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100% Natural luxury Spa products for your home and body

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Solas Spa line

  1. 1. Sólas Naturals Little luxuries made with thought. In the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, CanadaOur products are hand crafted with raw ingredients. Sourced as close to the earth as possible.
  2. 2. The Health & Environmental Factors Of Soy and Paraffin Wax Soy Paraffin Health Benefits Health Concerns Because soy wax is just hydrogenated Paraffin candles contain petroleum by soybean oil, it is natural, biodegradable, product that has actually been shown to non-toxic, and perfectly harmless to the be toxic and carcinogenic. In fact, environment, not to mention children paraffin candles are believed to be as and pets. Soy candles are less likely to dangerous when burned as second give users an allergic reaction. Soy is hand tobacco smoke. These may lead to safe for your skin, and soy candles are increased risk of cancer, neurological safe to touch while burning, because and behavioral deficits and acute they are a natural product. Also, aggravation of existing respiratory because it is water soluble, spills and diseases such as asthma. Emissions in stains can be cleaned up with soap and the home are estimated to stick around water. for up to 10 hours after extinguishing a candle. Some paraffin candles may still Environmental Benefits even use lead wicks. Soy Candles will save you money due to them lasting 50% longer than other Environmental Concerns candles because soy bean wax burns at Paraffin is the final residue left from a lower temperature. As a crop, soy refining crude oil. The oil industries beans are a renewable resource and do make a healthy profit from its use with not harm the environment as it is cosmetics and candles. Paraffin wax is a biodegradable and helps support local non-renewable resource. Once all the agricultural growth. Most Soy and crude oil is gone, we will not have any vegetable wax is produced right here in more. Paraffin burns more quickly and North America. hotter than most waxes creating more concern for fire hazards than necessary. Because it is oil-based, paraffin wax spills do not clean up easily. • Derived from petroleum, a limited• Soy wax is made from soybeans and resource vegetables, both renewable resources. • The burning of paraffin wax contributes to indoor air• Soy wax burns much cleaner and contamination by emitting petro- purer as it is all natural, non-toxic, chemicals causing soot deposits and and non-hazardous. carcinogenic particulate matter.• This wax is biodegradable leading to • This wax contains petroleum by- reduced landfills. products and additives that inhibit biodegradability.
  3. 3. Key IngredientsJojoba Oil Shea Butter• Helps promote healing of • Contains Vitamins A , E & F. the skin. • Helps diminish wrinkles,• Cleans clogged pores and promoting renewal & restores skins natural pH increasing circulation. Helps balance protect again UV rays.• Important nutrients such as • Balances skin tone. vitamin E, B complex vitamins, and the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. and iodine. Coconut Oil • Contains Gallic Acid, Lauric Acid, Monoglycerides,Beeswax Vitamin E & K. Iron.• Best feature is it’s Vitamin • Has antioxidant properties. A. A key element for Which helps prevent human cell development. premature aging.• Sooths and softens skin. • Treats Psoriasis & Eczema.• Healing agent designed for burns, cuts and other wounds.Castor Oil• Heals age spots, boils, Olive Oil warts, skin keratosis, • Anti Oxidant stretch marks, age spots, • Relieves dry skin. relieves itching. • Anti Aging properties• Helps with acne, dry or • Contains Chlorophyll cracked skin.• Ricinoleic acid is the main component of castor oil, and it exerts anti- inflammatory effects.
