3 reasons why you should not be an mlm jumper


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3 reasons why you should not be an mlm jumper

  1. 1. Learn more about the author: www.NateLeung.com/about Contact for more information: www.NateLeung.com/contact 1 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Be an MLM Jumper When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But some just . . . quit. And others jump ship. In the challenging world of multilevel marketing, this dilemma pops up quite a bit. Most of the time, things don’t go well for people, at least in the beginning. This is to be expected for just about everything: You don’t start a sport and get good on day one, just like you don’t start a business and get rich in the first month. Some people don’t get the simple idea that success takes time. Many of these people just . . . Quit. They obviously don’t get anywhere by giving up on their dreams. That leaves us with two options: Persist, or jump ship. But what exactly do we mean by jumping ship? A Step Back Before we talk about that, though, let’s take a step back at how MLM tends to work. Usually, people get into MLM through a multilevel marketing service or firm that has things set up for you. A few people set things up themselves, but this is rare and inefficient. When you sign up with an MLM service, all your distributors, colleagues, and teammates are associated with the same firm, service, and products. This bolsters the effectiveness of teamwork, and, in fact, forces it, which is necessary for success in the MLM world. Jumping Ship Okay. Now we can talk about what it means to jump ship. Jumping ship - or MLM jumping, as it’s more frequently called in the business – is the practice of switching from one MLM firm to another. This entails a complete change in products, services, distributors, upstreams, downlines, and . . . Well, just about everything, really. This is obviously confusing to manage, which is one great reason already not to be a MLM jumper. Why Jump?
  2. 2. Learn more about the author: www.NateLeung.com/about Contact for more information: www.NateLeung.com/contact 2 It sounds stupid in theory. So why do people do it in practice? Simple. They don’t see immediate results with the firm they sign up with in the beginning; they choose not to let go of their dreams of big money, and instead let go of their work ethic; and then choose to start from scratch with a different firm, expecting that the change in scenery will bring success. How, you ask? We have no idea. Neither do they. That’s why jumpers always fail, or only succeed infrequently, by chance. Because they have to re-engineer everything from the beginning, including their downlines, distributor structure, and everything else. This makes it virtually impossible for them ever to succeed, because they’re always starting from scratch. Stick it Out It’s hard to stick to your guns when things get hard. This much we all know from experience. But you have to. It’s the only way to make it out alive, let alone rich. If you believe in your plan, your firm, and your associates, you will make it.