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Ira Marder

  1. 1. IRA MARDER, DDS, FAGD 1078 Wilson Avenue Toronto, Ontario M3K 1G6 Tel: (416) 633-6443May 2012Re: RCDSO 2012 By-ElectionDear Colleagues,My name is Ira Marder and I am running for election as yourrepresentative in District 10 (Toronto West). I ran during the last twoelections and each time, came in second to the eventual winner, Dr.Natalie Archer. Dr. Archer and I have worked together at the RCDSand I consider her a friend of mine. Dr. Archer has resigned from theRCDS Council after 6 years of service and I ask for your support insucceeding her as your District 10 representative. I believe that I canalso be an effective and strong advocate for you at the RCDS.I have served on committee at the RCDS in the past and I am proud tosay that during my time on the Complaints Committee, we had thefewest number of referrals from the Complaints to the DisciplineCommittee. When elected, I promise to continue that effort ofprotecting the individual dentist and ensuring that any requiredprocesses or programs are applied fairly and properly.My past record should assure you that I am able and capable ofserving productively as a RCDS Councillor. I have my Fellowship fromthe AGD, a Humanitarian Service Award from Alpha Omega,membership in the Pierre Fauchard Society and have taught as aDemonstrator at U of T. I am experienced in community service,having been an elected representative at the Faculty of Dentistry onStudent and Governing Councils. I have also been President of AO andam very involved in numerous charitable and civic organizations. I ama current member of the ODA, the CDA, AO and the Pierre FauchardSociety. I want to now continue my public service as your RCDSOrepresentative.I am proud to include an endorsement of my candidacy from Dr.Marvin Klotz. Dr. Klotz has been a dedicated member of our dental
  2. 2. profession his whole career and has devoted himself to dental causesand organizations. I thank him for the kind words in his letter.As a Councillor, my focus will be on representing you, the practicingdentist, and I will work to ensure that your interests are protected andpromoted. Therefore, if I am elected; o I will represent your best interests at the RCDSO Council and on all Committees. o I will fight to keep your RCDS dues as low as possible. o I believe the current prohibition against treating one’s spouse is unreasonable and will do whatever is in my power to change or eliminate that restriction. o I will endeavour to protect your practice from hygienists, denturists and any other threats to our scope of practice. o I will work with the RCDS to resist unnecessary governmental and legislative interference in the practice of dentistry.I am a “wet-fingered” dentist like you and spend my clinical time in myoffice in District 10. I also work part-time providing dental care forresidents of nursing homes and retirement residences. The time that Iam at the RCDSO, I will be there representing you and your concerns,because as a practicing dentist, they are also my concerns.Please support me during this election so that I can support you asyour representative at the RCDSO. I guarantee that you will be myprimary focus and concern. I am always available to hear from you, atyour convenience. Please feel free to call my office at 416-633-6443,my home at 416-783-5558 or e-mail me at the upcoming College election, please consider me for your TorontoWest Councillor.Sincerely,Ira MarderDr. Ira Marder
  3. 3. A Message from Dr. Marvin KlotzMembers of District 10,As you may be aware, I served on the Council of the RCDSO from 1990 -1992[Toronto], 1993-1996 [East Toronto] and 2002 – 2011 [Central Toronto], inseveral capacities, including the Executive, Vice President and Chair of theComplaints Committee.I am writing this letter in support of Ira Marder who is seeking to representToronto West on the RCDSO Council.I have known Ira since the late 1980’s; we were both involved in organizeddentistry, in various organizations, at several levels. We worked especially closelyon the RCDSO Complaints Committee: I as chair and he as a non-council member.His honesty, integrity and compassion were obvious and consistent. Heunderstands a concept, close to my heart: the College has the mandate andresponsibility to “protect the public” but that does not mean “harm dentistry orany dentist”.Fair consideration of the facts and circumstances is essential – justice andremediation, not punishment is the goal. The RCDSO must consider public trust,concerns of governability and the needs of the profession – not always an easytask. Ira has the experience, wisdom and character to balance these sometimesseemingly disparate interests.He is a successful, ethical practitioner with many years of experience and provencapability as a positive supporter of “doing what is right”.I wholeheartedly support his election as RCDSO councilor from District 10.Sincerely,             Marvin Klotz