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  • Hello, I’m _____________. Thanks for taking the time today to learn more about the System x high volume portfolio of x86 offerings and how IBM System x solutions can help solve your business concerns. I’ll talk about how the high volume portfolio of System x servers separate themselves from the competition and deliver value for you and your business.
  • SS 2.5” apple. Cable – drop back plan. New gen3 tray- double check with tray design. Energy star. – see how competitor behave.
  • More Efficient: Higher performance Lower platform power More Intelligent: Improved power mgt across all components and utilization levels More Secure: Intel AES-NI improvements More robust Intel TXT solutions More Options: Optimized platforms for Performance, Smaller Form Factors, and/or best value
  • Processor Specifications: Up to 8 cores with larger cache Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions Up to two 8.0 GT/s QPI Links and faster memory speeds PCI Express* 3.0 Memory Specifications: 24 DIMM slots vs 18 DIMMs in previous generation Support UDIMM/RDIMM/LRDIMM/HCDIMM 2DPC@1600MHz for RDIMMs 3DPC@1333MHz** for HCDIMMs 768GB* memory with 32GB LRDIMM
  • 2/5/2010
  • IBM ® Systems Director Topology IBM Systems Director is a three-tiered architecture consisting of: Management Console(s) web Interface IBM System Director Server which includes the Application Logic and database IBM Systems Director Agent which is code that runs on a managed system (Servers, Desktops, Laptops, SNMP devices, CIM devices) and communicates with the IBM Systems Director application The IBM Systems Director there-tier design supports thousands of managed nodes/systems. An upward integration module supports integration with higher level management applications from Tivoli, Computer Associates, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft. Transition Line: Let’s take a look at the IBM Systems Director agents in more depth
  • One of the more exciting features on System x servers is IBM Systems Director Service and Support Manager. This is a no-charge “call-home” plug-in to automatically report hardware problems and collect system service information for monitored systems. The service and support manager can monitor, track, and capture system hardware errors and service information and report them directly to IBM support. This means that IBM can send you your warranty parts for repair before you even know you have a problem. The flowchart shows the course of actions from the error reporting to Systems director through the call at IBM support.
  • System x M4

    1. 1. Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetSystem x New Product Overview © 2012 IBM Corporation
    2. 2. System x Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet Take advantage of the benefits from System x infrastructure solutionsQuality  Predictive Failure Analysis  New Light Path Diagnostics Lower the risk of virtualizing  Redundant HS disks, fans and power your business-critical  Tool-less design applicationsValue  Feature on Demand  New management module The capabilities you need – Fast boot time & remote presence now and the ability to scale  High efficiency thermal and power design as your business needs growPerformance  eXFlash  Slotless, multi-vendor flexible networking Pool your IT resources to put  Integrated RAID card data and computing power  Significant performance boost where it’s needed most 2 © 2012 IBM Corporation 2
    3. 3. System x Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet System x Infrastructure: Servers System x3550 M4  Up to 8 cores per CPU  Up to 768GB of memory  10Gb networking System x3650 M4  Flexible RAID designGeneral Business System x3500 M4 System x3750 M4  Optimized for HPC  Up to 4 CPUs per 2U iDataPlex dx360 M4High Performance System x3530 M4 NEW  Up to 6 cores per CPU  Up to 192GB of memory NEW  Maximum storage capacity  Upgradable networking System x3630 M4Value 2-socket System x3300 M4 System x3100 M4  Entry priced  Up to 32GB of memory System x3250 M4Entry 1-socket © 2012 IBM Corporation 3
