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2nd assignment by Nathalie Baier


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My 2nd Assignment "Paying Attention" for submission to Crash Course on Creativity

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2nd assignment by Nathalie Baier

  1. 1. Paying Attention in
  2. 2. Oh the places I went and what I learn…..The museum store isstrategically located rightoutside of the “dinosaurs”display. This is a great way todraw visitors in because of ourcontinuous fascination of thesecreaturesEffective use of lighting tocreate mood and emphasis
  3. 3. Quirky props onrooftop to visuallydepict the storeproduct offeringsStore façade usingtextures and/orcolors to projectpersonality andshow differentiation
  4. 4. Even though the store’s physical layout looks like a warehouse (open beam, neon lights, etc.), the lighting and the display of their products give a “homey” feeling. Also, the store gives away “samplers” for customers to taste. Most customers appear to enjoy browsing, and mingling with store personnelIt’s interesting to seehow this grocery storeuses sign lettering, andwords toshowcase/describetheir specialty andselection
  5. 5. Typically wines arenot considered asimpulse items; butyet, this store hastheir wines next tocheck-out lanes. Itshows that thegrocery store iscatering to higherincome clientele
  6. 6. All of the storeslocated off the mainstreet effectivelyuse bright andcolorful décor toattract visitors
  7. 7. To get to this unique Record store,customers have to walk through thealley. The store’s front door ishidden behind the garage door.Most of the store’s sales come fromregular customers rather thanvisitors. One feels certain nostalgiato be inside this eclectic recordstore
  8. 8. All knickknacks on theshelves are displayed byformThe “crowded”merchandise projects amessage that customersare encouraged to hunt fortheir treasure
  9. 9. Food is sorted by color and “like kind”product to emphasize breath of offerings;whereas Clothes/Accessories are sorted byfunction and by occasion