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Brand Presentation - H&M


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Brand Presentation - H&M

  1. 1. Brand Presentation: H&M Presented by: Natalie Latouf
  2. 2. Font Selection: Bank GothicQuick Facts:- Design date: 1930 Popular Uses: - Hancock - Jumper- Designed by: Morris Fuller Benton (for Television - Eagle EyeThe American Type Founders) - 24 - Knowing - Battlestar Galactica - The InternationalDenotation: - Drake and Josh - X-Men Origins: Wolver-- Rectilinear - The King of Queens ine- Geometric - ER - A Perfect Getaway- Sans-Serif - NCIS - Seeking Justice- Contemporary - Stargate SG-1 - The Hunger Games- No non-caps, only large and small caps - Robot Wars - The Event Other usesReason for selection: - Falling Skies Video games- Clear - Terra Nova - Television news- Direct - The Amazing Race - YouTube (primarily vid-- Easy to read for bullets, and short - Just Shoot Me eo lyrics)headline information- High contrast with H&M branding andlogo typeface. Movies used heavily in posters and advertising for re- cent movies (Mostly Ac- tion Movies), including: - The Day After Tomor- row
  3. 3. H&M Advert 1Veins: 3(in ascending order)1. Sky 62. Sand, water, sea3. Girl 44. Bikini Top 75. Bikini Bottom6. Tunic and jewelry 57. text and H&M Logo 2Icons:• Woman• Tunic• Bathing Suit Index: The text: “Matthew Williamson for H&M” and• Ribbon on her feet the price & Details• Jewelry Symbol: H&M logo• Beach/Sand Name: H&M logo• Sea EvaluatioN: Good• Typographic Elements Potency: Strong• Shadow Activity: Active
  4. 4. H&M Advert 2 6Veins: 3 91. Sky 72. Sea 23. women on the right 11 24. Their bikini tops 45. Their bikini bottoms6. women on the left 2 107. Their bikini tops 88. Their bikini bottoms9. The sunglasses & 5 jewelry10. splash11. Typographic Elements & logoIcons:• 4 women• 4 bikinis• Bathing Suit Index: The Price and associated text• Sunglasses and small Symbol: H&M logo hand jewelry Name: H&M logo• Beach/ Sand EvaluatioN: Good• Sea Potency: Strong• Typographic Elements Activity: Active• Splashes
  5. 5. H&M Advert 3Veins: 31. Grey background 62. Grey Floor 53. Older woman 84. Her pants5. Her black top6. Her red blazer 4 107. Her shoes8. The little girl on the right9. Her tights10. Her black dress11. Her shoes 1212. The little girl seated13. her tights 14 914. her top/dress15. her shoes 13 3 15 7 11 3Icons:• 3 people - two young Index: None girls and an older woman Symbol: H&M logo• Clothing Name: H&M logo• Shoes EvaluatioN: Good• Typographic Element/ Potency: Strong logo Activity: Active
  6. 6. H&M Advert 4 2 5Veins:1. (LHS) Grey background2. David Beckham3. Underwear 74. (RHS) Grey background5. David Beckham6. Underwear7. Tank top8. H&M logo 6 3Icons:(left)David Beckham 8Underwear(right)David BeckhamTanktop Index: NoneUnderwear Symbol: H&M logo & David Beckham Name: H&M logo EvaluatioN: Good Potency: Strong Activity: Active
  7. 7. H&M Advert 5Veins: 5 21. Background 32. Girl 43. Sweater4. Jewelry on her wrists 95. Oyster in her hand 76. Table7. Purse 68. Plate of Ice, oysters & lemons 89. The text and logosIcons:GirlTop/sweaterJewelry (bracelets)Purse Index: Sac: Euro 149| Jimmy Choo pour” H&MPlate Symbol: H&M logo & Jimmy ChooOysters Name: H&M logo Jimmy ChooLemons EvaluatioN: badIce Potency: weakTypographic elements Activity: passive
  8. 8. H&M Advert 6Veins: 31. Background2. Floor3. Man 54. Pants5. Sweater 76. Shoes7. “Armybukser 249”8. H&M logo 2 6 4Icons: 8• Man• Typographic elementIndex: “Armybukser 249”Symbol: H&M logoName: H&M logoEvaluatioN: badPotency: weakActivity: Active
  9. 9. H&M Advert 7Veins: 6 41. Wood 14 9 5 background 16 72. Floor 83. Furniture 15 114. The girl on the table 35. Her boots6. sweater dress7. belt 108. purse 18 139. The girl on the left10. Her pants11. Her shirt 17 212. her boots13. her jewelry 1214. The girl on the right15. Her black Icons: Index: Jimmie Choo for H&M dress • 3 women Symbol: H&M & Jimmy Choo16. Her • Clothing logo bracelets • Shoes Name: H&M logo & Jimmy17. Her shoes • Jewelry Choo18. The table on • Tables EvaluatioN: Good the right • Chairs Potency: Strong • Typographic Elements Activity: Active
  10. 10. H&M Advert 8Veins:1. White Background2. Red bar3. Girl4. Denim jeans 6 35. White top6. Black and gold jacket 5 27. The H&M logoIcons: 4Red Diagonal BarGirlIndex: NoneSymbol: H&M logoName: H&M 7EvaluatioN: ActivePotency: StrongActivity: High
  11. 11. H&M Advert 9 3 8Veins: 7 61. The Background2. The leaves 23. The 4 individuals 94. The tights or pants 55. The skirts6. The tops 47. The jackets8. The scarves9. The accessories10. The shoes11. The H&M Logo 11 10Icons:• 3 women and 1 man• Clothing and accessories• Shoes• LeavesIndex: NoneSymbol: H&M logoName: H&M logoEvaluatioN: GoodPotency: StrongActivity: Active
  12. 12. H&M Advert 10 2 5 4Veins:1. White background2. The man3. His shorts4. His checkered shirt 35. The beige blazer6. His shoes7. The H&M logo 6Icons: 71 man (wearing clothingand shoes)Index: NoneSymbol: H&M logoName: H&M logoEvaluatioN: GoodPotency: StrongActivity: Active
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  18. 18. Utopia Chanel Burberry Tod’s Longines BurtonCritical Playful Evian Adidas (Original) Nespresso Billabong Zara Adidas (football) Abercrombie H&M Pantene Old Navy Practical New Look