    4. 4. System x The IBM x3530 M4 General Business 2S 1U Server Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetDensity comes to the General Business Portfolio Processors Sandy Bridge EN up to 95W #Socket 2 Form factor 1U Rack Memory Slots 12 slots (UDIMM/RDIMM/); 192GB Max Memory (16GB DIMMs avail. 2-4 weeks after GA), 384GB with 32GB DIMM-Post GA Media bays Optional DVDThe right combination of Cost, Density, Features and Efficiency. Disk Drive type SAS/SATA Flexibility HDD bays 4x 3.5” SS/HS HDDs or 8x 2.5” HS Choose 2.5” or 3.5” HDDs Flexible RAID solutions RAID ServerRAID C105 with RAID 5 2+2 scalable networking via FoD (SR-C105 avail. upgrade key, Slotless RAID and Cost optimized UDIMM or RDIMM memory after GA) advanced HW RAID option Redundant fans NIC/TPM 4x 1Gb on board ( 2 std, up sell 2 ports by FoD) / standard TPMInnovative design with New features Support latest Intel Sandy Bridge EN processors (priced below EP) PCIe (x16/x8) 2 PCIe slots (x16/x8) (1/0 or 0/2) + Slotless RAID x4 Cost effective ServeRAID C105 solution + advanced HW RAID options Smart use of FoD: 2+2 1Gb, choice between shared and dedicated system management port Power 1.Fixed 460W ( new ) Advanced RAID up sells 2.Redundant 460W Great deal of reuse high volume parts (PSUs, HDD, memory) 3.Redundant 675W HE Selection of energy efficient fixed and hot swap PSU options USB ports 2 front / 4 Rear / 1 internal VGA ports 1 front (CTO)/ 1 backIdeal Workload Fan Design NHS Redundant Fans Business infrastructure, File & print, web serving, Web 2.0, virtualization, Light database, ERP applications, small HPC install Light Path Basic LED; Optional advanced lightpath as sell up Full range of clients: Small Medium business, Large enterprise System MGMT IMM2, shared or dedicated port optional 4 © 2012 IBM Corporation 4 Warranty 3 years
    5. 5. System x The IBM x3630 M4 General Business 2S 2U Server Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet ½ of the worlds most powerful 2U portfolio Processors Sandy Bridge EN up to 8 cores up to 95W # Socket 2 Form factor 2U Rack Memory Slots 12 slots (UDIMM/RDIMM), Support 2DPC@1600MHz Max Memory 192GB (16GB DIMMs avail. 2-4 weeks after GA)/384GB (Post GA) Media bays Optional DVD or Tape (Entry Value Model) Disk Drive NL 3.5” SAS/SATA HDD bays 4 or 8 x 3.5” SS SATA or 8 x 3.5” HS SAS/SATA (Entry2 use cases in 1 product Value Model) 12 + 2 x 3.5” HS (Storage Rich Model) Optimized for cost and capacity with large 3.5” HDD support Start with SW RAID or slotless HW RAID which allows to upgrade to advanced RAID SW RAID or Slotless, Advanced HW RAID (Entry RAID without consuming PCI slot Value Model) Avail. Post GA CFF PSU including Platinum 80plus options Slotless RAID, advanced HW RAID (Storage Rich Model) Lowest cost/TB and highest TB/U Redundant fans + HS PSU to support general business applications NIC/TPM 4 x 1Gb on board (2 standard, plus optional 2 ports by FoD upgrades make things easy to stock and install for partners or clients FoD) / standard TPM PCIe (x16/x8) 2 PCIe slots (x16/x8) (1/0 or 0/2) + Slotless RAID x4Innovative design with New features for 1st CPU Supporting the Intel latest Sandy Bridge EN processors 2 PCIe slots (x16/x8) (1/0 or 0/2) with 2nd CPU Innovative networking with FoD 2+2 up sell, system management port choice 14 HDDs models support 2 PCIe slots, optional upgrade Slotless RAID from x4 to x8 with 2nd CPU between shared and dedicated option installed Proven DDR3 technology with choice of UDIMM and RDIMM Rich remote experience with IMM2 Power 550W/750W. Redundant, 80PLUS Platinum certifiedBest For USB ports VGA ports 2 front / 4 Rear / 2 internal (for hypervisor and tape) 1 front (Entry Value Model) / 1 Rear Web 2.0, File & print, web serving, Enterprise business infrastructure, virtualization, HPC, virtual PC consolidation, ERP applications and Database Fan Design NHS Redundant System Fans Full range of clients: Small business, Large enterprise Light Path Standard Lightpath upgradable to advanced Lightpath (Entry Value Model) Basic LED Lightpath (Storage Rich Model) System MGT. IMM2, shared (w/NIC) or dedicated port © 2012 IBM Corporation 5 Warranty 3/3 years (parts/labor)
