Keeping Kids Safe Online


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Cyber bullying, sexting, social media -- your teens are well versed in tech -- are you? From Snapchat to to Instaram, a few tips to get more mobile and social media savvy while keeping your relationship with your teen in tact.

** part of a presentation given Oct. 10 at the Utah Women's Conference by Amy Iverson and Natalie Wardel of KSL.

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Keeping Kids Safe Online

  1. 1. UtahWomens Conference Keeping kids Safe Online Amy Iverson Natalie Wardel @amy_iverson @nataliewardel
  2. 2. The problems with kids and access to tech  Cyber Bullying  Sexting  Access to pornography  Identity theft via messaging scams, or your teen giving their information away  Relationships forming with people with malicious intent  And more.
  3. 3. -Summit County Sheriff’s Department 1 in 3 have viewed some kind of pornography in the last week Utah High School Student Statistics 1 in 4 have participated in sexting in the last week
  4. 4. However. This isn’t new. We just need to be ready.
  5. 5. There isn’t a need to fear, there is a need to be aware. Remember when we played MASH on paper. Now teens play it on their phones. Same game. Different method.
  6. 6. The do’s and don’ts of parenting and social media Do: Communicate and know what social networks your child is using Have access to the accounts Treat new friends and followers like you would guests in your home. Train your children on social etiquette so they will be socially savvy when they leave the home Don’t Rely on your children to tell you everything Comment on every picture, post, etc. Stalk your children endlessly without communicating with them.
  7. 7. 73% 27% Teens: Do you have at least one social networking profile? Yes! Nope 12-17 year olds - Pew Research 2010
  8. 8. The apps your teens are using right now. And what to do. Check out who they Friend Facebook Set their Account to private Twitter Don’t let a false sense of security fool you Snapchat Hot center for cyber bullying. Monitor. Ask.Fm Account set to private; turn off location check-in Instagram
  9. 9. What to tell your kids Do not give out personal information Tell someone if you come across information that makes you uncomfortable then block Do not use hashtags or check into locations that identifies your school or home address. Never share passwords or click on pop-ups Everything you post online lives forever
  10. 10. Prepare your children now so they are good citizens of the social world.