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Onboard security


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Onboard security

  1. 1. Onboard Security The conflicts between PrivateMilitary Companies and Shipping Companies
  2. 2. Hello, I work with one of theHi. Nate here and several maritime security firmstoday we’re going that are available to all to be talking shipping companies in order toabout the conflict keep their ships and crews safe of on board from pirates. I have years ofsecurity in today’s experience handling weaponsmaritime industry. and effectively engaging combatants to keep my client safe and their respective companies profitable.
  3. 3. Hello, My name is Ron Widdows and I am a Mr.head chair member of Widdows, why isAPL, one of the world’s it that you don’t most prestigious believe in havingshipping lines. I believe armed guards on our ships be secure your ships?without armed guards on board.
  4. 4. Well Nate, there have been experiences in the past where you Well, I think that there have armed “guards” is someone that would or people from an like to respectfullyunknown port carrying counter that idea sir. weapons on board a vessel and once thethey were needed they didn’t do their jobs.
  5. 5. Sir, I would first like to say that I agree with you that arming civilians Mr. Widdows doesn’t thatis a horrid idea. However companies sound nice? I have met andlike the one I work for only hire men worked along side some of with an extensive military them. They are quiet background that entailed private professionals. security details and prolonged Humble, smart, and service in hot spots all around the capable to handle any taskworld. All of this makes us the most whether its big or small. professional men you will find available to secure your ships.
  6. 6. Sounds good but I still don’t Sir, since 2005 piracy along like weapons on board my the Horn of Africa hasships. Sounds like more harm raised more than 5 fold. than good all when the And once they take a ship chances of getting boarded they are violent, and by pirates is so low. relentless and are known for killing hostages. On top of all this, the ransom alone can be upwards to 20 million dollars.
  7. 7. Sir. Do you realize that if you don’t pay that you will be out Well, no. that is too much of the business? Who in theirmoney and I would never pay right mind would want to that amount. work for a company where their CEO has them sail through hostile waters and if they do get caught doesn’t even pay the ransom?
  8. 8. No sir it certainly isnt. Its even proven that we don’tThat’s a fairly good point. even have to engage the It doesn’t seem like its pirates most the time. Andworth it to even take the when we do its only a few risks. warning shots and they flea. A much safer and economically viable option for a company like yours.
  9. 9. Well, it seems like there truly is a reason why all US Sir I’m glad you finally see itflagged ships are required to our way, and that your ships have armed personnel on and crew will now be safe board. I know APL will be with professionals that have doing the research to get the wherewithal to keep your PMC teams on our ships ships and crews safe.immediately so we can keep our crew and cargo safe!
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