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  1. 1. HomelessnessBy: Natalia Abad, RyanMorrison, Briget Cagle
  2. 2. Definition• Different definitions of homelessness are usedin different contexts. Generally, homelessnessis defined as a person who "lacks afixed, regular, and adequate night-timeresidence."
  3. 3. Statistics
  4. 4. Homelessness facts in U.S.• Approximately 1.7 million homeless teens inthe U.S.• 5,000 young people die every year due toassault, illness, or suicide while on the streets.• Families in America comprise nearly 40% of allhomeless people.• More than 15% of Americans live inpoverty, including one in five children, thehighest rate in the industrialized world.
  5. 5. Facts continued• 42% of all homeless children are under theage of 6• The recession will force 1.5 million morepeople into homelessness over the next twoyears, according to estimates by The NationalAlliance to End Homelessness.
  6. 6. Mental illness correlation tohomelessness• Schizophrenia is the most common factor ofmental illness and homelessness.• When a patient leaves treatment and altogetherquits anti-psychotic medications such asZyprexa, hallucinations and grandiose ideas ensueand homelessness follows.• Homeless schizophrenics usually experience aworsening of their symptoms once indefinitelyhomeless. Poor hygiene, lack of sleep, and thethreat of ongoing violence hastens the descentinto psychosis.
  7. 7. Community Service• This past Sunday we decided to get hands on• We made over 100 hot dogs• And brought over 200 bottles of water• We went to downtown Dallas to a place called“the bridge” where we were escorted by thepolice and handed out the food and water
  8. 8. Interview• We did many interviews while we were downtown that day.The one that stood out the most was an eccentric man whocalled himself “Yaa-Yaa” he deemed it was his arabicname, he then went on to talk about his exploits in Vietnameven though he was much too young to have ever served inthe Vietnam War, and claimed he was still getting $2,000+from the government and got full retirement, yet you haveto serve for 20 years to get benefits and he served forthree, so he said. Afterwards a Police officer confirmed hewas a scam artist and most likely a textbook example ofsomeone with Schizophrenia as a homeless person, alongwith the fact he was extremely paranoid about the camerabeing on him, also reiterates this assumption.
  9. 9. How to help?You can volunteer at yournearest soup kitchen,Donate money to The RedCross,Partake in habitat for humanity
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