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How to educate a future eTwinner_NLJK

  1. 1. HOW TO EDUCATE A FUTUREETWINNERmr. Nataša Ljubić Klemše,; @NatasaLJK
  3. 3. eTwinning• moto “The community for schools in Europe”• school partnerships in Europe• online community for school and college staff• initiatives of European Commission that aimsto encourage European schools to collaborateusing by providing the necessaryinfrastructure (online tools, services, support)
  4. 4. • eTwinning can help you to find and work withpartner institutions through curriculm-focussed classroom projects• eTwinning teachers (eTwinners) are able toform partnerships and develop collaborative,pedagogical school projects in any subjectarea• action is primary workspace for eTwinning
  5. 5. ICT• ICT – indispensable for developing project andcollaborate with teachers from other EUcountries and EU associated countries• to be an expert in ICT – isn’t imperative• eTwinning offers help and support every stepof the way, from ICT training and partnerdeveloping project ideas
  6. 6. eTwinning• homepage• eTwinning desktop – for eTwinners, registeredusers• TwinSpace – the most safety network forschools; when you are twinned with a foreignschool in eTwinning project
  7. 7. Benefits• provides an easy-to-access network of schools• works well across the whole curriculum• helps to raise students self-esteem andimprove their confidence• is an affordable professional developmentopportunty• helps them towards the International SchoolAward
  8. 8. eTwinning• flexible• simple• safe
  9. 9. eTwinning AWARDS• My way: from project “My first ICT hello!” toconference in Lisbon 2013, annually eTwinningconference
  10. 10. COMET national award
  11. 11. eTwinning conference• Lisbon 2013• the blog of the eTwinning conference 2013
  12. 12. Teacher• Become an eTwinner!• Start with eTwinning from the 1st grade ofprimary school!• Explain eTwinning to pupils and their parents!Highlight the advantages!• Be a responsible and conscious user of socialnetworks and media!• Spread your knowledge!
  13. 13. Teacher• Explain what the project is!• Explain how to participate in the project!• Give an international dimension to their work!• Get to know who is like-minded!• Socialize with peers!• Firstly design a simple project!• Design and implement common projects inthe classroom and outside!
  14. 14. Pupils• Become a proud eTwinner!• Be the part of the most security onlinecommunity!• Use the most safe social network – Twinspace!• Learn and practise a foreign language!• Use ICT!
  15. 15. Pupils• Learn how to use ICT for safe onlinecommunication!• Try to blog on Twinspace!• Use the forum on Twinspace!• Use the Web 2.0 Tools for presenting ideasand work!• Motivate yourself for communication!
  16. 16. Pupils• Communicate with your friends from thewhole world!• Be aware that you are the part of world!• Start to learn about other eTwinners!• Start to learn from other eTwinners!• Extend your borders!• Be the part of the biggest Lifelong LearningProgram in the world!
  17. 17. eTwinningLEADER OF 21st CENTURYEDUCATION!