Private Label Proposal


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We will private label our natural home and body care products

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Private Label Proposal

  1. 1. Private Label Soy Candles & Hand Poured Soap
  2. 2. Our Premium quality Hand poured soy wax candles and soaps are a soothing and warm addition to any environment. Created in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. We utilize only the finest ingredients and source renewable resources as close to the earth as possible. A quality gift for your clients and an excellent value to show gratitude and appreciation. With our travel tins, clients and customers are able to take home a unique and affordable gift. Our long burning soy wax candles provide great consumer value with visual and fragrant appeal. Gift and tourist retailers realize a fair profit and are invited to customize their scent and presentation to personalize their products.Corporate Partners Have Included:• Ritz Carlton Hotels • Fairmont Hotels• The Weston Hotels & Resorts • Kiss My Face• Tim Hortons • Davids Tea• Old Navy • Hershey ...and others
  3. 3. LogosPrivate labelling can be used formost glassware, tins and soap.Summit your company’s own logodesign to be printed on our productsor we can have our graphic designteam create a logo for yourapproval at a minimal cost. We takeno mark up on graphic design.Minimum orders are required. All bottom &warning labels remain the responsibility of SólasNaturals. What We Need From You  A PDF file of your logo. (Option of having a logo designed)  Choose which product(s) you would like to have Private Labeled.  Choose a scent or request a scent sample.  You will be sent a sample of your finished product before production begins.  Final Step: Purchase Order with Method Of Payment (This is required on all first orders) 30 Day Terms after first order.
  4. 4. Pricing Candles SoapsGlass: Minimum Order 48 $9.50 Soap: Minimum Order 48 $4.00 96 $9.00 96 $3.60 Suggested Retail $19.00 Suggested Retail $6.50Tin: Minimum Order 48 $5.00 96 $4.50 Logo: Printed on Wrapped Label (no extra charge) Suggested Retail $10.00Logo: 1 Color Screen Printed Or Multi-color Clear View Label Our Private Label clients have several different options for scents of the candles and soap. You may choose by viewing our list, or you may request scent samples.
  5. 5. Private Label ProgramSoy Candles Hand-Poured SoapsWe are proud to provide private label Soy Our luxurious hand-poured soaps are the old-Candles and natural Soaps. We deal with fashioned kind; saponified oils of olive, palmcustomers of all sizes! Private labelling is a and coconut. We use the time honored “Coldfantastic solution for retail, incentive gifts, Process Method.” Reduced water contentthank-you gifts, weddings, anniversaries — delivers a harder, longer lasting, morethe options are endless! concentrated bar. Our soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure, allowing the glycerin and the correctOur hand-poured candles are made from a ph level to develop naturally. The soap, rich inblend of soy, palm, beeswax and other natural emollient glycerin, olive, palm and coconutwaxes and oils for a non-toxic, biodegradable oils, cleans and moisturizes the skin.alternative to paraffin. They are scented with The soaps are "paper sack wrapped" withall-natural fragrance blends with a focus on your logo labelled on the package.pure essential oils supporting renewable NorthAmerican agriculture. We do not use paraffinor toxic petroleum by-products. We select highquality natural fiber lead-free wicks, made ofcotton and unbleached paper. Our tins arerecyclable and our glass may be reused bycleaning with hot soapy water. Our coolercleaner longer burning candles provide anatural way of making light! Soap Scents Goatsmilk Apple Cider Cardamom Broccoli Mint Honey Lemon Carrot Ylang Ylang Patchouli Mud Lavender FieldsCandle ScentsMayflower Lavender Citrus BlossomVanilla Jasmine Maple…and many others…Please Ask For Details…
