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A brief introduction to Memes and the core team. This includes how we work and some sample projects/innovation initiatives the team has developed/is developing

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Memes Overview

  1. 1. Memes Associates, LtdGroup overviewDiscovering MemesMemes Associates, LtdActionable Business Intelligence
  2. 2. Memes Overview – What we do….• Tactical & strategic solutions to encourage business growth1) Know the customer and the industry• Domain expertise• Customer process mapping• Industry networks2) Generate opportunity concepts through phased investigation• Concept exploration• Market refinement• Customer expectations3) Develop products, markets, strategies ,& business models for systemssolutions• Assumption validation and functional requirements• Advisory role as corporations position themselves into the opportunity2
  3. 3. A brief history of Memes• Memes officially formed in 2001, but the history is much richer….Start Up and GrowthEarly Years before MemesSteve Faivrepartners toform AgriCad –Early entrantin PF business1992Pinakin Desaijoins AgriCadto write code2001Faivrejoins AFSgroupPinakin joinsCase IH AFSgroupMonk joinsMemesTaylor joinsMemesKevin Monkjoins DeereMonk joinsCNHNate Taylorjoins DeereTaylorjoins ZedxFaivre joinsMemesAgriCadsold to RDIPinakin StartsMemes2012Faivre joinsDeere Agri-ServicesMemescollaborates withBTG on portfoliostrategy3
  4. 4. Memes Services - Areas of SpecializationCustomer Process MappingMarket Disrupting InnovationCurrent Market Assessment4
  5. 5. Memes Approach - Disruptive InnovationAvoiding commoditization requires change beyond product improvement• Wider focus from equipment to encompass customer Processes• Adoption of technology innovation to enable System Improvement• New market segments beyond traditional Ag & ConstructionProduct ImprovementsEquipment FocusSystem ImprovementsProcess FocusSP CombineRotary ThresherProductSystemHorse drawnReaperMotorizedReaperHarvesting System5
  6. 6. • A comprehensive process which can be repeatedlyapplied to different market segments in order to gain :• Understanding of customers’• Business• Process• Needs• Insight into feasibility of solutions• incremental improvements• market altering or disruptive innovations.Memes Approach – Disruptive Innovation6
  7. 7. Memes Output – Disruptive Innovation–A systematic phased approach to opportunityPhase ConceptConfidenceIntervalInvestmentUnderstandCustomer Value(1-5) (5=high)UnderstandImpact(1-5) (5=high)IConcept Exploration - High LevelCustomer Benefit and MarketPotential, IP Opp.I---------------I $ 3-4 2-3IIRefine Market Potential and CostEstimates, Validate AssumptionsI---------I $ 4-5 3-4IIICustomer Value Prop, FunctionalRequirements Doc, BusinessCase, Cost EstimateI----I $ 5 4-57Phase Example -Precision in ConstructionI“Virtual Conveyer” Concept exploration - HaulEconomic Overview, Market Sizing, LeveredOpportunitiesIIResearch Assumptions, Refine Concept, IdentifyPartners, Refine Business CaseIII CVP, FRD, Business Plan, Adopt Est., Mine DemoCritical to Success – Concept Introduction at correct Management LevelDecision point(proceed/stop) aftereach phase basedupon opportunityassessment. Don’tinvest heavily onprojects with smallpotential.
  8. 8. Disruptive Innovation Example Project –Seed Tape Production System• STPS Concept• Bringing high precision at lowcost to the field• Addressing the need ofproper handling of seedand reducing the costdrivers for crop production• Focus on emergingmarkets for corn/maizeand canola• Initial research indicated, thereare potential opportunities• Further research andexploration to refine thebusiness modelSlightmisplacementIdealPlantingHandPlanting1-2”in.ConventionalPlantingUnevenDepthUnevenSpacingSkipsDoublePlant8
  9. 9. Memes TeamPinakin DesaiPinakin uses the current and anticipated business environment, newand existing technologies to design unique products and services forthe global marketplace focusing on agriculture, manufacturing,transportation, and construction. His specialty is the development ofnew business models based upon detailed process maps and in-depthunderstanding of a customer’s businessSteve FaivreSteve has a lifetime of advanced agriculture innovation experience. Hehas operationally and financially managed a large corn and soybeanfarm, created one of the first yield monitors, brought to market one of thefirst agriculture mapping products, worked for John Deere and Case NewHolland, and has dozens of patents in his name.Steve’s ability to see 10 to 15 years into the future of agriculture givesclients a strategic advantage for long term growth.9
  10. 10. Memes TeamKevin MonkKevin has experience operating a production family farm and workingwith leading equipment manufacturers. Kevin explores innovative &economical ways to automate & mechanize production, agriculture,construction, & mining. He works with developing sustainableagriculture, construction, and mining systems in both emerging &traditional markets. Kevin develops assessments on market potential &growth projections for innovation opportunities, & recommends go-to-market plans for entering into new opportunitiesNate TaylorNate started his agriculture marketing, product management & salescareer in 2005 with John Deere in their advanced services division. Hehas built a wide network of contacts within the agriculture market while atDeere & ZedX. Nate sits on the Advisory Board of the AgChatFoundation, an organization designed to provide a forum to theagriculture community on current farm management issues..10