Maidan website - our past and future


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Maidan website - our past and future

  1. 1. Maidan: Volunteer Crowdsourced Media Ukrainian online community formed in 2000 by activists united to protest the murder of independent journalist Georgiy Gongadze. Maidan is a major on-line platform for and by activists Since 2000 website “Maidan” operates as a civic initiative and is community driven.
  2. 2. Maidan’s Story ‘Maidan’ is a Ukrainian word for ‘square’ - an open area in a town. Since the Orange Revolution on Independence Square in Kyiv in 2004 the word acquired a broader meaning becoming a synonym for public protest. We introduced this synonymic meaning on our website in Dec 2000. •Dec 2000 - Maidan was created as the official website of "Ukraine without Kuchma" rallies on Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv, 250.000 publications since •Many civic movements started on Maidan •Since 2005 our community assumed a name Maidan Alliance and created a formal association Site gets 120.000+ visitors per month for the last 8 years. Most of our visitors are dedicated activists. Our projects traditionally involve hundreds of volunteers
  3. 3. Not Just Another Site Maidan operates under public website information policy adopted by consensus of newsmakers. We cover: Protests, lawsuits, campaigns against human rights and civil freedoms violations and illegal actions of government Citizens’ efforts to organize and cooperate to defend their rights and civil freedoms Illegal actions of government authorities Freedom of information History of dissent and movements for independence Presenting news of civic activism in Ukraine to English speaking readers Maidan is getting more and more recognition and credit from the mainstream media.
  4. 4. Crowdsourced News 2004 – Maidan - the main communication hub for Orange Revolution activists. Volunteers reported more news than any information agency – up to 1500 a day. Monitors aggregated election reports from 30 countries 70 cars patrolled election precincts in Kyiv and coordinated actions via site Our news were used in the Supreme Court when settling election dispute During this crucial time Maidan handled immense amount of information. It was a time of success and challenges alike. We learned our lessons and gradually developed and implemented strict rules for verifying each piece of news prior to publishing it. Max traffic ever: 500.000 visitors a day 23 November 2004 30 editors were working with data flow
  5. 5. Crowdsoursed Books Maidan published 4 crowdsourced books, dedicated to history of dissent during USSR regime. 1.Books are created on our forum. 2.Topic is announced and people are starting asking questions. Anyone could participate. 3.We find the experts. 4.Experts provide the answers on forum. 5.Further discussion allows to word the answers in more interesting and persuasive way. 6.The final text and photos are published in a book. 7.We finance the publications ourselves. Latest book is “Underground church in totalitarian state”.
  6. 6. Maidan Monitoring Interactive crowd-sourced Map of Violations of Electoral law – our most recent success. Citizen reports are added to the map when accompanied by photo and/or video evidence and after verification by law experts of Maidan Citizens submit reports since July 9th 2012. There were only 4 refuted reports, 1 of which was removed, 1 was corrected and 2 were closed with conflict of sides settled. 822 complaints regarding violations of the electoral law added to the interactive map as of September 29th 2012. The total number of violations reported to the project team is 3011. Parliamentary election in Ukraine will be held on October 28, 2012.
  7. 7. Involvement 140.000 readers of our website monthly 300 dedicated activists (newsmakers) contributing continuously 70 communicators who are checking information and keeping community alive 10 core members – editors and speakers 60 NGOs contributing continuously 8000 activists coming occasionally for particular campaigns 340 NGOs contributing occasionally for particular campaigns Contributors from all regions of Ukraine + 12 countries of Europe, Americas and Australia 50% of our community joined in 2004. Recent growth of civic activity reflected in broadening of our community. 20% stay with us since 2000.
  8. 8. Maidan’s Mission Protection, promotion, and expansion of human rights and civil freedoms We fulfill our mission by means of: •Sharing of Information – via popular website, books, movies, press conferences, seminars •Strictly verifying each piece of information for accuracy and legality •Civic lobbying •Monitoring of the government activities •Legal defense of constitutional rights Because of our dedication to verifying all reports and news, our organization is unique on an international scale.
  9. 9. Our Strategic Goals  To encourage proactive access to information by citizens  To increase citizens’ intolerance to violations of human rights and civil freedoms  To involve citizens into the crowd-sourced monitoring of observance of political rights and civil freedoms  To encourage citizens’ participation in active forms of peaceful protest actions  To encourage responsible, trustworthy, persuasive citizen journalism We provide expertise and perspective on Ukraine and the unique threats to democracy in Ukraine.
  10. 10. What's Next? Our future projects will aim to involve the general public to report and document violations of the political rights of Ukrainian citizens and get engaged into their defense. So far we focus on freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. We will continue to focus on the freedom of speech especially considering new threats to the freedom of expression that emerged recently. We encourage you to : Consider our reports and data in your evaluation of level of democracy in Ukraine Provide assistance to project teams in spreading awareness on Maidan's efficiency in carrying out a large scale crowd-sourced monitoring and information projects Involve our experts into discussions, round-tables and experts meetings dedicated to freedom of speech, human rights and civil freedoms monitoring. Currently our long-term partners include the International Renaissance Foundation and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group
  11. 11. More Info Contact Maidan Natalka Zubar, Kharkiv, Ukraine Phone: +380 50 401 23 83 Email: Skype: nelliza111 Our site in English Our site in Ukrainian The Maidan” projects are supported by contributions of members and the International Renaissance Foundation.