5 reasons why you need balance in your life


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5 reasons why you need balance in your life

  1. 1. Learn more about the author: www.NateLeung.com/about Contact for more information: www.NateLeung.com/contact 1 5 Reasons why you need balance in your life while building your MLM business What is business all about? Even if you’re an experienced businessperson, chances are you won’t be able to answer this definitively. At least not right off the bat. This just goes to show how complex business actually is at heart: When even the best don’t really know, you can’t expect things to be easy. One possible, simple answer to the question is: Equilibrium. Business is all about striking the right balance, between spending and revenue; firmness and leniency; tradition and innovation. But before you can be balanced, and thus successful, in business, you have to have balance in your own life. Business as a Mirror Any business is a reflection of its owner, at least in certain fundamental ways. A dishonest person will run a dishonest business; an immature person will run a business immaturely; a financially irresponsible person will end up with a bankrupt company. These examples are all negative, but you can get positive results from this phenomenon. If you’re constantly striving to be better and more balanced, that will define you as a person. And if it defines you as a person, it will define your business. This is one reason balance is important. Happy Heart, Happy Earnings If you’re feeling good in general, your business will perform better, because you’ll be more inclined to administer it properly, and you’ll be happier to spend more time doing it. But in order to feel good in general, you have to have balance in your life. This is reason number two balance is important: It helps you perform at the level you need to perform to be successful.
  2. 2. Learn more about the author: www.NateLeung.com/about Contact for more information: www.NateLeung.com/contact 2 Foundation Nothing can stand without a foundation. This goes for a business, for which the foundation is capital, and for a business person, for which the foundation is a strong base of support from friends and family. This basis of support must be balanced, since everyone will have different opinions as to what you should do and approaches to helping you achieve your goals, and striking the right harmony between friends and family is an important step in accomplishing a sort of “life equilibrium” that will allow you to direct your MLM business prudently and passionately. Ease of Improvement Boxing is difficult. No one would argue that - not even Floyd Mayweather Jr, even though he’s an expert. But it’s not necessarily hard to get good at boxing. There’s just one secret: You have to like it. This goes for business, too. You have to like it. But the only way you can like your business is to be able to approach it as one of the few stressful things in your life. This means everything else has to be balanced, so you can take the ups and downs of business in stride and make the best decisions when faced with difficult choices. The last reason you need balance in your life? You need to enjoy the fruits of your labor. With no balance, there’s no way for you to kick back and relax. But that’s just as important as the hard work you put in. So find balance, find success, and find yourself. Get to it.