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Jordi bernaldo


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Published in: Education
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Jordi bernaldo

  1. 1. I am Jordi Bernaldo Piñol.I live in Sabadell, (Barcelona).I have got 13 years old.I play basketball in Sant Nicolau, is my school.My favorite basketball player is Ray Allen andMichael Jordan.I like Pizza and ice-cream.My favorite hobby is go in my skateboard, is an especial skate.Her name is Longboard and is very cool.I average: 1’50. My hair is short and black.My eyes are Brown and small.I am short and thin.My father name’s Francesc and my mother isGlòria.I ‘m have got one sister his name is Anna
  2. 2. I going with my Longboard This is my house In Calella de Palafrugell
  3. 3. My last holidays I went inIt’s in La Costa Brava.It’s name Calella de Palafrugell.It’s very beautiful small.It ‘s very small.In last summer, my family have got a one boat.Is small and white. Her name is“no et punxis”.I was go in my boat every day of de Summer.In the morning go all the family: My father , mother, my sister and I.We were go in the“Calas” is ……….We were eat chips, coke…And the afternoon I was go a play football,and my friends.And I was a fishing in me boat for me father.And the last of de day I had dinner in “CA LAFILOMENA”.Is a fantastic restaurant.We ate a entrecote.It’s was very very good!!!