    6. 6. System x Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet IBM System x3750 M4Ultra-Dense System x four socket platform optimized for price / performance Ultra-Dense  4 Sockets, 48 DIMM slots within a 2U form factor – More efficiently use rack space and datacenter resources to reduce infrastructure costs  Up to 32 1.8” SSDs or 16 2.5” HDDs – Maximize storage performance within a 2U form factor with exclusive IBM eXFlash SSD technology  Up to 8 PCIe I/O slots – Balance your processing power with I/O bandwidth to optimize productivity and increase performance Optimized for Price/Performance  Up to 24 Cores of processing power and 1.5TB of memory – Cost conscious solution for business critical workloads that do not need investment in mission critical RAS or node scalability – 72% better floating point performance than Westmere processors – Support for fast 1600MHz memory bus speeds  Replace traditional HDD with SSD with eXFlash – Increase storage reliability, save space and improve performance – Maximum storage performance with only 1/3 of the investment in PCIe based flash storage solutions 6 © 2012 IBM Corporation 6
    7. 7. System x Intel Sandy Bridge Processors (E3 & E5) Smarter Systems for a Smarter Planet x4 x8 x4 x8 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Sandy QPI Sandy DDR3 QPI DDR3 DDR3 Bridge Bridge DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Core Core DDR3 DDR3  Up to 4 CPUs Core Core DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3  Up to 48 DIMMs QPI QPI QPI QPI  Up to 160 PCIe lanes E5-4600 – IBM x3750 M4 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Sandy QPI QPI Sandy Bridge DDR3 DDR3 DDR3  Two QPI links per DDR3 DDR3 Bridge DDR3 DDR3 CPU DDR3 DDR3 Density and DDR3 DDR3 Core Core Core Core DDR3 DDR3 (ring topology) Cost Optimized 4S x4 x8 x4 x8 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Sandy Sandy DDR3  Up to 24 DIMMsE5-2600 – IBM x3550/x3650 M4 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Bridge QPI QPI Bridge DDR3 DDR3  Up to 80 PCIe lanes DDR3 Core QPI QPI Core DDR3 DDR3(Romley EP) Highest Performance DDR3 DDR3 Core Core DDR3 DDR3  Two QPI links Max Memory x4 x8 x4 x8E5-2400 – IBM x3530/x3630 M4 DDR3 DDR3 Sandy Sandy DDR3 DDR3  Up to 12 DIMMs(Romley EN) DDR3 DDR3 Bridge QPI QPI Bridge DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 Core Core Core Core DDR3 DDR3  Up to 48 PCIe lanes Density and  One QPI link Cost Optimized 2S x4 x8 x4 x8 DDR3 DDR3 SandyE3-1200 – IBM x3250 M4 Bridge DDR3 DDR3  Up to 4 DIMMs Core Core Lowest Cost  Up to 20 PCIe lanes (1S only) x4 x8 © 2012 IBM Corporation 7
    8. 8. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetNew IBM System x M4 - Innovative Design with New FeaturesBetter Power and Thermal designBetter Power and Thermal design - As data centers grow, power and cooling costs are becoming a larger piece of the ITbudget. According to EPAs report to Congress, data centers will account for nearly 3% of total US electricity consumptionby 2011. IBM has always been focused on help clients reduce their energy consumption through greater efficiency andinnovation. This new generation of servers is no exception to this IBM tradition and provide clients with an even greaterpower efficiency than pervious generations. 37% Increased Energy Efficiency(2) Energy Star Compliance- Servers that earn the ENERGY STAR will, on average, be 30 percent more energy efficient than standard servers(1). The IBM System x3650 M4 is slated to be Energy Star Compliant by 2Q12 Choice of 3 Redundant Power supplies that are 80PLUS platinum power (94%) efficiency design (1) Source: US Environmental Protection Agency – Energy Star Website – Click here for more details (2) As measured by spec SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark over pervious generation © 2012 IBM Corporation8
    9. 9. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetNew IBM System x M4 - Innovative Design with New FeaturesFlexible NetworkingFlexible Networking: With the expansion of 10GbE technology on the rise, the IBM System x3650 M4gives the client the chose of not only leveraging this new technology but also provides a wide variety ofvendors solutions. All of this, while not taking up valuable PCIe slots through our innovative mezzaninedesign Ethernet Ports – The x3550 M4 and x3650 M4 come standard with 4x 1GbE ports and 1x 1GbE IMM port Upgrade to 10GbE technology – The mezzanine design allows the user to easily upgrade to the 10GbE solution that is right for their business. Internal View • Available 10GbE solutions from Emulex, Brocade & Qlogic • Does not require the use of a PCIe slot © 2012 IBM Corporation9
