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  • I chose to talk to all of you about the one and only twitter. It was our New Media Drivers License class with Derek that helped me give my abandoned Twitter account another chance.
    I had originally opened my Twitter account in the beginning of Spring to explore and learn this “Twitter” that I heard so much about. I went ahead and wrote a few tweets back in the day but I didn't become as active as I would have wanted to until this summer and in with this class that motivated me to learn and engage myself more in the twitter world.As I have learned more about Twitter I now understand the purpose and the many opportunities that Twitter has. As a Social Media tool
  • Today I would like to share with all of you how Twitter can help YOU. How YOU can take advantage of Twitter of it and how others have managed to strike it BIG with Twitter.I will go into detail in sharing and explaining why YOU should have Twitter in your life."So follow me..." (lol).
  • Twitter!

    1. 1. The popular social networking and micro-blogging website By: Natalie Zamora
    2. 2. • Innovative uses of Twitter • Advantages of using Twitter • Twitter Tips I learned So.... Follow me ; )
    3. 3. Why Twitter? • People naturally feel eager and motivated to connect with others • Brings people together in a simple way, making them feel closer and more connected • 140 characters + applications, Twitter can be smart, useful and even necessary
    4. 4. Twitter Uses & Opportunities • For a Cause or Event • Breaking News • Business & Marketing • Blogging • Politics • Following people of interest • Gaining Followers
    5. 5. Twitter for a Cause • Powerful source for contributing and helping for a cause • Great way to reach out and support each other @aplunk"Say a prayer 4 my boy logan. we met through 'make a wish.' (heart transplant) he's having a tough go at it rt now," 5
    6. 6. Twitter and the News • Breaking news: Providing immediate and informative news • Allows the community to share their own stories and experience about a story or topic
    7. 7. Twitter for Business • To market your business, services, products and company news • Smart way to learn what the general public says about you • Helps companies understand the value of staying in touch and interacting with the customers • accessible, free and very simple
    8. 8. Twitter for Blogging • Linking your blog feeds to Twitter using • Interaction with followers who can give you their insight/comments • With “retweeting” you have more opportunities to be recommended, which means more people to your site
    9. 9. Twitter for Politics • Politics is becoming very popular with Twitter • Twitter perfect place for opinion-forming, asking questions and debating • Allows politicians to reach out and as a result obtain more supporters
    10. 10. Obtaining Followers • Itʼs about who you are on Twitter • Be interesting, worthwhile, informative, interactive, promotional, be considerate & find balance • Remember: Tweet something that is of value for your followers videos, articles, quotes, jokes, even random thoughts that pop into your head, • Pay attention to Twitter Gurus
    11. 11. Twitter Terminology • RT-sharing the tweet of one user with others. Reposting a tweet. • @username- used to respond to a particular user. For ex. “@NatalieZamora What are you up to?” • D username- A private tweet that you send to someone.They must follow you. For ex. “D NatalieZamora I heard about...”
    12. 12. Managing your Account • be helpful to manage your stats and how you are doing with your exposure. Analyzes your tweets • this easier to follow on Twitter. Gives a full dashboard about what is going on in your account
    13. 13. Tweet smart! • Amanda Bonnen posted a tweet on her account complaining about her apartment • Horizon Group Management claimed the statement to be false and is now suing her for $50,000 • Be SMART when tweeting
    14. 14. The Future of Twitter ? “The question lies in what you make of it”- Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter.
    15. 15. Thank you!