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  • Dr. Gajjar is an excellent choice for the RCDSO rep. He is experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated to and for his dental colleagues.
    Dr. Larry Gaum
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Neil Gajjar

  1. 1. Dr. Neil J. Gajjar, BSc, DDS106 Humber College Blvd. #206Etobicoke, ON M9V 4E4T 416.746.5519C 416-564-2021E personal@drgajjar.comRe: RCDSO Elections & Protecting the ProfessionI would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support as I run for the RCDSO Council position inthe Toronto West district.Having practiced General Dentistry for over twelve years, I have had the opportunity of working withmany people in organized dentistry and serving on many boards. I have worked with the ODA, CDA, AGDand SADA in the development and refinement of programs. In addition, I have served an appointment tothe Royal College of Dental Surgeons on the Quality Assurance Committee and I am currently serving onthe Professional Liability Committee.Hence, being a General Practitioner, having been involved with the dental community and having hadexperience at the College, I believe I am uniquely qualified to represent you as a Councilor for District#10 at the RCDSO.As our new RCDSO representative, I have numerous concerns which I promise to address:  First and foremost, our previous representative, Dr. Natalie Archer has raised concerns regarding the processes, management and operation of the College. These issues must be immediately addressed and resolved.  Most of us have seen our practices slow down over the last few years. The reason being an oversupply of dentists in Ontario. Most dentists want to set up in the GTA. The College should provide these new members a map of under serviced areas so that they can benefit from not competing in an already saturated market. Better yet, a new exam should be set up for all dentists not graduating from one of the two Ontario universities and wanting to practice in Ontario, similar to Florida and California.  There are concerns that unlicensed dentists are working as associates, performing regulated acts that are billed by the principal. This is of grave concern and needs to be investigated and stopped.  In these tough economic times where the corporate world is right-sizing, we need to evaluate the management at the College and their respective salaries.  The new Practice Evaluation Tool (PET) needs to be re-evaluated. What was supposed to be a self-assessment tool has really become a test, taking the beta testers on average of over 15 hours to complete. Not only are we to take this exam every five years, but we are not told our mark, the passing mark, which questions we got wrong and the correct answers to the questions. We are only told if we pass or fail. In addition, the exam leaves specialists at a disadvantage as they are subject to answer questions on general dentistry when they practice a particular specialty. Finally, is there a real need to be tested on basic sciences when they have little or no clinical relevance?
  2. 2.  Core courses also need to be revisited. We do not need to have dentists take courses in basic sciences and test them on it.  Dental Hygienists are currently lobbying to administer local anesthetics and perform simple extractions. The College needs to be more proactive than reactive on this issue.  It has been over two years since the Government passed a law mandating a five year suspension of license for those that treat their spouses. The College needs to be more involved to overturn this ridiculous law.  PLP needs to step away from settling cases and start defending dentists. We pay for PLP and it is mandatory for us to use - the deductible needs to be eliminated.In addition to addressing these concerns, you can always expect the following from me:  I will continue to fight to ensure that our licensing fees and our malpractice insurance fees remain the lowest in all of Canada.  I will continue to support the College’s rehabilitative approach to matters, which in the past, were almost automatically referred to Discipline. Because of this new initiative, we now have the fewest number of referrals to Discipline in the history of the College.  I will always be available via email, to speak with you on the phone, or to meet with you at Toronto West dental meetings.  I will need and request your personal input and opinions on all subjects before the College. I will also make your personal feelings known at Council meetings at the College.It is very important to me that I represent the views and concerns of each one of you. When decisionsconcerning your professional lives are being made, your input is vital!Yours truly,Dr. Neil J. Gajjar .Online CV: Profile: