The Self-Publishing Scoop


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A glance at self-publishing platforms for the Meetup group Self-Publishing Scoop.

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  • In some cases, shipping costs double the price of the book
  • The Self-Publishing Scoop

    1. 1. THE SELF-PUBLISHING SCOOPNatasa LekicFormer Managing Editor at Atlas & Co.
    2. 2. Amazon: CreateSpace• Free eBook publishing• eBook distribution through, Kindle• Convert to kdp file: $69• POD option, $10 proofs
    3. 3. Kindle Direct Publishing• Two royalty rates:• @ 70% rate: • price btw $2.99 - $9.99 • Amazon gets exclusive (can sell on your own website, but priced no lower than Amazon) • eBook price 20% less than any print version • you support all the features (text-to-speech, book sharing, etc.)• @ 35% royalty, Amz still has "most favored nation" status on pricing - cant sell eBook or print versions anywhere at a lower price
    4. 4. Lulu• More editorial/design packages• Higher shipping costs• Distribution: • Extended Reach – Free – • GlobalReach - $75 -, iBookstore, Baker & Taylor, and Barnes & Noble, online retailers worldwide. Brick and mortar book- stores, the Espresso Book Machine can order• Review licensing agreement• Royalties: 80% • (iBookstore, Lulu takes additional 20%)• $99.99 Expanded Distribution = $49.95
    5. 5. BookBaby
    6. 6. BookBaby• Better at handling graphics: first 10 graphics free, $2 for each after that• $99 upfront• $59 file conversion• 0% royalty• Unique ISBN $19• Distribution: Apple, Amazon, B&N, Sony
    7. 7.• Highly visual, printed books• provides BlurbNation, a list of graphic-designers-for-hire• the platform is compatible with the Adobes InDesign software• no upfront charges• Costs start at $2.95 each for a 5" x 8", 40p, b&w paperback, $12.95 for a 7" x 7", 40p color book• Distribution: Book browse widget for your website
    8. 8. Smashwords• Its free to publish on Smashwords.• 85% royalty on net sales, 60% of the list price for sales through major retailers• Distribution to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, others
    9. 9. Smashwords• Meatgrinder: automated conversion platform• To HTML, RTF, and DOC, Epub and Kindle• in 2012, you’ll be able to submit your already formatted ebook
    10. 10. PubIt! – Barnes & Noble• No upfront fees• Distribution:, Nook• $2.99 - $9.99 gets 65% Royalty of the list• =< $2.98 or => $10.00 gets 40% of the list• B&Ns marketing programs: • Read In Store, which allows bricks & mortar B&N customers to browse an ebook for up to an hour • Sharing eBooks (allows eBook owners to lend a book once for 2 wks) • sampling 5% of an eBook
    11. 11. iTunes Connect- Approved iBookstore aggregators: • Ingram • Inscribe Digital • LibreDigital • Lulu • Smashwords- Notable differences • Only Smashwords converts Word docs • Only Ingram & Lulu print physical books- Royalty: 30%- Can ‘sell’ free books
    12. 12. Wattpad• Largest social network for writers & readers• Writers can upload free, serialized, work-in-progress stories• Test readers, improve your work• Smashwords partner
    13. 13. Creating Interactive eBooks• Animated children’s eBooks
    14. 14. Tapja
    15. 15. POD comparison• Book w/ specs: paperback, b&w, 6″ x 9″, 128p• The costs are:• CreateSpace – $2.38 (with the Pro Plan - $39)• Lightning Source – $2.82• Lulu – $7.06• Note: Lightning Source has a $100 setup fee • printing cost per paperback is $1, plus approx $0.015 per page • to keep your book listed, $12/book/yr
    16. 16. Publisher’s self-pub platforms…• Penguin’s Book Country• Harper Collins Authonomy
    17. 17. Cover Design•• Outsourcing editing & book covers: eLance, oDesk•• Free software:
    18. 18. Doing your own cover, conversions…• Create your own cover and format e-book from Word using free software Mobipocket eBook Creator or Calibre• Mobipocket Creator allows you to create an e-book with a table of contents and convert it into AZW (MOBI, the file output by the program, is the same as AZW)• Note: Lulu charges from $99.99 to $299 for conversion
    19. 19. Dreaded Territory: ISBN’s• If you accept CreateSpaces free ISBN, CreateSpace remains the registered owner of that ISBN, which means you will not be able to list your book with catalogs like Bowkers and Nielsens because only the registered ISBN owner is allowed to do so• Bowker package deal for ISBN + barcode + Bowker catalog listing at $150
    20. 20. Create your own website• Wordpress – Yola – Adobe Muse
    21. 21. Social Media
    22. 22. Analytics• Google Analytics you can track which posts are most popular, what search phrases bring most traffic and which countries your visitors come from• Tweriod The service delivers a comprehensive analysis of your daily Twitter activity. You’ll see what time of day and day of week your followers are online and your tweets get most exposure.