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A way to know your horse is safe while trailering

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Safe T Ride

  1. 1. Presenting the new technologySafeT Ride: Sensitive Cameras for Horse Trailers<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  2. 2. Purpose of SafeT Ride<br />The SafeT Ride cameras will be a way of knowing that your horse, tack, and trailer are all safe while you are towing. With the newest motion sensors and discrete security cameras, you will never feel like you have to worry about if your horse is being safe in the trailer stall. <br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  3. 3. Brief Introduction<br /> Have you ever felt like you’re afraid your horse might have fallen in the trailer? With the SafeT Ride technology, worries like this won’t occur. Complete with a camera and floorboard motion screening, if your horse falls in the trailer, a small alarm will be sounded on your screen in the vehicle. The small television screen is for optimal viewing of activity going on in the horse trailer. A camera and motion sensors for the tack room—to make sure that none of your valuables are falling, tipping over, or getting damaged in any way. Lastly, a camera for the back bumper is available so that you can be aware of anyone tailgating and electrical shortages (lights not working).<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  4. 4. Advantages to SafeT Ride<br />The advantages to SafeT Ride are simple. You know what your horse is doing in the horse trailer, if they are safe, and if they are happy. This wireless system will monitor what is going on inside the trailer and out. With cameras in the horse area, tack room (optional), and by back bumper, you will know what is going on with the safety of your horse AND trailer!<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  5. 5. Special Features<br />System Includes:<br />Cameras<br />Motion board<br />LCD Television screen for cab—with duel screens<br />Mounting brackets for cameras and screens<br />Electrical cords and converters <br />Remote control for the monitor and camera<br /><ul><li>Small and discrete cameras in the trailer, so it doesn’t spook or upset the horses. They will never know it’s there!
  6. 6. Cameras in the horse area, tack room, and back bumper area
  7. 7. Nice monitor for the vehicle that has color picture and sound
  8. 8. Motion sensitive floorboard that detects if horse falls down.
  9. 9. For example: if they fall and their legs or body hits the ground, the sensor detects that and sends an alert to the monitor in the vehicle.
  10. 10. If motion sensor is placed in tack room, it will detect spilled liquids and objects also greater than the size of a horse’s hoof.</li></ul>11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  11. 11. Our Competitors<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  12. 12. Other Similar Technologies<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  13. 13. SafeT Ride Requirements<br />Vehicle for safe towing of a horse trailer.<br /><ul><li>Audio speakers in vehicle
  14. 14. A horse trailer
  15. 15. A horse
  16. 16. A tack room (optional)
  17. 17. Electrical hook-up for the vehicle-to-horse trailer
  18. 18. For breaks, lights, camera, monitor, and motion sensor</li></ul>11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  19. 19. How to Use SafeT Ride:<br />3 Easy Steps!<br /><ul><li>Have the SafeT Ride system installed at your local dealer
  20. 20. Or you can manually do it yourself
  21. 21. Turn on your system—get it started
  22. 22. Do your visual, audio, and motion checks
  23. 23. Go for your ride!</li></ul>11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  24. 24. Execution Environment<br />As being professionals in safety, we do require that if you get the SafeT Ride installed, you MUST have an approved vehicle. By this, we mean that your vehicle must be able to properly and safely tow the trailer we install the system into. You can ask your local tuck and trailer dealers on what are appropriate specs. If we do not feel that the quality or pair of vehicle-trailer matchup is adequately safe for the ultimate truck and trailer towing experience, we have the right to decline if problem seems apparent. This RARELY happens, but our ultimate goal is safety…we want to keep it that way! <br /><ul><li>If there are any problems with SafeT Ride, just call or bring it in to the shop and we will have it taken care of. We have a 5 year warranty for our product. </li></ul>11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  25. 25. Examples of the camera<br /><ul><li>
  26. 26.</li></ul>11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  27. 27. Demo - Snapshots<br />11/2/09 11:56<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />
  28. 28. Our Conclusion and Promise<br />With the SafeT Ride surveillance system, you will never have to worry about whether your horse is being unsafe in the trailer. SafeT Ride is the first ever surveillance system with motion detection, so you can be alerted if any dangers happen while you are on your trailering trips.<br />11/2/09 11:57<br />Natalie Klein -- SafeT Ride<br />