Say Farewell to Nate


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My wonderful friends and colleagues in the Yahoo! Taiwan office made me this presentation/slideshow as a gift and as a remembrance of my time at Yahoo!. I'm incredibly touched. Speechless.

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Say Farewell to Nate

  1. Really? Nate is going to leave
  2. Words from friends in Taiwan
  3. Thanks for what you do for YUI and front-end- enginnering. You will be always my hero. Tom Wu
  4. Nate, listening to your YUI talk took me back the memory of HTML 1.0 tricks that everyone used in 1995. It’s surprising to have you that make surfing on Web couldn’t be better experience than before. Want to salut to Nate with a old chinese saying: “ “
  5. Nate, I am very impressed with your passion at front-end engineering. You really taught me a lot. Wish you have better development! Joseph
  6. Hey hey Nate... It's sad to hear you are leaving us but still wish you the best for the coming future and don't forget to call us if you pop in Taiwan!! Keep up the excellent work and GOOD LUCK!! Bobby
  7. body {background:url(Yahoo! Taiwan) no-repeat;} #Nate { content:’Yahoo! CSS God Father ’; } #Beckie { content:’Thank you!’; }
  8. Hello Nate, After seeing you dancing with the hot nurse in Taipei pub – DS , I must say I totally change my impression for engineers! Great dance moves, haha… awesome! Do let us know the next time you visit Taiwan, we’ll surely show you around, there’re more cute nurses out there! Hopefully we’ll hear from you soon! Take care! Cheers, Taiwan UED VD Yvonne Jong
  9. Dear Nate, It is with mixed emotions that I write this, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you, my friend. I have learned a great deal from you and will miss you. It has been a great pleasure working with you. Great to know that your baby is on the way and please visit my home again when traveling around Taipei then. All the best to you and your family Aaron , friend always
  10. Also Don’t forget the wonderful moments in Taiwan!
  11. Chinese Worship
  12. Tea Time in LaCrema!
  13. Drunken F2Es
  14. Your Speech in NTU
  15. Still Remember the Taste of Duck Blood?
  16. Wonderful Time at DS pub!
  17. Your Speech in NCTU
  18. Life is an “Easy but also dificult game” We always believe you will be the winner!
  19. Thank You Nate! Your friends in Taiwan.