  4. 4. 100% NATURAL SOY WAX CANDLESSólas Naturals Soy Wax CITRUS BLOSSOM UPC: 8 83161 11111 8Candles are a hand-poured all- Item: SCBC-11111natural wax blend of soy, palm, This scent is sure to satisfy any citrus lover.beeswax and other natural With a 100% natural fresh fragrance blend of fruity Lemon, Orange, Tangerine andwaxes and oils. These waxes Citrus notes, this candle gives off a sweetcome from renewable and sugary lemon drop scent.agricultural sources and do not COOL MINTcontain petrochemicals. We do UPC: 8 83161 11101 9 Inot use synthetic dyes or UV tem: SCMC-11101inhibitors. Our collections are This icy cool scent will improve concentration and reduce mental fatigue. With its purerichly scented with all natural therapeutic grade Menthol, Peppermint,fragrance blends or pure Spearmint, Eucalyptus, Lavender andessential oils. Our candles Rosemary essential oils, this scent is sure todeliver long, clean, complete give your body an energizing effect.burns, great scent dispersal, ORANGE & CLOVEand excellent quality and value. UPC: 8 83161 11102 6 Item: SOCC-11102We use high quality, lead free Everyone loves oranges! This scent is greatwicks made from cotton and for the kitchen or a nice „pick me up‟. Itunbleached paper. warms in the winter and refreshes in theSólas Naturals Soy Wax summer. Contains therapeutic gradeCandles have a burn time of 24 essential oils of; Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Lemongrass, Clove and Cassia.hours. Tin is recyclable withfood grade tins. SWEET GRASS & BERRY UPC: 8 83161 11106 4 Item: SGBC-11106 A touch of the wild. The complex notes of this scent will never grow tiresome as there is always something new to discover. Reminiscent of grass, pine and sun-warmed berries. A complex scent of Gurjun Balsam oil, Labdanum Resin, Sandalwood oil, Rose Flower oil, Guaiac Wood oil, Balsam Tolu Resin, Patchouli oil, and Ylang Ylang Flower oil. LAVENDER FIELDS UPC: 8 83161 11107 1 Item: SLFC-11107 Why not try a balancing act? Over 60% Lavender essential oil and natural fragrance notes of Caraway, Mint, and Dill enhance Lavender Fields‟ cleansing effects in the air. With essential oils of Lavender, Lavandin, Lemon peel, Peppermint, Amyris Bark, Bergamot Fruit, Caraway Seed, Carrot Seed, Cedar wood Bark, and Dill.
  5. 5. Organic Lip BalmsWe have done it! Organic Lipbalm is available for you in 5 COOL MINTgreat flavors: Cool Mint, Honey UPC: 8 83161 11001 2 Item: SCML-11001& Lemon, Orange & Clove, Leave your lips tingling andPineapple & Coconut and moisturized with the invigorating refreshment ofWatermelon! Our silky, smooth therapeutic grade essentialand rich lip balms contain: oils of Peppermint, Menthol, Spearmint, Eucalyptus and •Organic Beeswax Rosemary. This lip balm also has anti-fungal and •Organic Jojoba Oil antibacterial properties •Organic Shea Butter •Organic Coconut Oil WATERMELON •Organic Grape seed Oil UPC: 8 83161 11012 8 •Organic Soy, Olive and Item: SWML-11012 Feel nostalgic with the Castor Oils summery sweetness of this •Organic Aloe Vera and refreshing lip balm containing Rosemary Extract natural Watermelon flavour. •Essential Oils or Natural Flavour ORANGE & CLOVE UPC: 8 83161 11002 9 •Natural Vitamin E Item: SOCL-11002 Made with therapeutic grade essential oils of Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Lemongrass, Clove and Cassia. It will leave your lips revitalized & refreshed. PINEAPPLE & COCONUT UPC: 8 83161 11013 5 Item: SPCL-11013 Your lips will love the fresh, sweet taste of natural Pineapple and Coconut flavours in this moisturizing lip balm. HONEY & LEMON UPC: 8 83161 11004 3 Item: SHLL-11004 This old-fashioned combination is reminiscent of Grandma‟s kitchen. It includes organic Honey flavour and pure Lemon essential oil.
