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Published in: Education, Travel
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  1. 1. STRENGTHS Photo Gallery
  2. 2. MENTORING As a Residence Hall Director at Stony Brook University I motivated and encouraged my students to take advantage of leadership opportunities. Two of my Resident Assistants, Vivianna Schwoerer(2009) and Charles Rico(2010) with my mentorship won Homecoming Queen and King.
  3. 3. A program I organized that not only broughtBUILDING together students, faculty and staff but also raisedCOMMUNITY $1,000.00 for an orphanage in Haiti.
  4. 4. ADVISING The UCC, a student organization in which I advised, was highlighted in the student newspaper for its efforts to increase cross-cultural interactions on campus.
  5. 5. HUMANITARIAN The Alternative Spring Break Organization selected me to be one of their advisors for their community service trip to Pensacola, Florida.
  6. 6. HUMANITARIAN I initiated Wear Jeans, Save Lives: A fundraising initiative which motivated staff, during the holidays, to wear jeans to work on Fridays if they donated to a good cause.
  7. 7. A door tag I created using social media influences toAPPROACHABLE assure that all 500 of my residents knew they could approach me at any time for personal and/or academic concerns.
  8. 8. GREATATTITUDEI volunteered to support students inevery aspect of their student lifewhether it was participating in campuswide traditions with them orvolunteering during finals to providethem free breakfast.
  9. 9. TEAMWORK
  10. 10. MULTICULTURAL Multicultural Programs that I helped to organize:DEVELOPMENT • Journey Around the World was sold out with over 300 students in attendance and included cultural and educational performances from over 20 student organizations.