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Voki class

  1. 1. Voki in primary education Voki Class Name: Nataša Ljubić Klemše School: I. osnovna škola Bjelovar, 1st Primary School Bjelovar City/ Country: Bjelovar, Croatia Role: Master of Educational Sciences, teacher advisor, teacher in primary school
  2. 2. Idea • I participate in two eTwinning project “My First ICT Hello” and “Meet me round the glog” and first project activity was introducing ourselves to pupils from other countries.
  3. 3. Resource • We used Web 2.0 Tools Voki to record voice avatars and with them introduse pupils. • With Voki pupils safeness and privacy was protected, because there is no pupils picture and names.
  4. 4. Project realization • I was acquainted pupils with Voki that I showed them how to create avatars. It was very interesting to pupils who have created their own avatars. • Same time we practise introducing on English. • Finally, I recorded voices individually and adding them to created avatars. • All activities I was realising in extracurricular activity.
  5. 5. Challenges • My first challenge was how to teach pupils 1st Class teamwork with computer. I work years in new education environment – one computer classroom and I know manage techniques in thet environment. So pupils are quickly accepted this way of working.
  6. 6. • Next task was practise with pupils, who learn four month Enlish, how to introduce yourself. • The biggest challenge was all work implement in regular classes. I made that in Croatian Classes, when pupils record reading text on croatian and later listened record.
  7. 7. Project impact on pupils and learning • Pupils enthusiastcally embraced ICT in teaching. • Pupils interest for computer working was (and still is) great. • Very impressive is the attention when they are listened and wached others Vokis.
  8. 8. Project impact on the teaching process • Work on the project with Voki helped me in mastering classroom discipline, because the pupils every day had the obligation that must be realized during the day. • Pupils are take in international project and cooperation with pupils from foreign countries. • Teaching process was dynamic.
  9. 9. Message • Implement ICT in teaching process is possible from 1st Class primary education. • It is necessary to create new educational environment to enable pupils to develop information and informatics literacy. • Web 2.0 Tools provide plenty of possibilities.
  10. 10. Links • Voki http://www.voki.com/ • I. osnovna škola Bjelovar – class website http://os-prva-bj.skole.hr/stranice_razrednih_o