  6. 6. 100% NATURAL BODY BALMSWhat you want to put on your body: quality,natural ingredients, created with thought andcrafted with care. Our Body Balms are madewith raw ingredients sourced as close to theearth as possible, such as: COOL HEAT MUSCLE RUB UPC: 8 83161 11315 0 Item: SCHB-11315Organic Beeswax This all-natural rub is great for sore, achy muscles. Apply directlyOrganic Jojoba Oil to sore muscles and the “Hot”Organic Shea Butter essential oils of Camphor, Clove,Organic Coconut Oil Cajuput, Black Pepper andOrganic Grape seed Oil Cayenne Pepper blended withOrganic Soy, Olive & Castor Oils “Cold” Menthol crystals andOrganic Aloe Vera & Rosemary Extract Peppermint deliver effective anti-Pure Essential Oils inflammatory and analgesic relief.Natural Vitamin E 80% Organic.Natural Rose Hip Fruit Oil The largest organ of the CHAMOMILE RESCUE SKIN human body, our skin, BALM These 100 % absorbs everything it UPC: 8 83161 11305 1 Natural products comes into contact with. Item: SCRB-11305 were created with Water, sunlight, oxygen Soothe and relieve irritated skin a holistic approach and the products we with inky blue Moroccan to your body’s use. Our all-natural Body Balms are made Chamomile, Arnica extract and health, targeting 5 Aloe extract. With essential oils with raw ingredients needs of the whole of Tea Tree, Lavender, Benzoin, nurtured by the sun and body: everyday sourced as close to the Sweet Birch and Rosemary. This moisturizing, sore Earth as possible. All balm is anti-fungal, antibacterial muscles, aching balms contain pure and analgesic. 89% Organic. feet, damaged or essential oils, organic mature skin and Olive Oil, organic Golden COOL MINT FOOT BALM irritated or sensitive Jojoba Oil, organic UPC: 8 83161 11301 3 skin. Castor Oil, organic Shea Item: SMFB-11301 Butter, organic Beeswax Soothe and protect your feet and organic Coconut Oil. from cracking and roughness with oils of Menthol, Peppermint and Spearmint. This Foot Balm is moisturizing and anti-fungal. JASMINE & GERANIUM 85% Organic. UPC: 8 83161 11314 3 Item: SJGB-11314 CYPRESS & ANISE Ideal for mature or damaged UPC: 8 83161 11303 7 skin. This body balm is creamy Item: SCYB-11303 with wax of Jasmine petals and An all-purpose, all-over fragrant with Bourbon moisturizing body balm. Rich Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender, scents of black liquorice and Benzoin, Sweet Orange and woodsy cypress with top notes Rosemary. 89% Organic. of orange tree leaves. 95% Organic.
  7. 7. Natural Soy Massage Bars Sólas Massage Bars are enriched with natural moisturizing butters and intoxicating essential oils that melt on your bare warm skin. Without the mess of traditional massage oils these bars are non-greasy, convenient, and don’t stain. Your skin with be left silky smooth, nourished and feeling luxurious. Blended with the same essentials of our most desirable scents. These 100% natural massage bars and melts can be used on all body areas. It may be used by professional massage therapists during treatments, or at home as an all over body moisturizer. You may also use the melts in the bath and soak in the conditioned water after melted.Strawberry & Jasmine Vanilla Cherry UnscentedBlended with natural oils of Become seduced by the fragrant All natural unscented waxesStrawberry, Coconut, Olive and warmth of Classic Vanilla and and oils blends together toMeadow foam seed. The natural Japanese Cherry Blossom oils . help nourish the skin whilewax of Jasmine petals leaves With these two scented oils leaving it healthy, glowingthe skin feeling stimulated and blended perfectly, your mind and and protected from the harshsilky smooth with the hint of body will become tranquilized, at elements of the environment.Jasmine scent blended with the same time you will become This is the ideal Massage BarStrawberries. Ideal for mature revived by the lingering soft for those who are scentor damaged skin. notes. With our natural blends sensitive and wish to enjoy all your skin will receive endless the benefits of the Sólas Bar. benefits.Orange & Ginger Sweet Grass & BerryBlended with the same essentials Blended with the Essential Oils ofof our Orange & Ginger Scrub; Rose Flower, Patchouli,Sweet Tangerine, Lime, Sandalwood, Garjun Balsa, BalsamGrapefruit, Lemon, and Bergamot Tolu Resin and Ylang Ylang Flower.and spiced with Ginger, Clove Enjoy the reminiscent of sun-and Cassia. Enjoy this revitalizing warmed berries and grass. Has ascent while having a massage or soothing and relaxing effect onas an all day non greasy body your senses and its balancingmoisturizer. action sorts out dry as well as overly oily skin.
  8. 8. NATURAL HAND-POURED SOAPS Our master soap makersORANGE & CLOVEUPC: 8 83161 11202 3 have created luxurious,Item: SOCS-11202 100% natural, hand-Reinvigorate your skin with thistangy soap, hand-made with poured soaps. These richessential oils of juicy sweet soaps are made from Olive,Tangerine, Lime, Grapefruit,Lemon and Bergamot spiced Organic Palm, Coconut,with Ginger, Clove and Cassia. and Castor oils using theReal ground Ginger peel andOrange peel provide texture. “Cold Process Method.” Reduced water contentCHAMOMILE RESCUE delivers a harder, longerUPC: 8 83161 11205 4Item: SCHS-11205 lasting, more concentratedSpeed up healing and soothe bar. Organic Shea butterirritated skin with thismoisturizing soap. Handmade adds extra moisture and awith pure essential oils of inky satiny Moroccan Chamomile,gentle Lavender, Benzoin andTea Tree.GOATSMILKUPC: 8 83161 11210 8 LAVENDER FIELDS PATCHOULI MUD UPC: 8 83161 11207 8 UPC: 8 83161 11209 2Item: SGMS-11210 Item: SLFS-11207 Item: SPMS-11209Gentle enough for sensitive The perfect way to balance your Patchouli, Frankincense, Clove andand compromised skin as it energies; are at the beginning of Cinnamon, deliver a heady andcontains no “whiteners” or your day, or to relax your mind at exotic aroma in this rich andadded colorants. This the end of the day. Infused with exfoliating soap. Seaweed and sandunscented soap has hand Lavender essential oil and provide the gentle exfoliating actionmilked, farm fresh goat milk Lavender Flower buds, this soap is making it great for gardeners,as its second largest sure to leave you feeling balanced mechanics and in the kitchen.ingredient. and calm.SWEET GRASS & BERRYUPC: 8 83161 11206 1 HONEY & LEMON UPC: 8 83161 11204 7Item: SSBS-11206 Item: SHLS-11204This soap offers a touch of the This soap is made with sweetwild reminiscent of grass, Pine Honey from our neighbours‟ farm,and sun-warmed berries. This which is an effective naturalall natural fragrance is a antioxidant and moisturizer,complex blend of Gurjun blended with ground Ginger RootBalsam, Sandalwood, Guaiac and the superior cleansing,Wood, Rose Flower, Patchouli astringent and antiseptic propertiesand Ylang Ylang Flower of pure essential oils of Lemon,essential oils, Labdanum Resin Lemongrass and Ginger.and Balsam Tolu Resin. CYPRESS & ANISECOOL MINT UPC: 8 83161 11203 0UPC: 8 83161 11201 6 Item: SCYS-11203Item: SCMS-11201 This is a great all-purpose soap,Blended with Mint flakes, this especially for kids and guys. Richinvigorating soap made with with Black Licorice scent, deepessential oils of Peppermint, woodsy Cypress and top notes ofMenthol, Spearmint, Eucalyptus Petit grain oil (oil from Orange Teaand Rosemary will leave you Tree leaves), it cleanses the skinfeeling fresh all over. without drying.
  9. 9. 100% NATURAL SEA SALT SCRUBS Mineral rich sea salts blended with beneficial moisturizing oils and aromatic essential oilsCOOL MINT gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft, supple,UPC: 8 83161 11401 0Item: SCMS-11401 stimulated and glowing. This scrub is great forMade with essential oils of rough areas that need a little extra attention suchPeppermint, Spearmint,Eucalyptus, Rosemary and as hands, elbows, knees and feet. It’s like a spamineral rich sea salts, in a jar!along with Kelp powder andPeppermint flakes. Ideal forsore, tired and crackedfeet.JASMINE & GERANIUMUPC: 8 83161 11414 0Item: SJGBS-11414With mineral rich sea salts andessential oils of Geranium,Patchouli, Lavender, Benzoin,Sweet Orange, Rosemary, andfragrant Jasmine floral wax. Our Sea Salt BodyThis sensual scrub is ideal for Scrubs are made with:mature or damaged skin. Sea SaltORANGE & GINGER Organic Jojoba OilUPC: 8 83161 11402 7 Natural Vitamin EItem: SOGBS-11402Essential oils of Sweet Orange, Rose Hip Fruit OilTangerine, Lime, Grapefruit, Soy OilLemon and Bergamot spiced Rice Bran Oilwith Ginger, Clove and Cassia.Mineral rich sea salts blended Pure Essential Oilswith real Orange peel and Botanicalsground Ginger root will wake upyour skin and leave your bodyfeeling revitalized.CYPRESS & ANISE LAVENDER FIELDSUPC: 8 83161 11403 4 UPC: 8 83161 11407 2 Item: SLFBS-11407Item: SCYBS-11403Made with sea salts and red Made from all-natural, mineralSandalwood powder, poppy seeds rich sea salts blended withand essential oils of Cypress and essential oil of Lavender andAnise, this is a great all-over Lavender buds, combinedscrub that leaves behind a hint of with dulse powder. Perfect forlicorice and woodsy Cypress soaking with in the bathtubscent that is even great for guys. after a long stressful day,Red Sandalwood powder has leaving your body relaxed andbeen used since ancient times to stress-free.even skin tone and calm skinirritations such as acne.
  10. 10. 100% Natural Sea Salt Scrub Professional Size Unit Size: 2.87 kg / 101.25 oz Packed one pail and stir stick per carton By using only 1/2 cup of the scrub for each Massage treatment.(Back, Arms & Legs) A pail should last JASMINE & GERANIUM approximately 30 treatments. This scrub is ideal for mature or damaged skin .This Professional Size pail holds the equivalent of 10 ½ of COOL MINTour Salt Scrub Jars. Ideal for spasand treatment centers. This size is Ideal for sore, tired and crackednot for re-sale. skin. LAVENDER FIELDS This scrub reduces stress and relaxes your body. ORANGE & GINGER EXAMPLES: Great for anyone who needs a boost of 30 Massage Treatments moisture. With a cross sell of 30 Scrubs Sales = $600 Gross Profit of $360 CYPRESS & ANISE 30 Massage Treatments with Professional Size Scrub Ideal for evening skin tone and @ $90 = $2,700 Profit calming skin inflammations such as acne. Add a scrub treatment Add a scrub treatment to to any pedicure for an any manicure for an additional $2 additional $2
  11. 11. Introductory Package This Package Includes:Sea Salt Scrubs Organic Lip Balm Natural Massage Bars2 x Cool Mint 2 x Pineapple & Coconut 2 x Strawberry Jasmine (Bar & 10pk Melts)2x Orange & Ginger 2 x Orange & Clove 2 x Sweet Grass Berry (Bar & 10pk Melts)2 x Lavender Fields 2 x Honey Lemon 2 x Orange & Ginger (Bar & 10pk Melts) 2 x Cool Mint 2 x Vanilla Cherry (Bar & 10pk Melts)2 x Jasmine & Geranium 2 x Unscented (Bar & 10pk Melts)2 x Cypress & Anise 2 x WatermelonSRP: $20.00ea Total SRP: $200 SRP: $4.00ea Total SRP: $40 SRP: $10.00ea Total SRP: $100.00COST: $120 COST: $24 COST: $60Natural Soy Candles All Natural Body Balms Natural Soap1 x Cool Mint 2 x Chamomile Rescue 1x Chamomile Rescue1 x Orange & Clove 2 x Cool Mint Foot Balm 1X Orange & clove1 x Lavender Fields 2 x Cool Heat Muscle Rub 1X Cool Mint1 x Citrus Blossom 2 x Jasmine & Geranium 1X Lavender Fields1 x Sweet Grass & Berry 2 x Cypress & Anise 1X Patchouli MudSRP: $10.00ea Total SRP: $50 SRP: $12.75ea Total SRP: $127.50 SRP: $7.50ea Total SRP: $37.50COST: $30 COST: $75.50 COST: $22.50 The Benefits Of The Introductory PackageGrand Total Retail Sale : $555.00 Total income potential : 2700.00 (with Massage Treatment) + 555.00Package Total WHS : $332.00 $3255.00 Minus Introductory Package -$330.00Intro Package Cost : $330.00 Taxes Included GROSS PROFIT $2925.00Option to purchase 1 Pro- Size Scrub : $62.00Introductory Order Total : $392.00 Taxes Included Price of the intro package is a one time purchase price
  12. 12. Making the Sale Cross Selling To Your Clients..This should always come across as a genuine suggestionfor your customer’s wellbeing rather than in a pushy way.When the customer is ready to pay for their services havethe products that you used on the customer already atthe reception area as a presentation to purchase, explainthat these are the products that were used and explainthe benefits of using them for the customer. Do notadvise the price unless asked by the customer. Maybehave an option of a discount if purchased with theservices.By offering these products or services in an informativemanner while focusing mainly on the benefits, additionalsales can be made with little effort on the part of yourstaff.
