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Maidan: A History of Making History


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Maidan: A History of Making History

  1. 1. Maidan: A History ofMaking HistorySince 2000 website “Maidan” operates as a civic initiative and iscommunity driven.Ukrainian onlinecommunity formedin 2000 by activistsunited to protestthe murder ofindependentjournalist GeorgiyGongadze.Maidan is a majoron-linecrowdsourcedvolunteer platformfor and by activists
  2. 2. Involvement140.000 readers of our website monthly30 NGO members – core editors andspeakers300 dedicated activists (newsmakers andauthors) contributing continuously8000 activists coming occasionally forparticular campaigns60 NGOs contributing continuously340 NGOs contributing occasionally forparticular campaignsContributors are from all regions ofUkraine, 16 countries of Europe,Americas and Australia20% stay with us since 2000. 50% of our community joined in2004. Recent growth of civic activity reflected in broadeningof our community.
  3. 3. Maidan’s Networkhttp://world.maidanua.orgNetwork graphshows 300 dedicatedMaidan’scontributors stayingwith us for years.
  4. 4. Maidan’s MissionProtection, promotion, and expansion of human rights andcivil freedomsBecause of our dedication to verifying all reports and news,our organization is unique on an international scale.We fulfill our mission by means of:Capacity building – via popular website, books, movies, pressconferences, seminarsStrictly verifying each piece of information for accuracy andlegalityCivic lobbyingMonitoring of the government activitiesLegal defense of constitutional rightsFacilitating civic dialogue
  5. 5. Our Strategic Goals To encourage proactive access to information by citizens To increase citizens’ intolerance to violations of humanrights and civil freedoms To involve citizens into the crowd-sourced monitoring ofobservance of political rights and civil freedoms To encourage citizens’ participation in active forms ofpeaceful protest actions To encourage responsible, trustworthy, persuasive citizenjournalismWe provide expertise and perspective on Ukraine and theunique threats to democracy in Ukraine.
  6. 6. Maidan’s Story‘Maidan’ is a Ukrainian word for ‘square’ - an open area in a town.Since the Orange Revolution on Independence Square in Kyiv in 2004 theword acquired a broader meaning becoming a synonym for public protest.We introduced this synonymic meaning on our website in Dec 2000.•Dec 2000 - Maidan was created as the official website of "Ukraine withoutKuchma" rallies on Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv, 250.000publications since•Since 2005 our community assumed a name Maidan Alliance and createda formal association•2012 we created a legal entity - NGO “Maidan Monitoring InformationCenter”Site gets 120.000+ visitors per month for the last 8 years.Most of our visitors are dedicated activists. Our projectstraditionally involve hundreds of volunteers
  7. 7. Not Just Another SiteMaidan operates under public website information policy adopted byconsensus of newsmakers. We foster and encourage by means of expertdialogue, capacity building and open exchange of knowledge:Protests, lawsuits, campaigns against human rights and civil freedomsviolations and illegal actions of governmentCitizens’ efforts to organize and cooperateto defend their rights and civil freedomsIllegal actions of government authoritiesFreedom of informationHistory of dissent and movementsfor independencePresenting news of civic activismin Ukraine to English speaking readersMaidan was featured on TV Channel 5, Channel 24, TVi,foreign media: France24, Voice of America, National PublicRadio (USA).
  8. 8. Crowdsourced News2004 – Maidan - the main communication hub for Orange Revolution activists.Volunteers reported more news than any information agency – up to 1500 a day.Monitors aggregated election reports from 30 countries70 cars patrolled election precincts in Kyiv and coordinated actions via siteOur news were used in the Supreme Court when settling election disputeDuring the day of parliamentary election (October 28,2012) we had 75.000 visitors a day and worked despitesevere DDoS attack involving botnet of 40.000 computersDuring this crucial time Maidan handledimmense amount of information. It was atime of success and challenges alike. Welearned our lessons and graduallydeveloped and implemented strict rulesfor verifying each piece of news prior topublishing it.Max traffic ever: 500.000 visitors a day 23November 200430 editors were working with data flow
  9. 9. Crowdsoursed BooksMaidan published 4 crowdsourced books,dedicated to history of dissent duringUSSR regime.1.Books are created on our forum.2.Topic is announced and people are startingasking questions. Anyone could participate.3.We find the experts.4.Experts provide the answers on forum.5.Further discussion allows to word the answersin more interesting and persuasive way.6.The final text and photos are published in abook.7.We finance the publications ourselves.Latest book (2012) is “Underground church in totalitarianstate”.
  10. 10. Pioneering Access toGovernment dataSince 2005 - the campaign to declassify the secret documentsof government that eventually led to a decrease in the numberof acts illegally classified.2007 - President’s acts that obviously included corruptionactivities were declassifiedSince 2008 – Right to know portal dedicated to informationrights in Ukraine and abroad; improving the information laws2009 – State Management Agency revealed it’s budget2011 - Parliament revealed its expenditures2012 – We have 3 cases in European Court on Human RightsMaidan pioneered open access to information issue since 2005.It’s largely to Maidan’s efforts that civil sector pressure in thisregard led to the passing of law.
  11. 11. Civic Lobbying2006 - campaign to compare electoral promises and voters’ expectations(we confirmed scientifically they do not match)2006-2007 – contributed to successful campaign demanding President todismiss corrupt Parliament2006-2007 - the campaign ofnon-partisan candidate forthe office of Human RightsCommissioner. He was nominatedofficially. We engaged 340 NGOs.2011-2012 – successful campaign against non personal voting ofUkrainian Members of Parliament2011-2012 – successful campaignagainst attempts of state censorshipover the InternetOur main lobbying focus now is the improvement oflegislations implementing the right to free assembly.
