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Laura mulvey male gaze


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Laura mulvey male gaze

  1. 1. LAURA MULVEY - MALE GAZE Natasha Kindred
  2. 2. LAURA MULVEY – MALE GAZE Laura mulvey uses psychoanalysis to discover where and how thefascination of film is reinforced by pre-existing patterns of fascination already at work within the spectators. She says that using the psychoanalytic theory is like using a political weapon.
  3. 3. Mulvey says that mainstream narrative cinema manipulates visual pleasure by coding the erotic into the language of the dominant patriarchal order, introducing the male gaze; becaise of the activemale and passive female, women are forced to see music videos and other forms of media through the perspective of a male, for examplein the music video of Rihanna – hate that I love you and Katy Perry – california girls where the target audience is female although the video is clearly shot for the male gaze…….
  4. 4. SCOPOPHILIASigmund Freud introduced scopophilia (the pleasure of looking) intoLaura Mulveys theory of the male gaze. Figural looking which is the most pleasureable at looking at the human race and form. However… This only happens for the male gaze, so the male get pleasure oflooking at females through the media, and it is very rare that music videos in particular will shoot it through the female gaze (watching through the female perspective of attractive men).
  5. 5. FETISHISTIC SCOPOPHILIAThere is an issue with fetishistic scopophilia that men percieve the women as threatening with fear of becoming feminine.. The fear however is resolvedthrough demystyfying her mystery or reassuring the male audience that she is only a sex symbol by revealing parts of her body through close up shots to break her down before showing her whole self which takes away her power and allows men to feel superior.
  6. 6. Freuds theory of figural looking therefore makes it acceptable for the male gaze and for males to enjoy watching women.. But should there be more boundaries, is it really acceptable for women to gyrate in their underwear simply for the male gaze?.... Opinions..
  7. 7. Laura Mulvey goes as far as to say that women do not develop the narrative ofa movie and instead just freeze it. This can be seen in the James Bond movies and The Transformers. Mulvey claims their purpose is to simply please male spectators and act as a sex icon to the other characters
  8. 8. CONCLUSIONThe male gaze is still dominant in our society although it is not as patriotic as when Laura Mulvey created her theory, this is therefore showing that themedia is going to carry on being dominated by the male gaze and that as our society develops artists are going to have to do more and more and become more erotic because the way it has been accepted into our culture and even when females are watching these music videos they don’t even question thefact that they are taking pleasure in watching other women, however if it wasmale watching male they would be threatened by their masculintiy because of the way society has constructed the view on scopophilia and what is acceptable for how people view each other.