Dressing for your shape


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Dressing for your shape

  1. 1. Dressing For Your Shape A how to guide
  2. 2. IntroductionThis presentation will take you through stepson how to dress for your figure and to findclothes that are flattering for your body type.
  3. 3. Finding your shapeThere are many body types including:• Apple• Pear• Athletic• Hourglass• Slender• Inverted triangle• Tall• petite
  4. 4. Finding your shapeIdentifying your body type can be easy if you know your body proportions. Channel4 have a very helpful website thatgives you options for finding your body type: http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/style- me/bodyshapefinder
  5. 5. Finding your Shape Below is a quick breakdown of the body types:Apple: plentiful Pear: small bust and Athletic: Strong Hourglass: wherebust, rounded narrow shoulders, and and sporty body bust and hips arestomach and bigger hips, thighs or with minimal equal with aslimmer hips bottom curves defined small waistSlender: Slim Inverted Triangle: Tall: 5’10 and Petite: 5’3 andwith few curves Shoulders are broader above below than hips
  6. 6. Dressing for your shapeNow that you’ve found what body type youare, dressing for your shape will be a lot easier.Finding clothes to suit you will also be a lessdifficult task.The next part of the presentation will gothrough each body type/shape and a guide todressing for your body shape.
  7. 7. AppleTips For Apple shape:• Draw attention to the parts you love, e.g. Bust and Legs, this will distract attention away from your round stomach.• Slimming control underwear helps define your body• Structured and tailored clothes are good, single breasted structures with one or two buttons• A Line skirts helps the waist look smaller• Strong block colours help accentuate the parts you love
  8. 8. PearTips for Pear Shape:• Strapless tops and dresses show of slim shoulders• Padding in jackets help broaden shoulders to balance hips• Clothes which stop above the hip line are more flattering• Thin belts on the waist are flattering• A good padded bra will improve your cleavage
  9. 9. AthleticTips for athletic types:• Avoid plunging or round neck lines which make breasts look smaller• Leggins look great showing of slender legs• Pull in a waist clinching belt to create a new waist• Asymmetric lines are great for drawing attention to strong shoulder
  10. 10. HourglassTips for an hourglass shape:• Puff sleeves to emphasise shoulders• Pencil skirt is the most flattering for your figure• Wear fitted clothes but make sure theyre not too tight. Consider going one size up so your clothes really mirror your figure, rather than pull at it.• High-waisted, wide-legged trousers will emphasise the curve of your hip without making your bottom half look big
  11. 11. SlenderDressing for a slender shape:• Look for clothes which will help create curves, such as ruffles and pleats• Boot cut jeans are perfect as they create flare and volume• Stay away from large prints• Padded or push up bras create curves
  12. 12. Inverted triangleTips if you have an inverted triangle shape:• Sexy tailored jackets are perfect for you• Large bangles and clutches help balance your shape• Use a belt to counter balance an outfit• Tulip skirts and harem pants draw attention to your bottom half
  13. 13. TallTips for tall women:• Bold striking colours compliment your height• Horizontal lines diffuse height• If dresses seem to short, layer them with tights, leggins or jeans• Floor skimming maxi skirts and dresses show off your height• Large jewellery flatters proportions
  14. 14. PetiteTips for being petite:• Avoid fuss and clutter, like pockets and pleats• Well tailored clothes are a must• Girly, sugary colours appear child like so avoid them• High waist line on skirts and trousers work well• Wedges and heels add height and confidence
  15. 15. Sites I UsedMy source of information was:http://www.channel4.com/4beauty/style/dress-for-your-body-shapehttp://www.google.com