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Bluestem 2012 presentation


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2012 Bluestem Award presentation converted from SmartBoard Notebook format to PDF.

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Bluestem 2012 presentation

  1. 1. Bluestem Award Illinois Readers Choice Award for grades 3-5 At King School, students in fourth and fifth grade may participate.
  2. 2. How does it work at King School?You may only check out one award nominee each week.You must finish the entire book! You may onlyrenew it ONCE.After finishing a book, fill out an I Read a Bluestem!sheet. When you turn this in, Ill mark the book off yourBluestem Bingo card.For every Bluestem nominee that you read, you will beentered in a monthly raffle to win a free book!If you read 4 nominees in a row on yourBluestem Bingo card, you will receive anextra raffle entry.
  3. 3. How does it work at King School? Students who read at least 6 of the nominees will be invited to a pizza party in March. At the pizza party, they will vote for their favorite book. If you read at least 4 of the nominees, you can still vote for your favorite. The student who reads the MOST Bluestem nominees will receive a special prize! I will send the votes to Springfield, where they will be added to the votes of all the other students in Illinois participating in the program.
  4. 4. the 2012 nominees...
  5. 5. It isn’t that Abby Carson can’t do her schoolwork. She just doesn’t likedoing it. And in February a warning letter arrives at her home. Abbywill have to repeat sixth grade—unless she meets some specificconditions, including taking on an extra credit project: find a pen pal ina distant country. Seems simple enough.But when Abbys first letter arrives at a small school in Afghanistan,the teacher takes it to the village elders. And everyone agrees that anyletters going back to America must be written well in English. And theonly qualified student is a boy, Sadeed Bayat. Except in this village, itis not proper for a boy to correspond with a girl. So Sadeed’s youngersister will write the letters. Except she knows hardly any English. SoSadeed must write the letters. But what about the villagers whobelieve that girls should not be anywhere near a school? And whatabout those who believe that any contact with Americans is . . .unhealthy?As letters flow back and forth—between the prairies of Illinois and themountains of central Asia, across cultural and religious divides, throughthe minefields of different lifestyles and traditions—a small group ofchildren begin to speak and listen to each other. And in just a few shortweeks, they make important discoveries about their communities,about their world, and most of all, about themselves.
  6. 6. Ivy June Mosely and Catherine Combs, twogirls from different parts of Kentucky, areparticipating in the first seventh-gradestudent exchange program between theirschools. The girls will stay at each other’shomes, attend school together, and recordtheir experience in their journals.Catherine and her family have a beautifulhome with plenty of space. Since Ivy June’shouse is crowded, she lives with hergrandparents. Her Pappaw works in the coalmines supporting four generations of kinfolk.Ivy June can’t wait until he leaves thatmine forever and retires. As the girls getcloser, they discover they’re more alikethan different, especially when they facethe terror of not knowing what’s happeningto those they love most.
  7. 7. Grace loves cats. She also loves takingpictures of cats and drawing Not So Supercomics. She doesnt like Sammy Stringer, aboy in her class. Shes got lots and lots ofideas, and when her neighbors cat goesmissing, Grace does her best to make Mrs.Luther feel less lonely. But as the mysteryof the missing cat continues, Graces well-intentioned plan backfires, and she findsherself in a bit of trouble. Maybe, justmaybe, Sammy Stringer will help herthrough.