    10. 10. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetNew IBM System x M4 - Innovative Design with New FeaturesNew RAID optionsNew RAID options: The x3650 M4 now has RAID on the motherboard allowing users to get all of thebenefits or Hardware RAID 0/1 without using a valuable PCIe slot. In addition to including HW RAID,IBM has expanded the RAID portfolio providing more options, better performance and more flexible. Standard RAID Options – Standard w/ ServeRAID 5110e ServeRAID 5110e - RAID 0/1 – Cacheless RAID 5/50 Upgrade – 512MB Cache with RAID 5/50 Upgrades – 2GB/1GB/512MB Flash with RAID 5/50 Upgrade – RAID 6/60 with Upgrade with Feature on Demand Internal View Hardware Upgrades Feature on Demand Upgrades ServeRAID M5100 Series 512MB Cache/RAID 5 ServeRAID M5100 Series Zero Cache/RAID 5 ServeRAID M5100 Series Battery Kit New Technology New Technology ServeRAID M5100 Series 512MB Flash/RAID 5 ServeRAID M5100 Series RAID 6 Upgrade ServeRAID M5100 Series 1GB Flash/RAID 5 ServeRAID M5100 Series Performance Accelerator ServeRAID M5100 Series 2GB Flash/RAID 5 ServeRAID M5100 Series SSD Caching Enabler © 2012 IBM Corporation10
    11. 11. System x Smarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM BladeCenter HS23Next generation 2S blade optimized for performance & highly scalable I/O!What is it…– New 2-socket, 30mm blade server with enhanced I/O capability– Based on Romley-EP chipset (Sandy Bridge)– Follow-on product to HS22 and HS22VCustomer importance…– Delivers a robust set of features valued by clients focused on performance • 2x ports of integrated 10GbE w/ upgrade path to 4x 10GbE ports • Up to 18 total ports of IO/blade • Run multiple protocols (FCoE/iSCSI) • 2 Romley-EP processors • 16 memory DIMMs & 2 Hot-swap HDDs– Backwards compatibility for previous chassis investment– Time-to-market with the industry’s leading processor vendorIBM imperative…– Maintains the $1.5B BladeCenter franchise– Protects backward compatibility for the 200,000 chassis install base– This will drive ~45% of IBM BladeCenter sales in 2012 11 © 2012 IBM Corporation 11
    12. 12. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetBladeCenter 2012 Positioning HS23E HS23 HX5 HX5 w/MAX 5 2 Socket 2 Socket 2-4 Socket 2 Socket Entry General Purpose High-end High End Workloads Infrastructure apps Mainstream virtualization and • Max virtualization • Max virtualization and Rack-to-blade migration cloud computing performance database performance Grid Does many things very well • HPC • Business intelligence Branch office/point of sale (workhorse) • SAP • Rack-to-blade Broad enterprise applications High performance enterprise Features • Lowest absolute cost • Balanced proc, memory, • Scalable 2-to-4+ • Add 24 DIMMs on top of HX5 • Lowest absolute power storage, & I/O • Density base consumption • Integrated 10Gb Virtual Fabric • Max IO • Firehawk chip • Hot-swap storage • High availability & • Optional 2x 1.8” SSDs • Scale mem and procs at • Density manageability w/HW RAID lower cost • OS4690 • Hot-swap storage Differentiation • Low cost point • Flexibility and Scalability • Max compute density • Max memory density • Great green story • Compatibility with E chassis • Max IO • Node partitioning • BCS-optimized • Cooling & RAS • Node partitioning • Node failover • Blade for retail • Node failover © 2012 IBM Corporation12
    13. 13. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter Planet Systems Management © 2012 IBM Corporation13
    14. 14. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetInnovative design of the new IMMv2 Feature on Demand Enhanced Security for IMMv2  Three levels of manageability  CRTM (core root of trust measurement) on boot.  Basic  TPM inside IMMv2 (trusted platform module)  Standard*  IMMv2 accepts only trusted signed updates  Runtime firmware measurements with attestation • Remote Presence  Advanced* • Mobile interface*requires upgrade fee Improvements in IMMv2 HW Design Easy Serviceability Performance & Reliability  Text Logs  More responsive  Alerting  30%-50% Faster Power-On  First Failure Data Capture  IMM-UEFI Decoupled Boot  Responsibility for flash device management14 08/16/12 © 2012 IBM Corporation14 Note: Current IMM & IMMv2 firmware not interchangeable
