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Plot ideas and_fil

  1. 1. Plot Ideas and FilmingPlot Ideas and Filming TechniquesTechniques
  2. 2. Conventions of a Psychological Thriller • Relies of the psychological aspect (the mind)-with suspense deriving from the main characters’ inner turmoil/conflict • (experiences that have affected them) • Characters are predominantly reliant on mental resources rather than strength or stealth • Suspense in psychological thriller derives from the clashing of two characters minds (games of deception , etc.) • History behind a situation fuels the entire outcome of the plot • In quite a few psychological thrillers at least one character • (either the protagonist or antagonist) fears the succession of death or is fascinated by some form of death.
  3. 3. ideas for plot /plot summary and Genre Genre: psychological Thriller Plot ideas: As Alfred Hitchcock used suspense effectively within his film , I aim to use this technique- also drawing on the elements of mistaken identity that he uses in a number of his films. A normal teen girl who loses her best friend (to murder) becomes so distraught see begins attending therapy lessons. This leads to her meeting a boy (the killer) while trying to figure out the who the murderer is. (Murderer has obsession with hair -all victims has long hair).
  4. 4. Themes within plot Presenting the objectification of women by men (killing is the ultimate act of possession for someone-to hold ones life in your hands) Loses the object of his desire at the very moment of fulfillment/his desire leads to death (long hair is a by-product of secondary natural selection) Freudian commentators believe that longhair represents the identity and aggression and by cutting hair presents a form of castration. (killer could have relationships with his victims-main character's friend had secret boyfriend-mentioned in some kind of diary)- could be how he's caught? a clue mentioned within trailer
  5. 5. Locations places within London with old Victorian vibe, as the ideals of hair epitomizing beauty became popular within this period. Hampstead heath- (the enclosed space of the trees) Hyde park (the fountain area) Highgate cemetery (has a lot of gothic orientated tomb sculptures, etc.) St. James street – the buildings are grand/have an element of the Victorian era and add emphasis to the dark (thriller) genre.
  6. 6. Costume Ideas main character- The character is meant to be distraught and can be shown through use of make up ( using a dark palette- to create a sleepless look with dark circles under the eyes , etc.) Want her to have long hair as the plot revolves around victims being targeted for their long hair. Dark coloured clothes (black, greys and purples.) Victim- Hair tied in ponytail/long hair which the attacker can easily grab. Attacker- although never see his face clothes will show intimidation wearing all black (with black leather gloves) Main characters’ love interest- very casual clothes (shirt with V-neck jumper and jeans) Props Candles, dolls(victorian-china), ornate style-medieval houses (gothic style.)
  7. 7. possible shots and angles close up- to emphasize the main character’s emotions within the specific situations that happen to her/a decline of her mentality. Medium close up- in order to present more than one characters emotions and the interaction between the characters during a heated conversation perhaps. long shot - of back of killer and his victim (don't see his face). two shot- of therapist with main character/of main character with antagonist- to show the dominance of a particular character. panning- of a location (the surroundings when main character is being targeted/attacked (P.O.V)- to show a sense of urgency could use a swish pan. Low angle – to play on the gothic/ sinister vibe Canted Angle- to suggest the idea of madness
  8. 8. possible lighting techniques or aesthetics mute the colour palette similar to Catherine Hardwicke's' technique in twilight. ambient light (use light of the location/light emphasis on character making surrounding look darker or more sinister) low key lighting- to add emphasis on the character- makes the shot darker while allowing the audience to still see the characters facial expressions and body language. soft light-used to portray the protagonist in a vulnerable light perhaps.
  9. 9. editing ,transitional or FX ideas Cutaway- could use to interrupt the continuity of action ,for example = showing the murder ,cutting to the evidence from the crime scene and cutting back to the final shots of victim before (she) dies. fast cutting- speed up specific point of actions nearing the end of the trailer. L cut (with sound)- conversation between main character and therapist about friends death cuts to shots of the murder. smash cut –as the main character is being pursue- when something bad is about to happen to her. slow motion- can slow down struggle between the victim and the killer (close up of victims face and can only see gloved hands and arms of killer). Create fog/smoke-adds to the thriller element and echoes the technique used by Tim Burton in Sleepy Hollow
  10. 10. sound ideas and possible sound effects diagetic sound- the music can start low (maybe use string instrumentals) , begin to take on a darker sound to correspond to the shots and at the end could use the cinematic drum sound, used nearing the end of many Hollywood trailers. non diagetic sound (voice over, etc.)- Voice over (voices of characters from part of the film with shots corresponding to the speech (which is one of the conventions of a trailer) Sound of breathing (frantic) of main character.