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Introducing my blog.


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Published in: Education
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Introducing my blog.

  1. 1. Introducing my blog “What happened, Stu?” By: Natalia Ñañez Restrepo
  2. 2. This blog is for students in level 2 of English in a university ( as FUNLAM) They will be able to narrate stories and events.
  3. 3. The methodology is based on blended learning. Which will help students, they will improve technological skills while they are learning.
  4. 4. While students are working in the blog, they will be able to identify and use simple past and past continuous, telling stories, describing past proceedings, and all the activities that requires the use of past tenses in order to narrate stories and events. Moreover their vocabulary will be enriched, due to they will watch videos, they will make short writings and exercises in the blog.
  5. 5. In this blog, called “What happened, Stu?” students will find activities like videos where Stu has all his teeth; and another one, where he lost his tooth., audios , power point presentations with different images called “Where was that? The idea is that students will discuss in a debate in class based on the images.
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