  13. 13. Wholesale Price List Suggested Suggested Suggested Wholesale Wholesale Wholesale Item Retail Item Retail Item Retail pricing pricing pricing Pricing Soy Candle in Pricing Pricing Sea Salt Scrub Tin Soap SCMBS- Cool Mint 9oz 11401 12.00 20.00 SCMC- SCMBS- Cool Mint 11101 6.00 10.00 SCMS- Cool Mint 5oz 6.00 11.00 Cool Mint 11201 4.50 7.50 501 SCMBS- Cool Mint 1oz 511 2.00 4.00 Orange & SOCC- Cool Mint SCMBS- Not for 11102 6.00 10.00 SOCS- PRO 72.00 Clove Orange & Clove 4.50 7.50 PRO Resale 11202 SOGBS-Orange & Ginger 9oz 11402 12.00 20.00 Sweet Grass & SGBC- SOGBS- 6.00 10.00Orange & Ginger 5oz 502 6.00 11.00 Berry 11106 SCYS- Cypress & Anise 11203 4.50 7.50 SOGBS-Orange & Ginger 1oz 522 2.00 4.00 SOGBS- Not for Lavender SLFC-Orange & Ginger PRO PRO 72.00 6.00 10.00 SHLS- Resale Fields 11107 Honey & Lemon 4.50 7.50 11204 SCYBS-Cypress & Anise 9oz 11403 12.00 20.00 SCYBS- Cypress & Anise 5oz 503 6.00 11.00 Citrus SCBC- 6.00 10.00 Chamomile SCHS- Blossom 11111 11205 4.50 7.50 Cypress & Anise 1oz SCYBS- 2.00 4.00 Rescue 533 SCYBS- Not forCypress & Anise PRO PRO 72.00 Suggested Resale Wholesale Sweet Grass & SSBS- Item Retail 4.50 7.50 SLFBS- pricing Berry 11206 Lavender Fields9oz 11407 12.00 20.00 Pricing Lip Balm SLFBS- Lavender Fields 5oz 504 6.00 11.00 SCML- SLFS- SLFBS- Cool Mint 11001 2.40 4.00 Lavender Fields 11207 4.50 7.50 Lavender Fields 1oz 544 2.00 4.00 Lavender Fields SLFBS- Not for PRO 72.00 PRO Resale Orange & SOCL- SCSS- SJGBS- 11002 2.40 4.00 Cider & Spice 11208 4.50 7.50Jasmine Geranium9oz 11414 12.00 20.00 Clove SJGBS-Jasmine Geranium5oz 505 6.00 11.00 Honey & SPMS-Jasmine Geranium1oz SJGBS- 2.00 4.00 SHLL- 2.40 4.00 Patchouli Mud 11209 4.50 7.50 555 Lemon 11004 Jasmine Geranium SJGBS- Not for PRO 72.00 PRO Resale SGMS- SWML- Goats Milk 11210 4.50 7.50 Watermelon 11012 2.40 4.00 Suggested Wholesale Item Retail pricing Suggested Massage Pricing Pineapple SPCL- Wholesale Unscented 11013 2.40 4.00 Item Retail SMMU-2011 6.00 10.00 & Coconut pricing MELTS Pricing Unscented SMBU-02111 NOT for Body Balm 6.00 BAR Resale Cool Mint Foot SMFB- 11301 7.55 12.75Sweet Grass & Suggested Balm Berry MELTS SMMS-2012 6.00 10.00 Wholesale Item Retail Cypress & Anise SCYB- pricing 7.55 12.75Sweet Grass & SMBS-02112 6.00 NOT for Pricing Body 11303 Berry BAR Resale Gift Packs Jasmine & SJGB- Strawberry & 7.55 12.75 SMMJ-2013 6.00 10.00 Package 1 SPKL Geranium 11314Jasmine MELTS -1 4.75 8.00 lip balm Cool Heat SCHB- Strawberry & SMBJ-02113 NOT for 11315 7.55 12.75 6.00 Package 2 Muscle Rub Jasmine BAR Resale SPKM massage -2 4.50 8.00 Cool Heat SCHP-Orange & Ginger melts 0315 18.00 30.00 SMMO-2014 6.00 10.00 5oz PRO MELTS Package 3 Chamomile SCRB-Orange & Ginger SMBO-20114 Not For SPKS 7.55 12.75 6.00 -3 3.75 5.00 Rescue 11305 BAR Resale soap&scrub Chamomile Vanilla Cherry SCRP- SMMV-2015 6.00 10.00 Package 4 Rescue 0305 18.00 30.00 MELTS Soap&lip SPKSL 2.75 5.00 5oz PRO Vanilla Cherry SMBV-02115 Not For -4 6.00 balm BAR Resale
