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If You Landed On This Page, There Is A Good Chance You Are Doing Research Or You Are Looking To Join Body FX. In This Free Report, It Will Reveal Why So Many People Are Starting To Have Results With the Body FX Opportunity. In the Next 90 Days, You Will Discover Why This Opportunity Will Be A Game Changer in the Industry.

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Your Body FX MLM Review Is Waiting For You

  1. 1. People that are looking for a unique opportunity with an up and coming companyshould consider the benefits of Body FX. Body FX is similar to companies like TeamBeach Body and ViSalus, but offer some unique products and benefits that set themapart. The best way to get started is to learn some information about the companyand what it does. It is vital to know who the company is, what they stand for, theproducts they sell and the ways they compensate their employees. This Body FXreview could be the start to a lucrative new career with unlimited potential.What is Body FX?Before engaging in any new endeavor it is important to know what you are gettinginto. People need to understand who the company is, as well as how it operates.Body FX is a dynamic new company that sells some of the premier brands of fitnessand weight loss products on the market today. They cover a wide range ofapproaches from cutting edge supplements and nutritional products to fitness DVDswith proven exercise techniques. What sets Body FX apart from some other brandslike Team Beach Body and ViSalus is that they are offering a unique, at-homebusiness opportunity for motivated people that want to change the way they make aliving.Body FX has written, produced, starred in and marketed an array of top-sellingfitness DVDs, infomercials and nutritional products. They have produced popularvideos like Total Gym, Disco Abs, and Core Rhythms just to name a few. With morethan 30 million DVDs sold worldwide, Body FX has become one of the industryleaders in fitness and nutritional products. This should give people somereassurance that they are dealing with a successful company that is not going todisappear overnight.Response to these products has been off the charts, which has opened up someexciting business opportunities that will allow people to make money withoutleaving their home. Since response to their products has been so positive, Body FXhas decided to offer people a chance to get in on the action by becoming distributorsof their line of top-selling fitness and nutritional products.Body FX Review- The ProductsBefore getting into the details of the exciting business opportunity offered by BodyFX, people should understand some of the different products that they sell and whythey are so popular. Body FX sells a line of fitness, nutrition and weight lossoriented products that claim they will revolutionize the industry. Unlike many oftheir competitors, Body FX designs their own products, from supplements to DVDs,which means they have complete control over the things they sell. They have manyContact: Nate Leung – 702-518-8545 - Page 1
  2. 2. proprietary and patent-pending formulas that are sold exclusively by Body FXrepresentatives and distributors.In addition to the many nutritional products and supplements, Body FX sells a lineof fitness DVDs that they advertise on infomercials. Body FX representatives will beable to sell both the nutritional and performance supplements, as well as the DVDs.These infomercials are a great benefit to distributors, as they give them access totens of thousands of customers that have already shown some interest or purchasedproducts in the past. Very few companies offer this type of free advertising for theirdistributors.The OpportunityPeople are increasingly looking for ways to make money from home. At home jobsare the future of business and Body FX offers an exciting opportunity for those thatwant to be on the ground floor of this growing phenomenon. However, there aresome things that set Body FX apart from competitors like Team Beach Body andViSalus, which makes this opportunity even more enticing.The biggest difference that Body FX generates thousands of customers with theirinfomercials. These people have already purchased some of the Body FX DVDs sowill be more open to buying additional products. Body FX supplies these leads totheir distributors free of charge. The power of television is undeniable, sodistributors will instantly have access to an established and growing customer base.Not only that, but representatives that purchase Body FX supplements and otherproducts will be assigned distributors that will help them increase retail profitsfrom these sales. This access to paying customers and retail profits makes this anopportunity that is much better than most work at home business prospects, wherereps are tasked with generating their own leads and customers. Reps anddistributors will have access to all of the things they need to be successful.The Pay PlanBody FX offers a pay plan that is uniquely designed to maximize the potential tomake money. They use a network marketing commission structure that pays uni-level commissions on up to nine levels of distribution. This means people can createtheir own team of distributors, with no limit on the number of first time distributorsthat can be enrolled.There are also Fast Start Bonuses for those that get out of the gate quickly, InfinityBonuses and even matching Infinity Bonuses. Distributors only have to sell $50 ofproducts per month to be eligible for these commissions and bonuses. They canmake these purchases personally, or sell the products directly to retail customers.Contact: Nate Leung – 702-518-8545 - Page 2