    15. 15. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetFeature on Demand (FoD) Overview FoD is the capability to activate or “unlock” features integrated in System x products. The feature is in the firmware or software but “locked” until the activation key is installed.Benefits Feature keys for the FoD can be  Secure and customer friendly process -- purchased just like other options Easy to use process for customers or IBM Business Partners (BPs) You buy the features you need now with  Feature activation can be done on server the ability to grow your system later or chassis at the time of the without costly rip and replace server/chassis sale or at a later time (Pay as You Grow)  FoD enables ease of installation, reduced Allows for upgrades in the field inventory, and faster fulfillment of options © 2012 IBM Corporation15
    16. 16. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM Mobile Systems RemoteApple App Store (Posted March 3, 2011) >2000 App DownloadsWeb Site © 2012 IBM Corporation16
    17. 17. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM® Systems Director platform QualitymanagementIBM Systems Director can help save 34% in administrative costs Configure Deploy Track Power Monitor Configure Chassis Usage Notify on HW Access Problem Push OS Record Image* Performance CheckCompliance Update Download Remote Control Migrate VM Updates Console Push Firmware and Cap Power* Drivers PR/SM * Fee based plug-in required Learn More © 2012 IBM Corporation17
    18. 18. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetIBM Systems Director Service and Support QualityManager  IBM Systems Director Service and Support Manager is a no-charge “call-home” plug-in to automatically report hardware problems and collect system service information for monitored systems (Electronic Service Agent tool)  SSM can monitor, track, and capture system hardware errors and service information and report them directly to IBM support © 2012 IBM Corporation18
    19. 19. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter Planet A Complete Solution © 2012 IBM Corporation19
    20. 20. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter Planet 10GbE/40GbE Oct 11 Market leadership IBM RackSwitch G8316 (40GbE) IBM BNT RackSwitch G8264 (10 / 40GbE) 1st cost efficient 40Gb Ethernet Aggregation Switch Optimized for High-Performance Computing 10GbE Juniper Networks EX4500 Ethernet Switch IBM BNT RackSwitch G8124E Bringing Virtual Fabric to System x rack servers 10GbE Data Center and Aggregation switch Market trend / future proofing 1GbE/10GbE IBM Ethernet Switch J48E (Juniper 1 / 10GbE) IBM BNT RackSwitch G8000 & G8052 (1/ 10Gbe) High speed Virtual Chassis Upgradeable entry switch Extend Coverage in market sweet spot 1GbE Campus Networking and Entry Datacenter Juniper EX2200 (1GbE) Cost effective 1GbE Top of Rack Switch © 2012 IBM Corporation20
    21. 21. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetSystem x is a complete infrastructure solution Rack System Enclosure Networking KVM Console Optimized Full top of rack switch Switches equipment mounting portfolio, providing open in a secure standard end-to-end Highly-scalable packaged solution. network solutions. KVM switch allows administrators complete control of systems at the rack Console or across the globe. Sleek design and innovative features, such as the built-in DVD Power Drive and USB, allow Distribution administrators to do Unit (PDU) more right from the console tray. Efficiently distributes power and flexible design allows for easy mounting. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Deliver superior power protection and battery backup for continuous operation. Extended Software tools Battery Module (EBM) Interfaces provide complete monitoring, measurement and Prolongs UPS management of installed servers battery run time. and power devices . © 2012 IBM Corporation21 21
    22. 22. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetBroad OS portfolio and support delivers customer choice,convenience and confidenceKey Features Benefits System x and BladeCenter offer  Broadens the application offerings available, increasing the ways a wide choice of operating clients can put System x servers to work. systems. Operating systems available for  Purchasing the OS is as convenient as purchasing any other purchase with new hardware. System x option, such as hard drives, memory or network and storage adapters. Each OS includes a native type  Creates a highly flexible, cost effective infrastructure that can quickly 1 hypervisor for virtualization and easily adapt to business changes. and may also be used as a guest with other OS hypervisors. © 2012 IBM Corporation22
    23. 23. System xSmarter Systems for a Smarter PlanetSystem xSmarter Systems for a Smarter Planet © 2012 IBM Corporation23