How to get out of college debt


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This is obviously not the most serious of posts regarding college debt. If you really want to get out of college debt, I’m probably not the person to tell you how to do it. I can help you save money on grocery shopping, eat tasty food, and occasionally provide a good laugh. Hopefully, this will provide a good laugh.

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How to get out of college debt

  1. 1. Don’t look like this guy—get out of college debt! By: Nate Smoyer @natesmoyer
  2. 2. Finding a way out of college debt is not easy. Opportunities to go out to eat, buy a triple-shot doublemocha with extra whip, and the never-ending cycle of “first dates” can rob a young man blind.These opportunities present themselves daily. It’s this vicious cycle that pushes young men like myselfto fall victim to the temptation to only paying the minimum payments to our college debt monthly, ratherthan getting ahead.But how will I ever get out of college debt?Ahh, the question that starves for an answer. Allow me to introduce your ticket to paying off yourcollege debt all the while living the good life.Introducing: The Golden Rule of Food Shopping aka The Man’s Guide to Food ShoppingWrite this diagram on your mirror, whiteboard, or use a sharpie on your bedroom wall like I did. Thiswill ensure you memorize this into practice.Follow this guide and the following will happen:1. Your will not spend very much on food weekly.2. You will enjoy getting home from work daily to eat some form of meat.3. Your excessive consumption of protein will make you grow an awesome beard (which can help financially as well).4. You’ll get lots of dates with girls.5. The money you save will pay for your college your debt . . . or it will pay for those dates.
  3. 3. Your weekly grocery shopping will look something like this: a mans grocery listFollow the diagram, and you too will get out of college debt, eat awesomely, and get lots of dates withgirls!
  4. 4. BONUS!!!Problem: You bought corned beef for $1.88/lb, but you don’t have one of those fancy slow cookers likeyour mom.Solution: Follow this step-by-step guide.I’m glad to have shared my how to get out of college debt tips with you. I hope you will enjoy thefinancial freedom you’ve been dreaming of since your 1st grade teacher began the 12 years of liberalbrainwashing that college is the only path to success in life.
  5. 5. If you found this article to be helpful or if you found this article to have made you less intelligent, get atme on twitter @NateSmoyer.