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M K T G 469 –Assignment #1


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M K T G 469 –Assignment #1

  1. 1. MKTG 469 – Internet Marketing Assignment #1 – eCommerce Website Critique Nathaniel Lessley 9/12/2010 Amazon Kindle
  2. 2. Navigation / Search 2 ‘Best Practices’ Used by • Make sure shoppers can easily access their cart contents and that it can easily be modified or adjusted. • Keep important page elements like update cart, display refinements and cross sell items within reach and easy to spot. 2 ‘Best Practices’ Not Used by • Use Breadcrumb navigation to show shoppers where they are. • Allow shoppers to show a designated number of items per page anytime with a “show per page” sort option.
  3. 3. Selling 2 selling ‘best practices’ that used • Show related products and cross sell before the checkout process and after items have been added to the cart. • Make sure other page items are visually appealing to shoppers and keep unnecessary elements off checkout pages. 2 selling ‘best practices’ that did not use • Make sure contact information and a phone number are visible above the fold and easy for shoppers to see. • Keep security badges, trust certificates and an updated SSL certificate in place so shoppers can tell your site is secure.
  4. 4. Shopping Cart 2 shopping cart ‘best practices’ that used • Allow shoppers to add items to their cart before making them register for an account. • Offer a variety of payment and shipping options so shoppers can pick the one they have an account with or most often use. 2 shopping cart ‘best practices’ that did not use All Shopping Cart ‘Best Practices’ are used on