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Time for nature 2012 lynda kosalle


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Time for nature 2012 lynda kosalle

  1. 1. Time for Nature 2012 by Lynda Kosalle, Controller, ON RegionLocations: Lake Muskoka, Torrence Barrens Conservation Reserve and Lynda’s backyard in Simcoe ON.
  2. 2. Lake Muskoka Happy Canada Day!!!
  3. 3. More Lake Muskoka…..
  4. 4. And more Lake Muskoka…..Canada Day fun on the lake…
  5. 5. As the moon rises over Bala…
  6. 6. Torrence Barrens Conservation ReserveHighlightsEncompassing almost 5,000 acres, theTorrance Barrens Conservation Reserve isone of the most striking geological areas inMuskoka. The lunar landscape of theBarrens is characterized by low ridges ofPrecambrian bedrock, separated bywetlands and peat-filled hollows, scatteredboulders, a little soil bare bedrock. EasternBluebird, Cooper’s Hawk and Massasaugarattlesnake can often be spotted on theBarrens and the elusive Whippoorwill andNighthawk can be heard in late evening.Many diverse vegetative species grow here.Amateur astronomers have identified theBarrens as an ideal place to view the nightskies with little light infiltration from urbancentres.
  7. 7. More….Torrence Barrens Conservation Reserve
  8. 8. Nature in the backyard!
  9. 9. And in the nectar is plentiful in the backyard!
  10. 10. Find the finch…
  11. 11. My favorite backyard tree and other residents…