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Mascon - Skill Sets


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Skill Sets

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Mascon - Skill Sets

  1. 1. MASCON SKILL SETSMascon an ISO 9001: 2000 Company provides profitable offshore outsourcing Services for  Data Conversion & Processing  Document Conversion & ProcessingData Conversion & Processing Data conversion is a functionally efficient tool to locate vital information accurately and speedily Data conversion in a global economy helps to  Upgrade data to new/more advanced storage formats  Transform data from one form to another  Send data to different destinations  Efficiently process vast amount of data  Useful to manage multiple input formatsImaging Done to convert paper document in to digital images. Operational fatigue of document storage and retrieval is avoided. Paper documents are scanned in standard Industry image formats at a resolution to 600 dpi. Preferred delivery is of Tiff or PDF format images at 300 DPI. The information in the scanned image is captured by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software where scanning errors are rectified. Further manual proofreading and Updation ensures 99.995 % correct document that can be stored as .doc or .rtf.Indexing Done to identify documents for ease and accuracy of retrieval. Indexing is field based full text or a combination of the two. Imaging and Indexing normally compliment each other and helps end users to search the database using any word for the computer to make a match between search terms and text of the document. 1
  2. 2. Mascon’s services in this category can be summarized as 1. Image scanning and Indexing 2. Optical Character Recognition 3. Conversion to Digital Documents like o Native application formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc. o ASCII, RTF or delimited text files o PDF: Normal, Image Only, Image + Hidden Text  Document Management Systems  CD-ROM Cataloging and PublishingMascon’s Range of Data Services include: Data Capture and Digital Imaging Digitization and Conversion Forms based data capture Manual data entry Full-text data captureData Capture and Digital ImagingMascon’s high-quality/high volume production document scanners accurately capture andconvert to digital image format a large range of source material including: Text-based documents: whether printed matter or handwritten including, memos, air waybills, surveys, reports, instruction manuals, business cards, index cards, product warranties, health forms, research papers. Numeric-based documents: financial statements, payroll records, time sheets Forms based documents: surveys, questionnaires, application forms of any kind (credit- cards, loans, product registration, etc.) Image based documents: photographs, property details, charts, graphs Mixed-format documents: bank statements, credit card statements, etcDigitizing of data using document-imaging produces, an exact scan of every originaldocument, stored online, in addition to making the information searchable and easilyretrievableFiles are scanned and a digital image of each page is stored on a CD-ROM, your hard diskdrive or network server. Electronic "index cards" can attach information to a document suchas date, client name, reference number or even the actual text of the document. Files can stillbe viewed, printed, shared and stored, but imaging and indexing adds an advantage bygiving documents active content. 2
  3. 3. We provide the software you need to search, retrieve and view your digitized data directlyon the CD-ROM or, if necessary, on your PC or network server.We convert your paper-based data into electronic format. Our specialty is Text entry,Conversion of books, periodicals, and research papers into digital form and also into Webpages. We work with handwritten or typed or printed text.Input Books, manuals, periodicals, research papers etc. Customer Lists, Warranty Registrations Trade show contacts Business cards Catalogs, and Other data entry needsOutputMascon delivers the information in any format including  Microsoft Word (*.doc),  Microsoft Access (*.mdb),  Microsoft Excel (*.xls),  Database (*.dbf),  Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf),  HTML,  ASCIIDeliverables can be a choice of hard copy, CD, floppy diskette, cartridges, or via the Internet/ e-mail or any other mode.Digitization and ConversionUsing leading-edge technologies and skilled staff, we convert unstructured data into avariety of useful digital formats:MS Word, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, MS Excel, as per client’s requirement 3
  4. 4. Forms based data captureWe capture data from all types of handwritten forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively.We work with a variety of applications including:  Coupon redemption  Annual Reports  Credit card applications  Press Releases  Insurance claims  Financial Surveys  Medical claims  Financial Prospectus  Patient records  Initial Public Offerings  Product registration cards  Gazette Announcements  Shipping documents  College Research Papers  Subscriptions  Highway & Railway UsageManual data entry Data Services includes manual keying of every possible text, numeric or mixed document. Manual data entry allows flexibility in incorporate information management compared to imaging, saving time, money and giving measurable competitive advantage.Full-text data captureFor text and numeric based documents, whether printed or hand-written, we provide ahighly accurate and rapid service to manually enter your data into an electronic format.Online data entry and remote verification: This is performed offers full range of consultancy and data conversion services to help organizations meet this critical need.We work hand in hand with client’s technical conversion team, providing services that aredirectly on the client’s server as From paper / image to web, or web to web: Online data retrieval and data entry to scout for online resources and enter client relevant data from those sites into a database. Identifying client specified products and adding them to their website database through the content management tools 4
  5. 5. Document Conversion ServicesAdobe PDF Conversion Services Mascon specializes in PDF conversion projects. With our variety of scanners, Image Enhancement & Adobe Tools and our skills of how to deploy them effectively, we can easily convert paper documents into compact, searchable portable files ready for publishing on the internet, company intranet, Web site, by email or by CD-R. Mascon can convert your paper documents into compact, searchable PDF files ready for publishing on your Intranet, Web site, by e-mail or by CD-ROM, using the latest scanning and imaging technology.Advantages of outsourcing PDF conversion By outsourcing PDF conversion, clients are able to take stress and strain out of creating electronic copies of their documents. Much of the PDF conversion process is slow, tedious and requires great attention to detail. A PDF conversion service bureau like Mascon with its expertise over the last 20 years can automate the process for greater quality, capacity, turnaround and value.The Input format & the output format Paper to PDF TIFF or any graphic format to PDF Any page-authoring/ composition software like QuarkExpress, PageMaker or FrameMaker to PDF Word-processing package like MS-Word, WordPerfect or RTF to PDF HTML, XML to PDF PDF Image PDF Image + Searchable Text PDF Normal or PDF with Formatted Text & Graphics Hyperlinks and bookmarks Catalog search The specifics of your application - that is what you want your PDF to accomplish - will tend to affect your choice of PDF file type, image treatment and interactivity. The different types of PDF files have radically different attributes, not to mention the conversion costs. 5
