King School Library Biennial Report


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King School Library Biennial Report

  1. 1. King School Library Biennial Report August 2010 - May 2012 1108 W FAIRVIEW / URBANA SCHOOL DISTRICT 116 / PREPARED BY NATALIE SAPKAROVDailyActivities Teach weekly K-5 library lessons, aligned with Common Core & Illinois School Library Media Association Standards Help students & teachers find books of interest & curricular materials to check out Special Events & Programs Select books, DVDs, Youth Literature Festival 2010 - Judith Fradin Author Visit and technology to Family Reading Night 2010 “Fall Into Reading” purchase for the Family Reading Night 2011 “Reading Takes You Places” library collection Illinois Readers’ Choice Awards Monarch Award 2011 (1st & 2nd gr.) Troubleshoot Rebecca Caudill Award 2011 (5th gr.) technology problems Monarch Award 2012 (1st & 2nd gr.) around school Bluestem Award 2012 (4th & 5th gr., pictured above)Kindergarten students (2010) select Fifth grade students (2011) practice Ms. Bundren’s 2nd grade class (2012)and read books from the library finding books using Dewey Decimal dances the conga line in the library toduring their weekly lesson/checkout call numbers in a library scavenger learn the organization of the picture hunt book section
  2. 2. Grants NEW GRAPHIC NOVELS! Received by Ms. Sapkarov Fourth grade ESL students (2010) $480 cluster around the newest additions to the King School Library, graphic novels Splash Grant 2010 courtesy of Donors Choose picture books to replace last year’s weeding $440 Donors Choose 2010 graphic novels to support ESL students & struggling readers $850 Snapdragon Grant 2011 multiple copies of 2012 Bluestem Award nominees to promote the Ms. Sapkarov eagerly checks out new reading program to 4th & 5th gr. graphic novels to 4th grade ESL students - over 40 books totaling $440 were $300 carefully selected and added to the library LBSS/ISLMA Grant 2011 set of 2012 Bluestem Award books Additional Funding $3,000 State School Library Per Capita Grant 2010 $435 Dollar General 2011 geography & history books in the Books By the Bushel 2011 $150 900s to get this section up to date Urbana Free Library Video Giveaway 2011 $1,400 State School Library Per Capita Grant 2011 $350 $2,000 Scholastic Book Fair Dollars 2012 $150 Beyond Question 2011 Books By the Bushel 2012 $150 student response systems (“clickers”) to use with a computer and/or SmartBoard TOTAL: $9,705 WORKROOM RENOVATION - SPRING 2011 WORKROOM MATERIALS WEEDE D Science Kits 76% Professional 54% Multiple Copy FictioThe teacher library workroom all The newly renovated, spacious, n cleared out and ready for a makeover bright, and inviting teacher library 35%(check out those new floors!) - the workroom - with new built-in bookshelves, cabinets & flooring Foreign Languagecollection was heavily weeded; a major undertaking! (see chart to right) 30%
  3. 3. King Library Collection Statistics Number of Library Materials Number of Circulations41000 2300030750 2200020500 2100010250 20000 0 19000 2010-2011 2011-2012 2010-2011 2011-2012 NUMBERS Even though we have almost 10,000 less materials in the King School Library this year because of the intense weeding we have been doing LIBRARY TECHNOLOGY 1 SmartBoard + speakers 3,000 more materials were 1 Smart Airliner checked out this year! 1 Smart Document Camera This may also be due 1 Librarian MacBook to the increase in our student population by 17% 30 Student Response Systems 6 iMac Workstations 2 PC Workstations
  4. 4. ABOUT ME Library Curriculum Kindergarten Highlights Thematic Literature Units Author Studies Book Care 1st Grade Book Care Fiction vs. Nonfiction Monarch AwardName: Natalie Sapkarov Fractured Fairy Tales Chapter Book Read-AloudTitle: Library Media Specialist 2nd Grade Book CareCertification: MysteriesIL Type 10 Special Teaching - Monarch AwardK-12 Library Media Specialist Library Catalog & Call #s& IL Type 3 Initial Elementary Chapter Book Read-AloudEducation: ••• 3rd Grade Story ElementsMaster of Science in Library & The Library Curriculum is a Trickster TalesInformation Science from the Library Catalog & Call #sUniversity of Illinois at fine balance of ... Fiction & Nonfiction GenresUrbana-Champaign Book Care Fables Literature AppreciationBachelor of Science inElementary Education from 4th Grade instilling a love of reading & Library CatalogLoyola University Chicago Mysteries learning in students Bluestem Award BiographiesProfessional Internet Safety & Book CareDevelopment: Information Literacy Skills African-American Folktales Tall Tales4/2012 - Take One! Entry teaching students to search,1/2012 - Monarch Award collect, and evaluate 5th Grade Bluestem AwardCommittee Meeting, ISLMA information effectively both in Dewey Decimal System Genres10/2011 - ISLMA Conference the library and online Internet Safety & Book Care Reference Materials Civil War Stories10/2011 - Igniting a Passion for Computer Lab Project •••Reading Book Discussion9/2011 - Teaching AfricanChildren’s Literature &Culture Workshop4/2011 - Introduction toiMovie Workshop10/2010 - ISLMA Conference