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Intexsoft Company Presentation 2012


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IntexSoft обладает обширным опытом работы в индустрии программного обеспечения. Компания охватывает полный спектр ИТ-услуг, от разработки пользовательских приложений и внедрение на заказ программных продуктов для консультирования и поддержки. Наш опыт в широком спектре промышленных сферах высоко ценятся наши довольные клиенты. IntexSoft активно сотрудничает с малого, среднего и крупного бизнеса, предоставляя каждому из них с высокой решение качество программного обеспечения и консалтинга информационных технологий. Побывав присутствует на рынке с 1999 года, IntexSoft праву считается авторитетной пользовательских компания по разработке программного обеспечения ведущих специалистов из следующих отраслей:

маркетинг и реклама
розничная торговля
транспорта и логистики
программного обеспечения

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Intexsoft Company Presentation 2012

  1. 1. Introduction: About us What` are we doing s Our approach Our industry expertise Our Case Study Contact with us Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  2. 2. About us...
  3. 3. S ome facts:• Intexsoft` office are in Belarus and Germany s• IntexSoft emoploys more than 70 professional• Experience since 1 999 Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  4. 4. Our Mission •Our solutions help our We aim value created by ourcustomers to facilitate employees to trigger the further Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  5. 5. Our advantages... High quality Wide experience ComprehensiveS calability of the teamknowledge High work speed Saving of time and money Attractive price Qualitative expertise Quarantees, reliability, and responsibility Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  6. 6. What`s are we doing....
  7. 7. Generally Grodno-Herford, 201
  8. 8. Consulting• S trategy outlining, we improve such issues like security, information architecture.• Design of architecture, system or the whole infrastructure of your business.• S olution integration, aimed at advising on the roll-out and testing of the new software in your environm ent.• Operational optimization, IntexSoft specialists will assess and improve operating, efficiency as well as capacity of the business’ IT environment. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  9. 9. Custom S oftware Development• A IntexS oft we build high-quality software. t Software that matters, that boosts our client’s productivity and gives them a competitive edge. We will help you organize business processes and automate them.
  10. 10. S oftware Testing and Quality AssuranceFunctional testingGUI testingLocalization testingSecurity testingUsability testingCom patibility testingExploratory testingLoad, stress and performance testing Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  11. 11. S oftware S upport• Adaptive maintenance — modification of custom software to keep it usable in a changing operation environment and adj it to data requirements. ust• Perfective maintenance — modification of software to im prove performance or maintainability.• Corrective maintenance - reactive modification of software to correct discovered faults, which are fixed by IntexSoft experts upon notification.• Emergency maintenance - unscheduled corrective maintenance performed to keep a system operational. In case of an em ergency Intex- Soft software outsourcing team insures that your business operates without interruptions and you don’t waste any resources. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  12. 12. Dedicated Team• IntexSoft offers you to set up a team of offshore developers that are well-trained, reliable, and dedicated to achieving your business goals. By employing IntexSoft dedicated team, your company can expand and reduce the staff without facing any problems associated with labor legislation. IntexS oft dedicated team for custom software development works under your control and according to your business requirem ents to ensure 1 00% productivity. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  13. 13. Our approach...
  14. 14. 4 steps to a successful cooperationSend your inquiry to the interesting Our company will gladly provide you withsubject. Our consultants will answer support of software designed by Intex-you in one day. S oft as well as third-party developers.Our business analysts and software architects After signing a contract, our workers willwill develop an overall concept of the proj ect immediately start software developm ent,and suggest the applicable technologies. which involves several processes: business analysis, software architecting, developm ent and software QA . Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  15. 15. Our industry expertise...
  16. 16. All of our customers recommend the service IntexS oft• Experienced IntexS oft developers clearly understand that each business area and industry is unique and, thus, requires individualized approach. This is why our customers enj professional services provided by our oy com pany, which com bines its best broad practices with industry specific experience Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  17. 17. All of our customers recommend the serviceIntexS oft• The key areas that IntexS oft has worked in (developed applications, provided software consulting services or carried out outsourcing software testing) are as fllows Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  19. 19. Our Technology Expertise...
  20. 20. Grodno-Herford, 201
  21. 21. Our Case S tudy...
  22. 22. Our customers Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  23. 23. S ome projects & solutions Java EE DEVELOPMENT Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  24. 24. E-learning Center for ArvatoArvato Bertelsmann AG is an internationally-networkedm edia and com munications services provider with more than60,000 employees and 1 20 million consumers worldwide. Thanksto learning management system created by IntexS oft,the company benefits from more efficient process ofemployees’ education. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  25. 25. Next VantageIntexS oft successfully implemented the unique anddifficult idea proposed by Next Vantage. The originalweb application designed by IntexSoft optimizes thelabor m arket and enables firms to find young, energeticprofessionals with the requisite skills all aroundthe world and to transform academic achievementinto opportunities for a successful career. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  26. 26. S ome projects & solutions Mobile DEVELOPMENT Grodno-Herford, 2012
  27. 27. TAXID OIntexS oft created a unique app for Android and iPhonesmartphones, which aim is making a taxi call cheaper, faster and more comfortable. The applicationcontainsdetailed inform ation about 2,000 companies from morethan 1 00 cities of the CIS and Europe, actual phonenumbers and prices of taxi companies.More inform ation on Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  28. 28. IntellijoyIntellijoy is a start-up which is now a top A ndroid Marketprovider specializing in educational apps for preschoolers.A strong expertise in the mobile domain and an extensive experiencein this sphere helped IntexS oft manage high expectations andcreate applications for Intellij asoysim ple-to-use and as childfriendly as possible. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  29. 29. S ome projects & solutions WEB- TO- PRINT Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  30. 30. Druck auf BestellungS tyloprint clients can order and design digital printproducts as well as to track the orders without leavingtheir office. The unique “Print on Demand Backoffice”solution allowed the company to efficiently organizeand autom ate its own business processes in such away that m anagers spend no more than 1 0 minuteson order handling. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  31. 31. Lots of DotsJ S tock Company Lots of Dots MediaGroup specializes ointin the media production, with paricular attentionpaying to m ultilingual support and internationalizationof production. The undoubted benefits of theapplication LGS 2, developed by IntexS oft, are facilitating,accelerating and standardizing of the translation. Grodno-Herford, 201 2
  32. 32. Contact with us...
  33. 33. We are here for you in your native language Contact us now
  34. 34. Grodno-Herford, 201
  35. 35. Search us on a Social Media! Grodno-Herford, 201 2