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Pt1 09, 01, 2012.


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Pt1 09, 01, 2012.

  1. 1. SaturdaySeptember 1 , st 2012.
  2. 2. Compare your homework!
  3. 3. ObjectivesCommunicative:Talking about where someone is from.Language:Simple present.• “Where are you from?• I am from Colombia. I’m not from the United States.• He’s from Colombia.”
  4. 4. Learning StrategyUsing Imagery!
  5. 5. Using Imagery!What?Using images to understand the meaning of new vocabulary.How? Steps:1. Look at the images around the vocabulary and see if they directly relate to the words.2. If not, identify the places, people and things in the images.3. Then think about the context.4. Make sure you understand the relationship between the image and the vocabulary.Why?To understand and memorize new vocabulary more easily byvisualizing things in your mind.
  6. 6. TaskFind out what cities belong to what countries by interviewing your classmates.
  7. 7. Steps1. Draw the following chart in your notebook: Country City Example: Example: 1.Brazil. 1.a. Brasilia. 2.U. S. b. 3.Canada. c. 4.Mexico. d. 5.Japan. 2. a. b. c. d. 3. … 4. … 5. …
  8. 8. 2. Stand up.3. Interview 5 classmates following this pattern:A: Hi! What city do you have?B: Hi! I have Brasilia.A: From what country is Brasilia?B: It is from Brazil.B: Ok. Thanks, bye.A: Ok. Thanks, bye.
  9. 9. A: Hi! What city do you have?B: Hi! I have __________.A: From what country is __________?B: It is from __________.B: Ok. Thanks, bye.A: Ok. Thanks, bye.
  10. 10. Vocabulary Countries!1. Draw the IPA chart in your notebook.2. Try to guess the words with your couple.3. Once you find out the right words, grade your couple’s pronunciation.
  11. 11. Let’s start!Match the vocabulary with the images!
  12. 12. Steps1. List in a column the words from the IPA chart.1. Brazil.2. U. S.3. Canada.4. Mexico.5. Japan.
  13. 13. 2. Look at the images.3. Match the letters to the words.4. Compare your answers with your couple.5. After you find out the right answers, correct them.
  14. 14. A.D. B.D. E. C.C.
  15. 15. Open your book on page 24.
  16. 16. Wrap up!1. Did we achieve the objectives?2. Did we use today’s learning strategy?3. Did we complete our task?
  17. 17. Homework1. Book. Unit 2. Review. Pages 28 and 29.2. Play the following game online: Create a conversation to introduce somebody from a different country.Example:A: Hi! Where is your friend from?B: Hi! She is from__________.A: From what city?B: She is from __________.A: Ok. Thanks, bye.B: Ok. Thanks, bye.