  14. 14. About Sólas In 2000, Perley Beairsto and As customers recognized the superiorLes Falconer, two businessmen in the quality of the soaps and starting askingbeautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova for other body care products. This wasScotia, Canada decided to venture into the start of a natural evolution…..firstan innovative business together. This came soy candles, then came soaps,new business was founded on the then from soaps to lip balms, from lipfundamental principles of providing balms to body balms, from body balmsemployment opportunities to adults to salt scrubs, and then Sólas Naturalswhose access to the workforce is often was and of employing human labour Sólas Naturals considers therather than expensive machinery. Perley whole picture: from where the rawand Les wanted to move closer to materials come from, to the quality ofsustainability rather than further from it the ingredients, how the products areby manufacturing products that are made and the people who make them.more environmentally friendly, and This includes how the products arewanted to promote sustainable tested (never on animals), how they arecorporate practices which bring light to packaged, shipped, and how they arethe future by using raw ingredients used. When possible Sólas Naturalssourced as close to the earth as sources local and organic raw ingredientspossible. and utilizes the specialized packaging Initially, the product was a services of 2 local adult workshops, theline of soy wax candles manufactured Package Mill and the Plank & Hammer.under the corporate name of Burnt Out This helps to build a strong localSolutions Inc. Soy wax candles deliver community and economy.long burn times, clean and complete Nova Scotia is a leader inburns, good scent through, exceptional North America; in it‟s Recycling Programsquality and value. Soy and Natural and Initiatives and this progressivewaxes are renewable resources, and do culture has helped to foster thenot contain harmful petrochemicals. company‟s commitment to findingUsing soy wax, palm wax, beeswax, and recyclable packaging that reduces theirother natural waxes and oils, Burnt Out impact on our world.Solutions Inc. developed superiornatural wax blends. All of our candleshave lead-free, high quality cotton andunbleached paper wicks. Perley & Les realized thatsoaps are a great complement tocandles. They decided to make soapsthe “old-fashioned way” in order tocreate high-quality, all-natural productsfor their customers.
  15. 15. Sólas Naturals Natasha Beals Sales & Marketing Manager 15 Jones Road New Minas, N.S. Canada B4N 3N2 P 902.681.1362 TF 888.681.1362 F 902.681.2386