Featured Q&AContinued from page 2 Latin America Advisor is published every business day by thepenalty for acts of treason, which Assange that the United Kingdom is now stressing Inter-American Dialogue, Copyright © 2012is accused of committing when he should have been the primary course of Erik Brandreleased the Wikileaks material publicly, action for a country that has lost influ- General Manager, Publishinghis argument for requesting asylum in a ence and presence in South America, a ebrand@thedialogue.orgforeign diplomatic mission is that he region where it is keen to substitute a Gene Kuletafears for his life if Sweden ever decides to diminished diplomatic profile for Editorsend him to the United States. Assange stronger trade relations. Against the gkuleta@thedialogue.orgobviously chose Ecuadors Embassy in backdrop of the ongoing dispute with Rachel SadonLondon for two reasons: first, because Reporter, Assistant Editorpolitical and diplomatic asylum are a rsadon@thedialogue.orgsacred institution among Latin Americancountries and as a rule asylum requestsare granted, and secondly, given “ The need for quiet diplomacy Inter-American DialogueEcuadors current government and a rel- that the United Kingdom is nowatively hostile relationship with stressing should have been the Michael Shifter, PresidentWashington, Assange correctly assumed Peter Hakim, President Emeritusthat he would be granted asylum by a primary course of action ... ” Genaro Arriagada, Nonresident Senior Fellowcountry that is not on the friendliest — Julia Buxton Sergio Bitar, Nonresident Senior Fellowterms with the United States. The Britishgovernments threats to withdraw diplo- Joan Caivano, Director, Special Projectsmatic status from Ecuadors mission in Maria Darie, Director of Finance & AdministrationLondon and enter the premises to arrest Argentina over the Malvinas, Britain has Paul Isbell, Visiting Senior FellowAssange created such a negative reaction, reinforced the perception it is an imperi- Claudio Loser, Senior Fellowboth inside the United Kingdom and alist anachronism. The impact of this Nora Lustig, Nonresident Senior Fellowabroad, that London was forced to retract incident will be more heavily felt by thethem over the weekend. For the next step, British. Aside from heightened regional Margaret Myers, Director, China and Latin America Programone can only assume that British author- antipathy toward the United Kingdom,ities will begin a process of negotiation British ambitions for opportunities in Manuel Orozco, Director, Remittances and Development Programwith Ecuador to try to resolve the the Ecuadorean hydrocarbon sector willimpasse, but in the meantime, Mr. likely be negatively affected. By contrast, Tamara Ortega Goodspeed, Senior Associate, EducationAssange might become a semi-perma- Ecuador is the toast of a sizeable sectionnent guest of Ecuadors ambassador in of progressive opinion in Britain, where Jeffrey Puryear, Vice President, Social PolicyLondon while a solution is found. If the Julian Assange is backed by high profileSwedish government gives Assange guar- supporters on the political left and right. Latin America Advisor is published everyantees that he wont be sent to the United Even opinion that is unsympathetic to business day, except for major U.S. holidays, byStates, that might open the way for a way Assange is uncomfortable with the threat the Inter-American Dialogue at:out." to revoke Ecuadors diplomatic status. 1211 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 510 The case of the Chinese dissident Chen Washington, DC 20036 Julia Buxton, senior research Phone: 202-822-9002 Fax: 202-822-9553A Guangcheng is cited as evidence of ISSN 2163-7962 fellow in the department of British hypocrisy and short sightedness peace studies at the University on such a sensitive issue as political dissi- Subscription Inquiries are welcomed at of Bradford in the United dence. Having unexpectedly had the case freetrial@thedialogue.orgKingdom: "Britains threat to force entry of Assange thrust upon him, Correa will The opinions expressed by the members of theinto the Ecuadorean Embassy without hope to reap the dividends of his pro- Board of Advisors and by guest commentators doconsent was intended as a flexing of human rights and anti-imperialist narra- not necessarily represent those of the publisher. Thediplomatic muscles within the frame- tive in his countrys presidential election analysis is the sole view of each Advisor and does not necessarily represent the views of their respectivework of the Diplomatic and Consular in six months time." employers or firms. The information in this reportPremises Act of 1987. While Prime has been obtained from reliable sources, but neitherMinister David Cameron maintains its accuracy and completeness, nor the opinions based thereon, are guaranteed. If you have any ques-there was no threat, only clarification of The Advisor welcomes reactions to the tions relating to the contents of this publication,the United Kingdoms legal obligations, Q&A above. Readers can write editor contact the editorial offices of the Inter-Americanthe original statement has backfired on Gene Kuleta at Dialogue. Contents of this report may not be repro- duced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmittedBritain. The need for quiet diplomacy with comments. without prior written permission from the publisher.Copyright © 2012, Inter-American Dialogue Page 4 of 4