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Fan prommotion analysis


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Fan prommotion analysis

  1. 1. analysis of fan promotion
  2. 2. Twilight saga: eclipse Many different ways in which fans have promoted the twilight films through : blogs , websites and fan pages dedicated to The twilight movie • There are dozens of different the websites such as: that has been made by fans for fans. This particular site is significant for the film promotion as it has personal correspondence with the author of the novels as well as upcoming news and information involving the cast ,directors or other principles information that has been released about the films or related to the films. • Another website that is significant in the fan based viral campaign is a blog which not only posts information about upcoming news involving the film franchise but also has a gallery of image , cards ,quizzes and even a forum for fan to express their opinions or ideas on it. There’s also a chat option similar to MSN allowing fans the chance to speak with many people with the same interests as them , etc.
  3. 3. Blogs Blogs give fans information instantly ,which effectively promotes the film through fan ,with low or no cost in marketing Free product such as e-cards and screensavers entices fans to keep coming back to the site .
  4. 4. Brand/fan demand The director for the new twilight film wrote on his face book page a welcome to Twilight fans and how he plans to make the fourth instalment ,even giving fans the opportunity to leave feedback. The fan demand in twilight led to the note from new Twilight director Bill Condon
  5. 5. Social networking sites: Twitter Twitter allows the cast to update what their doing on set in order for their fans to know what’s going on etc. This allows fans to feel included within the making of the film and to spread the news on blogs or by word of mouth.
  6. 6. Facebook fan pageJust like twitter,Facebook informs the fans whats going on,but allows them to forward the fan page to all their friends which gives the film maximum exposure to audiences as their target audience is primarily found on this site with 48% of teens checking in at least once a day.* *- statistic found on /
  7. 7. Burger King hosted auditions for twilight fans to get the chance to participate in a local Twilight Saga :Eclipse event. The winning fans were given the chance to star in a Twilight promo advert for the company. You tube has dozens of fan made trailers and video-blogs centered around the movies and marketing. Facebook sites and twitter pages have also been popular with fans. By using well known brands and popular viral and social networking sites means people are constantly bombarded with the film’s marketing , and if a fan base has been established for the film beforehand –(like it has for twilight) then fans are able to demand specific products , in this instance promo events and upcoming progress in the distribution or release to items within the franchise.
  8. 8. The Girl Who Played With Fire • There are various movie websites such as which is a movie network site which have forums dedicated to fan discussion of movies. All it took is one fan to post a version of the movie poster and a small amount of movie information such a running time , etc. and people react ,posting whether they want to see it ,whether the first movie was good and one person even posted a full review. • As the target audience of this film is older when compared to the audience of Twilight , there is less variety in the fan promotion-with most presented through the same means: social networking sites , review forums and viral
  9. 9. Blogging sites • All the blogs related to the franchise are rather similar –with the main aspect on the films’ progress and news about the cast . The use of various media platforms allows fans to interact and continually distribute fan based media which makes promotion successful. Image/video gallery Interactive posts/comments forums Once a person has become a member they are able to upload images that are generally twilight themed. Within the posts, questions are asked and the blogs writer asks for peoples comments which presents the idea that in this community everybody can share their views,etc. On the website there is a forum and a Chat option which allows the members to communicate ,similar to MSN and the chat option on social networking site Facebook. The easy access to the internet and the rise in free blogging communities such as Blogger,googleblogs and can set up a blog effectively and promote anything , with blogging becoming so popular most celebrities and directors have one ,for updates on movie progress.