  3. 3. This allows distributors to set up a system that will allow them to makecompensation in a variety of ways, which is one of the reasons why the Body FX payplan is superior to some of the competition. Once the person gets their networkestablished they might be able to scale back their own work and instead reap therewards created by their team of distributors.Getting StartedPeople that are interested in this exciting opportunity probably want to know whatit will take to get the whole thing started. Start up costs are one of the biggestobstacles to starting a business from home, so people want to know how much theywill have to spend in the beginning. The great thing about Body FX is that those thatsign up during the prelaunch will not have to pay a cent to be a Body FX directdistributor. This should motivate people to start the process now, as those that arethere from the beginning can begin this opportunity free of charge. This is an offerthat sets Body FX apart from other work at home opportunities.Those that wait until after the launch will be charged a mere $19.95, but this fee willbe waived for those that purchase the Fast-Start product pack when they sign up.This low cost startup fee means that people will not have to spend big bucks to gettheir opportunity off and running, which is a huge advantage for those who are lowon capital. Body FX has removed a lot of the risk of starting an at home business. -Rep or Coach? Body FX puts all of its distributors into one of two categories, either Rep or Coach. Any person who pays the $19.95 fee will initially be categorized as a Body FX direct rep. Body FX coaches are those people that have purchased a product pack, and completed the short online training program. Only coaches will be eligible to receive the free leads that are generated from the Body FX infomercials, which is a big advantage for those that really want to make money. People that become Body FX Reps can create their own network of Coaches. Reps will be able to earn additional commissions and overrides on the sales generated by their team of Coaches. This gives people numerous ways to generate revenue and grow their network, which could eventually lead to them not having to work much at all.Will Body FX Go International?The short answer is, yes it will. However, at the time of this review, Body FX is onlylooking for distributors that are located in the United States. Those in othercountries will not have to wait long though, as Body FX already has plans to expandtheir operations into several countries in Europe, Asia and North America.Contact: Nate Leung – 702-518-8545 - Page 3
  4. 4. Distributors can rest assured knowing that they have hitched their wagon to abusiness that plans to grow and will offer even more exciting opportunities in thefuture. -Monitoring Growth People want to be able to monitor the growth of Body FX and their own prelaunch network so they can get a better understanding of their future and potential with the company. As soon as a distributor signs up they will be given a passcode that will give them access to the “back office.” This means they will be able to monitor the growth of their own network and also the company as a whole. This will give the distributor additional reassurance that things are going well and growing at the proper rate. It is also a great way to predict future profits and sales and to expand your network.Now What?People that are interested in this exciting opportunity and want more informationhave a number of places to get it. They can start by visiting the Body FX website,which offers information and answers to the most commonly asked questions.People can also look for additional Body FX reviews, as well as reviews forcompanies like Team Beach Body and ViSalus, which will give them a betterunderstanding of the company and how it is different from some of the competition.It is a good idea to get as much information as possible so that people know exactlywhat they are getting into and how to make the most of this enticing offer. It is bestto get information from a variety of sources to avoid bias and scams.Once people have gotten as much information as possible they will probably want toknow how to get started as soon as they can. The first step is to visit the Body FXwebsite and click “Join Now” to get the application process underway. Once theregistration application is completed people will receive further instructions on howto get started, including the customized web address of a personalized Body FXprelaunch website. From there people can start inviting friends and building anetwork of individuals that are interested in this exciting and unique opportunity tomake money from home.Too Good To Be True?There are those that will be understandably skeptical of an offer that sounds soenticing. However, with such a low cost to get started, there is really no risk. Peoplehave made money from similar companies in the past, but no one has offered thekind of pay package and potential for growth that is being offered by Body FX. Thereis really no reason not to at least check it out. Once people realize this opportunity islegit, they can start realizing their dream of working for home. Just think about it:Contact: Nate Leung – 702-518-8545 - Page 4
  5. 5. -No more commuting back and forth from work everyday, which is not only time consuming but costs a lot of money in transportation fees. -You are your own boss, which means you set the hours, decide how much and when you are going to work. This is great for those that are looking for supplementary income to another job, as well as those that want to make a full time career of it. Distributors that put more into it can expect greater rewards, so this opportunity is perfect for people that like result oriented compensation that pays people for their dedication. -You won’t have to leave the comforts of your own home. All you need is a computer with a reliable Internet connection to get started. Most days you will never have to take off your pajamas. Stay at home moms and dads will find this benefit to be immeasurable, as it will allow them to spend more time at home.What Are You Waiting For?With so many potential benefits and very little risk, there is no reason not to getstarted right away. Just visit the Body FX website and complete the applicationprocess to take your first step towards financial independence and the kind oflifestyle you deserve. In life, people tend to regret the chances that they didn’t take.You don’t want to be the one that misses out on such a great opportunity. You cancontact the author if you have read enough and ready to take action.Need More Information?Go to: www.BodyFXPreview.comContact: Nate Leung – 702-518-8545 - Page 5