  6. 6. PDF Image: (options)Image only. Budget friendly, moderate file size. Full color is optional.· PDFImage+SearchableTextAdds searchable text to PDF/Image Only files· PDFMulti-ResolutionorEnhancedImage:Smallest file size and best quality for text mixed with color and grayscale images· PDFFormattedText&Graphics:Tiny but rich files - great for the web and all applications where file size is a premiumXML / HTML Conversion Mascon can prepare your content for delivery via the Internet and for electronic distribution, by converting it to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML. We convert your publications from various paper-based sources (hard copy) or electronic files of virtually all formats (soft copy). Mascon specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects for clients whose businesses are heavily dependent on information, such as government agencies, large corporations and online information providers. The kind of documents we process each day vary from straight forward text documents, web based information articles, books etc. to complex manuals and structured financial and legal documents. We understand that deadline and turnaround is often a prime criterion in outsourcing data processing.Tagging formats:HTML- Hypertext Mark-up LanguageXML - extensible Mark-up LanguageSGML - Standard Generalized Mark-up LanguageSource data formats:  Paper, Image, QuarkExpress  Adobe Acrobat PDF  Microsoft Word  And many others... 6
  7. 7. CBT (COMPUTER BASED TRAINING) SERVICES: CBT is being increasingly used in large corporate and institutions and Mascon has developed proprietary skills that offer web based or Cd Rom based training modules for orientation, Induction training and related human resource development. The basic module is a web based multimedia-training program. This is also useful tool for evaluation of online test papers. The methods include some graphics and text where required that will help understand text on the screen better. A minimal quantity of text will also be used in Plaques and as captions wherever required as defined by the needs of the presentation.INDUSTRIES SERVICEDOutsourcing BureausSending images to a Service Bureau makes a lot of sense and traditionally has become costeffective if the volumes are much higher than your normal day-to-day operations can handle.The equipment used is generally designed as rugged and for sustained high volumes and theservice bureau is usually staffed for high volume. Service Bureaus come from two different areas -- the microfilm Service Bureaus have moved into image conversion, And the key to disk operations many of which were located in offshore locations where labor is cheaper than in the US, are moving into key from image and archive capture.The advantages of key from image are that the paper can stay at the requesting companywho scanned it, use of recognition technologies such as OCR, ICR and OMR reduce keying,and sensitive information can be protected by clipping the image and only sendinginformation without context to a specific location.Medical & Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Retail FirmsScanning, Indexing, Digitization of RecordsPatient Record Management Healthcare is dependent on data entry services. It emphasizes on speed and accuracy as this has a direct impact on their efficiency, resources and profits. For small one-time keyboarding requirements to complex order processing & entry, Indian Service Providers can cater to a range of clients. We convert the patients entire medical and demographic records from the paper format to the electronic media and store it in CD/DVDS to provide a safe, accessible, and disaster proof alternative means of storing medical records 7
  8. 8. Mortgage & Credit Rating companies.Forms Processing, Scanning, Indexing The application and evaluation forms filled up in ink or print, are digitized by scanning and Indexing. It is done on a page, file, cabinet format so that storage and retrieval is easy in evaluation, even supporting documents like identifications hypothecations, conveyance, evidence, proofs etc are digitized to make a composite document, correlated in data base so that the best of information management is made possiblePrinting E books, Quark express projects, POD (Print On Demand)Insurance CompaniesClaims forms processing for Accidents General & life insurance Health, CalamityLegal Firms Digitization of legacy records in terms of hearings, judgments for record and precedence.Real Estate Digitization of Land records. Document conversion in the area of Lease Agreements, rental and accrual documents, conveyance deeds and transfer of properly documents.Logistics Passenger and freight movement data processing. Carrier and freighter evaluation Fuel, tariff, toll, costs evaluation 8
  9. 9. Title companiesScanning, Indexing, digitization of records Title reports Root Titles Abstracts Mortgage reportsFinancial Reports Annual reports of the companies are co related, evaluated and indexed and data exported to specific fields as per the requirement of individual financial service provider. Of specific interest to financial services are legacy documents in Company Annual Reports, Accounting Information for various Companies, Information on public issues and Loans and advances, Shareholding patterns-existing & proposed, etc We also do support for preparation of documents to financial agreements, Initial Public offering documents etc.Banking Archival & retrieval of all Bank documents, Digitization of Legacy recordsGovernment Agencies, County Councils / Prefectures High volume Data Processing & High volume data Conversion (offshore & online) High Volume scanning & Indexing (Onsite & offshore)Transport Companies Passenger and freight movement data processing. Carrier and freighter evaluation Fuel, tariff, toll, costs evaluation Truck & Rail stock movement analysis Drivers Log sheets Container Traffic Movement 9
  10. 10. EducationComputer Based Training: College level & University level Pre and post examination processing Preparation & issuance of examination admit card with photo identity of the candidate. Digitization of legacy records of past students for any future retrieval. Preparation of online examination methodologist. 10