  12. 12. Monitoring FreedomsSince 2011: We monitor the observance of civic rights and freedoms in Ukraine. Wetry to attract attention of citizens to cases of violations and to make the governmentto observe the rights in reality, not only in constitutional declarations.4 regional prosecutor’s offices acted on our requests to invalidate illegal rulings restrictingpeaceful assembly.The total number of violations published oninteractive map as for April 2013 is 273.Our focus now is•freedom of peaceful assembly•freedom of expression•freedom of information•freedom of speech•freedom of conscienceWe prepared two policy papers, achapter for annual report “Humanrights in Ukraine 2012”
  13. 13. Monitoring Elections2012. Interactive crowd-sourced map of violations of electoral law. Citizen reportswere added to the map only accompanied by photo and/or video evidence andafter verification by law experts. We observed the systemic violations.Parliamentary election in Ukrainewere held on October 28, 2012.1637 complaints regarding violations of the electoral law were added to the interactive map.The total number of violations reported to the project team was 7062.Software and experience will be used for monitoringnext elections. We monitor elections since 2004.476 volunteersreported from 421locations.Together withombudsman we madethe Central ElectionCommission to addwarning signs aboutcameras notobserving the votingbooths.
  14. 14. Maidan Reload 3dExpertdiscussionsarebroadcastlive viaYoutube.Connectingpeopleonline andoffline (seenext slide)High technology wide area conferencing pioneered by Maidan in2013 to facilitate and coordinate discussions via live events,forums and video conferencing.
  15. 15. Maidan Reload 3dhttp://world.maidanua.orgPeople in aclub talkdirectly topeople inother citiesandcountries.The topicsof debatesare usuallynotmainstreamin themedia.March 19, 2013. Kharkiv. The debate topic is “Whether the socialmedia have impact on the government in Ukraine”. Most say theydo.
  16. 16. Sources of FundingMost Maidan’s activities are traditionally funded by themembers including our regular information work.Currently Maidan projects are supported by contributions ofmembers and the International Renaissance Foundation.We were also getting funding from:International Renaissance Foundation (since 2004)National Endowment for Democracy (2004-2005)USAID (with Freedom House) (2007)European Commission (2009-2011)Sometimes we announce fundraising and our site’s visitors respond withcontributions. Last call was in 2011 to raise money to cover expenses forfilming the memoirs of survivors of Soviet Gulag.
  17. 17. Maidan’s Budget 2012Contributions of members in 2012 amounted to 57%, grants bythe International Renaissance Foundation 42%, other 1%.Project TotalFees andhonorariaVolunteerworkMail andofficesupplies ServicesEquipmentCommunicationPrintedmaterialsTravelexpense FundingMaidan site 4 036 36 152 305 3 691 2 229 VolunteersMaidan forum 795 8 343 VolunteersRight to Know 265 2 781 VolunteersGovernmentand Society 136 1 423 VolunteersElection 2012 3 063 6 298 282 19 850 IRF1 784 2 629 Volunteers1 238EuropeanParliament57Vinnytsyacommunity29TernopilcommunityMonitoring 2 626 7 229 1 825 12 396 IRF4 190 1 935 VolunteersTotal 114 665 13 526 54 674 2 107 32 246 4 869 3 691 2 229 1 324Volunteer work contributions are amounted only for those contributing daily not less than 1 hour a day, €8per hour. Volunteers equipment contribution accounted for actual time used for projects. Amounts – inEuro.
  18. 18. MemberMemberHow we get volunteersto contribute permanently?We are drawing resources to our members thus earning theirloyalty and continuous contribution. http://world.maidanua.orgNGONGOMoneyMoneySocialcapitalSocialcapitalVisibilityConfidenceKnowledgeEarnsmoreBoosts
  19. 19. The TeamMaidan is a network of experienced human rights activists, law, psychology,communication and IT experts, journalists and technically savvy concerned citizens.We do care about the validity of information and never engage in infotainment.Throughout all of its history Maidan has been bringing togethercivil activists and experts from Ukraine and abroad dedicated tostrengthening democracy in Ukraine.We set our own style.We telecommute for 12 years. Noformal office ever, we do not need it.Our NGOmembers livein Kyiv,Kharkiv, Lviv,Odesa,Simferopol,Ternopil,Kremenchuk,Donetsk,Olexandria,Ukraine; USAand Canada.
  20. 20. Contact MaidanVolodymyr Khanas, Ternopil, UkrainePhone: +380 96 210 4076Email: khanas.volodymyr@gmail.comTwitter: @khanasvVitaly Ovcharenko, Donetsk, UkrainePhone: +380 66 271 6085Email: donetsk.arhivi@ukr.netTwitter: @vital_ovcharYuriy Lukanov, Kyiv, UkrainePhone: +380 50 353 6789Email: Skype: yurluk2007Natalka Zubar, Kharkiv, UkrainePhone: +380 50 401 23 83Email: Skype: nelliza111Our site in Ukrainian http://maidanua.orgMaidan highlights: http://world.maidanua.orgOleksiy Kuzmenko, Washington,DCPhone: 202 549 20 68Email:oleksiy.kuzmenko@gmail.comSkype: oleksiykuzmenko