  6. 6. The Health & Environmental Benefits of Our Products - Paraffin vs. SoyParaffin Candles Soy CandlesHealth Concerns Health BenefitsParaffin candles contain petroleum by product that Because soy wax is just hydrogenated soybeanhas actually been shown to be toxic and oil, it is natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, andcarcinogenic. In fact, paraffin candles are believed perfectly harmless to the environment, not toto be as dangerous, when burned, as second mention children and pets. Soy candles are lesshand tobacco smoke i . These may lead to likely to give users an allergic reaction. Soy is safeincreased risk of cancer, neurological and for your skin, and soy candles are safe to touchbehavioral deficits and acute aggravation of while burning, because they are a natural product.existing respiratory diseases such as asthma. Also, because it is water soluble, spills and stainsEmissions in the home are estimated to stick can be cleaned up with soap and water.around for up to 10 hours after extinguishing acandle. Some paraffin candles may still even use Environmental Benefitslead wicks. Soy Candles will save you money due to them lasting 50% longer than other candles becauseEnvironmental Concerns soy bean wax burns at a lower temperature. As aParaffin is the final residue left from refining crude crop, soy beans are a renewable resource and dooil. The oil industries make a healthy profit from its not harm the environment as it is biodegradableuse with cosmetics and candles. and helps support local agricultural growth. MostParaffin wax is a non-renewable resource. Once Soy and vegetable wax is produced right here inall the crude oil is gone, we will not have any North America.more. Paraffin burns more quickly and hotter thanmost waxes creating more concern for fire hazardsthan necessary. Because it is oil-based, paraffinwax spills do not clean up easily.PARAFFIN VS. SOYPARAFFIN SOY Derived from petroleum, a limited resource  Soy wax is made from soybeans and The burning of paraffin wax contributes to vegetables, both renewable resources. indoor air contamination by emitting petro-  Soy wax burns much cleaner and purer as chemicals causing soot deposits and it is all natural, non-toxic, and non- carcinogenic particulate matter. hazardous. This wax contains petroleum by-products and  This wax is biodegradable leading to additives that inhibit biodegradability. reduced landfills.
  7. 7. About Burnt Out Solutions Inc. (Sólas Naturals)In 2000, Perley Beairsto and Les Falconer, make soaps the “old-fashioned way” intwo businessmen in the beautiful Annapolis order to create high-quality, all-naturalValley of Nova Scotia, Canada decided to products for their customers. Soonventure into an innovative business together. customers recognized the superior qualityThis new business was founded on the of the soaps and began asking for otherfundamental principles of providing body care products. This was the start ofemployment opportunities to adults whose a natural evolution…..first came soyaccess to the workforce is often limited and of candles, then came soaps, then fromemploying human labor rather than expensive soaps to lip balms, from lip balms to bodymachinery. Perley and Les wanted to move balms, from body balms to salt scrubs, andcloser to sustainability rather than further from then Sólas Naturals was by manufacturing products that are moreenvironmentally friendly, and wanted to Sólas Naturals considers the wholepromote sustainable corporate practices picture: from where the raw materialswhich bring light to the future by using raw come from, to the quality of theingredients sourced as close to the earth as ingredients, how the products are madepossible. and the people who make them. This includes how the products are testedInitially, the product was a line of soy wax (never on animals), how they arecandles manufactured under the corporate packaged, shipped, and how they arename of Burnt Out Solutions Inc. Soy wax used. When possible Sólas Naturalscandles deliver long burn times, clean and sources local and organic raw ingredientscomplete burns, good scent through, and utilizes the specialized packagingexceptional quality and value. Soy and services of 2 local adult workshops, theNatural waxes are renewable resources, and Package Mill and the Plank & not contain harmful petrochemicals. Using This helps to build a strong localsoy wax, palm wax, beeswax, and other community and economy. Nova Scotia isnatural waxes and oils, Burnt Out Solutions a leader in North America in its RecyclingInc. developed superior natural wax Programs and Initiatives and thisblends. All of our candles have lead-free, high progressive culture has helped to fosterquality cotton and unbleached paper wicks. the company’s commitment to finding recyclable packaging that reduces theirPerley & Les realized that soaps are a great impact on our world.complement to candles. They decided to
  8. 8. SÓLAS NATURALS CONTACT INFORMATION 15 Jones Road New Minas, NS Canada B4N 3N2 ORDER LINE 888.681.0946 T 902.681.0946 F 902.681.2386 Contact us with any questions: Les Falconer - Owner Perley Beairsto - Owner Lacey Kerr - General Manager Natasha Beals – Account & Marketing Manager REFERENCE Ritz Carlton, Central Park George Domenick Concierge / Gift Shop Manager Ritz Carlton, Central Park 55th West 58th Street New York, NY 10019 P 212-521-6040E
  9. 9. In The Mediai