Natalie Archer VP RCDSO Resignation Letter


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Natalie Archer VP RCDSO Resignation Letter

  1. 1. ‘ J WWW.RUNNYMEDEDENTALCENTRE.COM TELEPHONE: 416.763.2000 625 RUNNYMEDE ROAD, TORONTO, ONTARIO]J JJ%JJJ EMAIL: RUNNYMEDEDENTAL@DRARCHER.CA M6S 3A3 March 29, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: Effective immediately, I am resigning as Vice-President, and also as Councilor, of the RCDSO. I have been proud to serve as the Toronto West Councilor for six years, working with and serving a wonderful group of dentists. I was elected Vice President of the RCDSO in January, 2011. I feel strongly that I had no choice but to resign in the circumstances, and feel I owe you (and especially Toronto West dentists) a short explanation, while upholding my confidentiality obligations to the RCDSO. I also want to emphasize my continued respect for the RCDSO as an organization and how much I have valued the friendships I have made with many fellow Councilors. Upon joining the Executive, it became clear to me that in my opinion the vantage point into the management and governance of the RCDSO sitting on the Executive is very different from that afforded to other Councilors. I don’t believe this should be the case. My year on Executive led me to believe that there were areas where we needed to improve, and quickly. For example: - The RCDSO by-laws state that there needs to be a Treasurer. There is no Treasurer and has not been one for eight years. The by-laws further state that the positions of Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Treasurer may not be held by the same person. - Meetings sometimes are not organized and minuted in accordance with applicable governance rules. - In my opinion, meeting agendas are not detailed enough and notice is not sufficient to enable all Councilors to participate fully in Council meetings. Councilors who are not on the Executive, as a result, in my opinion are not informed and empowered as they should be especially given the fact that Council constitutes the Board of the RCDSO not the Executive on its own. - There is no written procurement policy, or RFP (request for proposal) policies set by Council to ensure that there is transparency in engagement of Pursuing Excellence and Trust in Patient Gentered Care
  2. 2. Page 2 outside providers, and to ensure that providers are acting in the best interests of the College. - There is no formal strategic plan for the College, whereas formulating and implementing such a plan is widely considered to be an important aspect of good governance. - There is no governance committee and despite my best efforts in my opinion little appetite to improve or change the current governance structures to ensure that they meet best practices. - In my opinion, there is lack of transparency and openness with respect to dissemination and transfer of information in order for Councilors to be informed to make well informed decisions. - Even as a member of the Executive, access to information that I felt strongly was required to fulfill my fiduciary duty was denied to me on more than one occasion despite the by-laws. I obtained a legal opinion that confirmed that the by-laws entitled Councilors as directors to such information, as this is typically the case with other organizations.I sought out top drawer advice (governance and legal) to inform myself on what Ineeded to do, and could do, in the circumstances, given my fiduciary obligations as aCouncilor and Vice-President. Based on the advice, I made a number of specificproposals that I believe were appropriate, necessary, and constructive.Management disagreed with my proposals and Council as a whole based on advicefrom management and the RCDSO’s legal counsel also disagreed.I must also say that that in my view the current RCDSO board culture lacks civilityand respect. This also played a significant role in my decision.In the circumstances, based on advice that I received, I believe I cannot continue as aVice-President or as a Councilor, because I believe strongly that I have beenrepeatedly prevented from fulfilling my fiduciary obligations.I wish the RCDSO and my colleagues there all the best, and will continue to workhard in the interest of access to care and excellence in organized dentistry throughother avenues.Yours truly,Dr. Natalie Archer Pursuing Excellence and Trust in Patient centered Care