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Story of globe theatre


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Story of globe theatre

  1. 1. Story of globe theatre<br />NatàliaRosson<br />
  2. 2. story<br />The first proper theater as we know it was called the Theatre, built at Shoreditch, After the Theatre, further open air playhouses ( theaters ) opened in the London area, including the Rose Theatre (1587), and the Hope Theatre (1613). The most famous Elizabethan playhouse ( theater ) was the Globe Theatre (1599) built by the company in which Shakespeare had a stake - now often referred to as the Shakespearean Globe. The full history of the Elizabethan Theater with all its theaters, playhouses and inn-yards is available by clicking the Elizabethan Theatre link which provides comprehensive information about Elizabethan Inn-Yards, Theaters and Playhouses.<br />
  3. 3. On foot by bike<br />On foot<br />Shakespeare's Globe is best accessed on foot. There are excellent footpaths along the river from Waterloo and from Southwark Bridge.<br />By bike<br />There are uncovered public bike racks on Bankside and New Globe Walk, both 10 metres from the Theatre. <br />
  4. 4. By underground and train<br />By underground<br />The local stations are Mansion House on the District and Circle Lines  London Bridge on the Northern and Jubilee Lines , Southwark on the Jubilee Line, and St Paul's on the Central Line.<br />By train<br />The major local stations are London Bridge , Cannon Street , Blackfriars  andWaterloo .<br />
  5. 5. By car or taxi<br />By car and taxi<br />Where possible, visitors are advised to arrive by public transport or by taxi.There is an NCP car park on Upper Thames Street on the north side of Southwark Bridge. <br />
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