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Pt1 09, 15, 2012


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Pt1 09, 15, 2012

  1. 1. Saturday,September 15 , th 2012.
  2. 2. Compare your homework!
  3. 3. ObjectivesCommunicative:Talking about objects, who they belong to and their location.Language:Simple present.• “What is that?• That’s a book. That’s Paula’s book”
  4. 4. Learning StrategyUsing Imagery!
  5. 5. Using Imagery!What?Using images to learn new words.How? Steps:1. Look at the images and match it to the vocabulary.2. Make sure you understand the relationship between the image and the vocabulary.Why?To understand and memorize new vocabulary more easily byvisualizing things in your mind.
  6. 6. Vocabulary Objects!1. Write down the following list:1. Pen.2. Glue stick.3. Pencil.4. Eraser.5. White-out.6. Book.7. Backpack.8. Pencil case.9. Sharpener.10.Notebook.
  7. 7. Vocabulary2. Match the words with the images.3. If you don’t understand a word, use your dictionary.
  8. 8. B. D. A. E. G.C. F. I. J. H.
  9. 9. TaskFind out what objects your classmates have that you don’t have.
  10. 10. Steps1. Draw the following chart in your notebook: Name Objects in common Objects that I don’t have Example: Example: Example: 1. Paula. 1.Notebook, book, 1.A bottle of water. workbook, pencil case and backpack.
  11. 11. Steps2. Stand up.3. Interview all of your classmates by following the pattern.4. Register the answers in the chart.5. Share the results.
  12. 12. Following PatternA: What objects do you have here?B:I have a notebook, a book, a workbook, a pencil case, a backpack and a bottle of water. What about you?A: I have the same, but I don’t have a bottle of water. I have a bottle of juice.B: Ok, thanks. Bye.A: Ok, thanks. Bye.
  13. 13. Following PatternA: What objects do you have here?B:I have …What about you?A: I have …B: Ok, thanks. Bye.A: Ok, thanks. Bye.
  14. 14. Open your book on page 30.
  15. 15. Wrap up!1. Did we achieve the objectives?2. Did we use today’s learning strategy?3. Did we complete our task?
  16. 16. Homework1. Workbook. Pages 14, 15 and 16.2. Play the following game online: Create a conversation to ask somebody about his/her objects.Example:A: Hi! What do you usually bring to class?B: Hi! I usually bring to class __________.A: And you?B: I usually bring to class __________.A: Ok. Thanks, bye.B: Ok. Thanks, bye.