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  1. 1. This is a half-round table. The process involved build- ing numeourous mock-ups before building the real deal. I used walnut for the table frame and edge-banding, and built the table-top from plywood veneered of bird's-eye maple. The inward curves of the frame were made by gluing veneers together that fit around a curved frame. The whole thing is so light I can pick it up with one hand!
  2. 2. Soda-Pop Seat
  3. 3. This was the first in the Architecture program stu- dios at the University of Washington. It uses by- pass framing to build an ideal retreat shelter in a forrest in Cleveland, Washington. The shelter provides: -under-the-roof sleeping space for four students -mid-level sleeps three faculty members -ground-level public space with table and benches -ground-level storage for -backpacks, etc.
  4. 4. This model combines Finite & Infinite space. The finite space is represented as a room with a glass window. And the infinite space is what is seen in the winter scenery im- age.
  5. 5. In this drama scene, the stage is created for a story that takes place in the early 1800’s Eng- land. The mood of my chosen scene evokes a sullen heavi- ness in its atmosphere.
  6. 6. A cube with an image applied to it is turned to create an optical illusion.
  7. 7. des 227th is the only street in Des Moines before directly connecting its downtown to the moines marina. It offers potential for street beau- tification and an encouragement of pe- wa destrian traffic. This idea shows: - increased retail, commercial, office & S residential use torefront - added trees & landscaping tudio - added historic street-lights pring ‘08 - installed outdoor seating - pedestrian-level storefronts
  8. 8. 227th & Marine View Drive intersection shows po- before tential for enhanced experience of Des Moines, for both vehicular traffic entering downtown from south and future pedestrians. This proposal shows: - closed street and consolidated properties S torefront - paved public plaza - public art as water feature tudio - outdoor seating with view of marina pring ‘08 - landscaping
  9. 9. North gateway into downtown Des Moines, WA would benefit from another historical Des Moines marker. This idea shows: - mural with historical images - welcome sign above mural before before S torefront tudio pring ‘08
  10. 10. S torefront tudio pring ‘08 Proposed stronger connection of Des Moines Square Building with Marine before View Drive by: - opening existing railing - marking path to building front door - adding front door landscaping - improving front door visibility - organizing business names into “window” grid - elevating building’s name - emphasizing building’s name with color - adding marine character light fixtures
  11. 11. This is a Public Audio-Video Li- brary concept for the corner site of current Neumos night club in Capitol Hill. My scheme uses building ma- terials as ribbons, interlacing over and under and forming the building’s exterior, and natural illumination from above, to ex- press rhythm and lightness in my building concept. The ribbons also make up the roof, which steps down. So they act as stair ‘treads.’ The roof ‘risers’ are glazed, allow- ing natural light to penetrate the building envelope. Most of the natural illumination comes from here and the building’s front. The program arrangement or- ganizes the buillding into three parts: front, back, and above. The building’s front half is dense- ly layered, and most public. The back is airy and expanse. And the top is most illuminated.