Blog Marketing TIps: Make a button for your blog


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Blog Marketing TIps: Make a button for your blog
How to find a button and put it in your blog so readers can click on it to visit another page.

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Blog Marketing TIps: Make a button for your blog

  1. 1. Blog Marketing Tips: Make a buttonfor your blogI have been asked several times in the last few weeks about howto make a button for your blog.So I made a simple, step by step blog marketing tips videoanswering this question. I also provide instructions below.Blog Marketing Tips: Make a button for yourblog1) Google search the type of button you want. In this case wechose "register now".There is no need to re-create your own button when the web is fullof them.Check out our Blog Marketing Tips:
  2. 2. 2) Once you hit "enter" on your search, hit the "Images" link todisplay the buttons.3) Find the button you like and click on it. Then click "vieworiginal source" to see it by itself on its own page.4) When it is showing on its own page, right click on the imageand select "save image as" to save it to your computer.5) Go to your blog, when you have the post in "edit" mode, placethe cursor where you want the image to show up.6) Select the "Add Media" button on the top left of the editor.7) Upload the image you saved to the blog and give it a good "AltText" Description for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)....stay inthis window for the next step.8) Leave the edit tab open and open another tab to select the urlof the page you want the button to go to when clicked.9) Under "Attachment Display Settings" Select "Custom Url" thenpaste the Url in the box provided and hit "insert into post"10) Publish or update your post to view it live and test it out.Check out our Blog Marketing Tips:
  3. 3. (Blog Marketing Tips Hint: now that you have uploaded the imagethis one time, you will not have to upload it again for future posts.You will just click "add media" and select it from your medialibrary and update the Url if it changes)Thats it!If you enjoy getting my blog marketing tips, or found this posthelpful, please like, share or comment below.If you have anything you would like to learn about blogmarketing tips, let me know and I will see if I can make a videofor you! P.S. This blog ranks high in search because we use andrecommend this platform.For only $25 you can have a blog that is ready to go and rankshigher than JCPenney,, NFL & More - see statsbelow:Check out our Blog Marketing Tips:
  4. 4.     See More Blog Marketing Tips: Create a sign up form for yourblogDon and I make money online blogging about blog marketingtips, online marketing training, motivation, strategies & more!You can do this too! :)Check out our Blog Marketing Tips: