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Marketing Inside + Outsidev4 Natalie Chapman


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Knowledge Commercialisation Australia Marketing MasterClass presentation

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Marketing Inside + Outsidev4 Natalie Chapman

  1. 1. Marketing Inside + Outside = Upside Natalie Chapman Leader, Business Development & Marketing ANSTO
  2. 2. ANSTO does not….
  3. 3. What does OPAL do?
  4. 4. ANSTO Businesses
  5. 5. ANSTO Innovation Technology Pipeline Intellectual Commercialisation Licensing Start-Up Established CompanyTechnology Property Model 0 12 30 Time (Months)
  6. 6. Science Meets Sales…
  7. 7. Technology Commercialisation
  8. 8. Technology Push vs Market Pull Production Product Sales Marketing Customer-oriented Kotler (1996)
  9. 9. What is Marketing?
  10. 10. Maximising Marketing Success Customer Technology Need Product Maximum chance of market success Market Marketing Promotion SellResearch Strategy
  11. 11. How many of you do your homework? Market • Survey your market and customers • Gather and analyse market intelligence on competitors and partnersResearch • Monitor the market and survey the literature.
  12. 12. More science than art.... Tools • SWOTMarketing • PESTLEStrategy • ANSOFF • PLC Strategies • Pricing • Placement/Distribution • Promotion Product Life Cycle • Product
  13. 13. Case Study – RemLife • RemLife v3.2 is a software simulator for coal and gas power stations to determine damage with remaining life assessment of components and the cost. • Identifies at-risk components in hours not weeks. • Developed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in conjunction with 12 power stations within Australia.Promotion Internal and External Promotion is vital to success
  14. 14. Case Study – RemLife Business Development Manager • Conducted due diligence • Briefed legal for agreements • Prepared market analysis of US and UK • Identified conference and meetings • Organised promotional, presentation, web, brochure, display/exhibition materials • Prepared commercialisation plans • Negotiated with interested parties
  15. 15. Case Study – RemLifeInside• Board Report• Monthly Reports• Commercialisation progress• Articles – TestimonialsOutside• News articles• Promotional collateral• Web page – Downloadable demo• Articles in technical journals• Reports to Government• Directed presentations for potential licencees• Grant applications• Awards
  16. 16. Case Study – RemLife UpsidePromotion • Reduces internal barriers • Greater customer awareness and recognition • Improves technology and organisation credibility • Higher value for product • Increased success with grants and awards • Stronger licencee interest • Stronger position in negotiations = Higher price for your technology
  17. 17. Are you trained for Sales? Sell• Prospect• Qualify• Pitch• Close the deal
  18. 18. Take Home - Speed Thinking 5 ideas for your technology
  19. 19. Natalie ChapmanLeader, Business Development & MarketingAustralian Nuclear Science & Technology OrganisationPhone: 02 9717 9550Email: