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Hand trucks

Ease E Load Trolleys supply trolleys including Sack Trucks, hand trucks, Garden Centre Trolleys, Dollies, OfficeTrolleys, Post Trolleys and Light Weight Trolleys

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Hand trucks

  1. 1. How to choose the right hand trucksHand trucks are very useful in moving things from one place to another so as to avoid straining the back and getting job done quickly. Carrying heavy loads with can cause serious damageleading to pain and other complications later in life. This is why companies have come up with trucks to aid in transportation of appliances and materials. With the wide range of trucks in the market, it is important to consider several factors so as to choose the most suitable one.
  2. 2. Among the factors that need to be considered include: 1. Material used to make the truck Manufacturers mainly use two types of metals, Aluminium and steel to make the carts. Aluminium is lighter and thus easier to move about. Steel is heavy and thus trucks manufactured using steel usually last for longer. This means the ones made ofsteel are suitable for moving small loads whereas the Aluminium ones are more suited to very heavy loads.
  3. 3. 2. Capacity Different hand trucks are designed to carry loads of up to a certain weight. Thisweight limit is fixed by the manufacturer and should not be exceeded at any time. This is because the capacity is determined based on the materials used to make the cart, the size and the design. Thus overloading it will cause it to shatter and one may end up destroying valuable goods. So when shopping for a hand truck itis important to have an estimate of the weight of goods that will be carried by thecart. This way one can buy one with the right capacity. Buying a bigger one will be a waste of money since the extra space will not be put into any use.
  4. 4. 3. Straps Heavy and delicate goods need to be fastened as they are being moved so as to prevent them from falling off. If one is dealing withthose kinds of goods, then he or she should consider a cart with straps. 4. Product reviews With the wide range of manufacturers, the easiest way to detect the reputation of a product is to read the product reviews posted on the internet. Once one has identified a manufacturer, the next step is to search the internet and get consumer and expert reviews of the product. Comments from people who have used the trucks can be a good source of information for making a decision on whether to buy the product or not.
  5. 5. 5. Price Hand trucks have different costs depending on the manufacturer and the design. Comparing the price quotations from different sellers will enable one find the most reasonable price. However it is important to remember that quality counts more than price. Thus one should not buy a cheap truck as it will last for only ashort while. Compare both price and quality so as to buy a product that is of high quality and has a reasonable price. Please visit our website for more information on our hand trucks sack trucks and platform trucks as well as our large selection of office trolleys.