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Corkscrew Brief - Team-report-789


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Corkscrew Brief - Team-report-789

  1. 1. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Corkscrew - Social Media Evaluation of the company's Twitter account Examples, insight to key influencers with suggestions for the future. Natasha Lawless, Jonathon Finnegan, Greg Ryan 1/26/2016
  2. 2. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES The Project This project is to advertise corkscrew and to evaluate their social media appearance and how active they are on Twitter. Also create tweets for corkscrews Twitter account for more online notice to get students abroad to come here and do the experienceships that is the main goal while doing this task. How to use twitter 1. use twitter lists, you can list important accounts or people so they don't get lost in news feeds i.e. companies, your industry, professionals 2. Profile Picture: associate an image with your business, make sure it gives you the opportunity for others to see what your about, have it easy to read and to grasp, consider to switching to a headshot. if you're the face of your company why not make it more human and approachable? if it's your face just use your face no beach no nature walks no animals no kids just you. 3. Visual branding, create a custom graphic to make your page more desirable, customise it to what your companies values are. 4. Make your tweets relevant always in regards to your target market. Something always interesting and always tag necessary people in your tweets. Examples of Twitter lists
  3. 3. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Importance of the key influencers: Key influencers are people who have established an authority or credibility around a certain subject. They have an ability to affect the actions and behaviour of people. This influence comes from the trust and goodwill that they have generated among the members of their community or network. In the social media environment, these influencers will have many followers on their social media sites. They are important because if you get the key influencers on board you are then likely to reach out to more people through them. The reason for this is that the key influencer will almost always have loyal followers. Who are Corkscrews influencers: Corkscrew’s key influencers are the former students who participated on their programmes. These students can tell prospective students about the advantages of participating on the programme and their experiences of this time. Another group of key influencers are the presidents and members of the fraternities and sororities. Key influencers are people, personalities, or businesses that already have the attention of your target audience. These people who can actually drive sales and awareness. Example of an Influencer
  4. 4. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Why Fraternities and Sororities: We decided as a group that the Fraternity and Sorority groups are our best target market. Many of these students leave the USA on internships and members of such groups tend to have the extra cash to afford such experiences. They are also large groups and will talk more about corkscrew to other members if we can get their engagement. Americans are they better market for internships/experienceships as it is what many students will do with their work placement block. Influences of Fraternities and Sororities: We researched celebrities online who attended colleges and universities in the USA. We found tonnes and tonnes of celebrities however narrowing down the ones who influenced takes times and research. We found key influencers including Stephen Speilberg, Woody Harellson, Will Ferrell, and Martin Luther King. Also a very important influencer is the presidents of these Fraternities and Sororities and these are role models to our target market so to get them on board will be a success! An easy way to locate these key influences we found was to search through Linkedin and use the Fraternity and Sorority names as a keyword to search. Example of celebrities in Fraternities and Sororities Example of President of a Fraternity on LinkedIn
  5. 5. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Example Tweets:
  6. 6. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Review Tweets: Our first tweet in our opinion worked well due to the fact we did get some followers and likes but most importantly we got engaged from a guy in USA who was interested in what Corkscrew are about. It also helped that he is a "travel junkie". Our second tweet and third tweet however did not go as well maybe due to a number of reason including relevance, as it was Martin Luther week that may have got more engagement. We also did not tag the fraternity we hashtagged it instead with was an error. It is important we double and triple check before we post. Top Fraternities and Sororities to keep an eye on: Sororities' Sigma Chi Fraternity @SigmaChi Texas Greeks @UTAustinSFL Chi Psi Fraternity @ChiPsiTweets SigmaAlphaEpsilon @sae1856 PiKappaAlpha Fraternity @PiKappaAlpha Tau Kappa Epsilon@TKE_Fraternity eta heta i @BetaThetaPi Phi Delta Theta (@phidelt) Fraternities' UTC Kappa Sigma (@UTCKappaSigma)Sigma Kappa at The University of Arizona Kappa Delta at Mississippi State University Delta Delta Delta at The University of Florida of Central Alpha Delta Pi at The University Florida Delta Delta Delta at Indiana University Phi Mu at The University of Alabama Gamma Phi Beta at The University of North Dakota Kappa Alpha Theta at The University of Michigan Zeta Tau Alpha at Georgia Southern University Alpha Phi at The University of Kentucky
  7. 7. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES Summary overview: Businesses underestimate the power of social media while neglecting the type of posts they should post in order to gain more engagement. As a team we started to brainstorm who Corkscrew's target market are and came to the conclusion that it is primarily USA students preferably part of a Fraternity or Sorority. The reason for this niche is due to the fact that Fraternity and Sorority students tend to have more money behind them especially attending Universities. These students also go on internships during their term. We researched multiple organisations and celebrities that would mirror Corkscrew's mission statement and designed tweets to attract new potential customers but more importantly engagement. These posts had mix reviews, one post in relation to Martin Luther King did receive positive feedback however the other two did not. One reason for this was negligence in spelling. Our suggestions going forward for the company is to engage more with other accounts and posts to keep your page in the limelight light. It is important for the company to be specific when liking these posts as they must relate to the company. The posts should be colourful and also finish with a question. There should also be a minimum of one post a day which should be consistent. Another suggestion is to make it more about the people who have participated example former student and current students. A post once a week of daily activities within the group would also be useful to give the perceptive of a reputable company. This was a valuable experience for us. As a team we have learned the value social media has to a company and what to do in future rather than falling into the wrong habits.
  8. 8. Corkscrew Social Media Brief NAMES