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Re-naturalization of James


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Re-naturalization of James

  1. 1. Re-Naturalization of James Time for Nature Nature Conservancy of Canada July 2012
  2. 2. My “Time For Nature” Kelly at new NCC Lusicich Property
  3. 3. ????
  4. 4. And so our nature adventures began………………..
  5. 5. Vim and Marika Jalink25 years caring for their Blue Bird Trail
  6. 6. Blue Bird and Tree Swallow Trail NCC Connop Property
  7. 7. Banding a young tree swallow
  8. 8. Fernie High Ropes Course
  9. 9. Bertha Lake HikeWaterton Lakes National Park
  10. 10. Geo-caching Challenge around Waterton
  11. 11. Learning about dog aversion strategies for problem deer in Waterton
  12. 12. Bear’s Hump Hike Cameron Falls, Waterton
  13. 13. Bear Watching and Photography